The Manipulated Life of Britney Spears. We Can't Trust Anyone.

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Part 3 now LIVE:
Part 1:
After her breakdown and conservatorship in 2008, Britney Spears has enjoyed a flourishing career. But some inside sources claimed there was turmoil behind the scenes.
We have a full kettle, and it’s about to spill.
This is the second part of our series on the #FreeBritney movement-please wait until the end of the series before forming your opinion on what happened.
[Jamie’s Health Issues]
[The Podcast Leak]
[#FreeBritney Rises Again]
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Spill - 3 måneder siden
Update: Part 3 is now live! :
Hey everyone! Our 3rd and final part on the Free Britney movement ended up being longer than expected. It's taking a little more time to edit, but we should have it done by tomorrow at the latest. Sorry about the delay! For those who haven't seen Part 1, make sure to watch it first:
Stay tuned for the 3rd and final part: Tomorrow at 3pm EST / 12pm PST
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Annalize Cotton
Annalize Cotton - 3 måneder siden
Oh my word... they medicated her so much through all these years ... they made her this way, slowly but surely. This COULD have been a happy ending if she had the right people supporting her through good and bad.
Revolution At
Revolution At - 3 måneder siden
And butterflies ? Creepy because "she" always post 🦋🦋🦋 on Instagram
stephanie russell
stephanie russell - 3 måneder siden
Kwqi w
Katherine Peterson-Roberts
Katherine Peterson-Roberts - 3 måneder siden
Shm Mhm Sam is one of her handlers, beside her parents, manager, and legal team. He keeps an eye on her every move. There’s no boyfriend in showbiz. Plus, she’s stuck in a teenage girl’s alter prancing around with tiny tops and crazy childlike behavior. Certainly not mentally fit to act as a 39-40sh mom for 2 teenage boys. They fried her brain so much with all the electroshocks and mental reprogramming and I’m sure you’ll hear of her suicided in a few years just like Marilyn Monroe. The old Britney is gone.
BionAvastar3000 - 3 måneder siden
@Victoria Ashley same
Patricia Spencer
Patricia Spencer - Dag siden
illumi zoldyck
illumi zoldyck - 4 dager siden
I just lost hope in humanity
sminkle - 6 dager siden
They've extended her conservatorship for the 4th time at the end of 2020. Now it's extended until Sept 2021.
1 - 19 dager siden
I dont get why britney is being manipulated. Is it for her wealth? Or simply the enjoyment? Whatever the case im mad that people are manipulating her.
Claire Fox
Claire Fox - 24 dager siden
It so scary what this could happen to anyone. I don't see how someone can be so controlled but do so much work and make so much money. How can they not be in possession if their metal facilities?
william Lemus
william Lemus - 27 dager siden
Better than watching PewDiePie
Dawna DO
Dawna DO - 29 dager siden
Is anyone else concerned for the children whose mother can’t even drive with them for a simple coffee?? Poor Britney and those poor kids. That dad should be ashamed. Money digging devil.
Brooklyn_518 - Måned siden
Britney DEFINITELY wrote those emails...
Anna A
Anna A - Måned siden
Three parts to the series for thrice the Adsense revenue 👌🏻
Cee Cee
Cee Cee - Måned siden
ahh her life same as mine. if i got a job one or two of my family member wants to hold my salary 😑
Dawn Wolfe
Dawn Wolfe - Måned siden
WOW! These poor child stars.....makes my heart hurt for them. Pushed to their ultimate max with no rest then they wonder why they lose their mind smh
Alice WorldWide
Alice WorldWide - Måned siden
How do we know when she posts if it’s being written by her or someone is telling her what to post
Alice WorldWide
Alice WorldWide - Måned siden
So effing angry
What can be done for her? Serious question
What can legal system do to intervene
Bridget Nammari-Lane
Bridget Nammari-Lane - Måned siden
Amazing money is the card. Disgusting both parents should b t blame.
Paula tickle
Paula tickle - Måned siden
And she happens to live in the dirtiest state in the USA. Question everything even your disgusting governor and speaker of the house in Cali. It’s become a dirty dirty state living off all people.
divawendy - Måned siden
It should be banned to get money for being conservator and her own father where she was never good with,
And its normal that she is going crazy who wouldn't go crazy in that situation
California Rebel
California Rebel - Måned siden
Wow her life really is a movie and not for the Lifetime Network.
Brittney tried to escape, she stopped taking the pills and snapped out of it and plotted on how she would leave...
Grabs the keys...Speeding down the highway ....only to find out that her father had tracked her car to bring her back...
onome adeyemi
onome adeyemi - 2 måneder siden
Her soul is fighting a Satan
Hopefully she win Cos that Satan can be defeated 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Mez - 2 måneder siden
This is kind of heart breaking.
chocolate* - 2 måneder siden
I know how she feels. Every area of my life is being controlled. He even tells me how much toilet paper I can use in the bathroom, tells me when I can eat, only allows me to go certain places. Being controlled sucks, I have no freedom
El Sandstorm
El Sandstorm - 2 måneder siden
Her parents isn't her family. Her fans are.
yana - 2 måneder siden
We have literally a volcano of tea. very hot tea.. it'll make you cry...
Lorraine Tanjusay
Lorraine Tanjusay - 2 måneder siden
I can't wait her dad to go to jail
Georgina Cook
Georgina Cook - 2 måneder siden
Good vid. Usic is aweful and annoying
pokisaduh - 2 måneder siden
She didn't check herself in anywhere, she doesn't even have the right to do that, her father checks her in all the time, same with her statements
Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One
Q Anonymous
Q Anonymous - 3 måneder siden
There just stealing her money
John M
John M - 3 måneder siden
How can she continue a flourishing career if she’s “too incompetent”..... This entire thing is crimes against humanity.
• E T H E R E A L •
• E T H E R E A L • - 3 måneder siden
Conversatorship shouldn’t even exist.Its just a way to control someone
Luisa Aguirre
Luisa Aguirre - 3 måneder siden
Her father and his team should be behind bars, what they’re doing to this poor woman is illegal and horrendous
Jaydine Lee
Jaydine Lee - 3 måneder siden
He thought she stopped taking her meds when really she just became immune :(
MomOf2 PlusOtaku
MomOf2 PlusOtaku - 3 måneder siden
Her father is straight TRASH!
And I don't understand why her sister jamielyn doesn't speak up for her
Regina Banda
Regina Banda - 3 måneder siden
First Kesha, and now Britney. 😞
Marie Caccioppoli
Marie Caccioppoli - 3 måneder siden
I'm under a conservatorship.. it's taken me 2yrs to adjust my life to this. I feel for her.. not as a fan but as a person. It's a rough ride losing these kinds of rights to ur parents.. I am the same age as her and its an overwhelming depressing issue
Sherry Carter
Sherry Carter - 3 måneder siden
Thank you for clarifying so much for me
vegan cherry
vegan cherry - 3 måneder siden
Once they trap you on psych meds, its almost impossible to get off them.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee - 3 måneder siden
Britney's father needs to be locked up!
Nicole K
Nicole K - 3 måneder siden
Wonder how her sister is doing??
Daniel Pardieu
Daniel Pardieu - 3 måneder siden
She probably sold her soul 🤧 😪
MissTia777 - 3 måneder siden
Keeping her doped up to keep her in the conservatorship!
Chrystal - 3 måneder siden
I'm confused on Lou Taylor?
Sherry Thomas
Sherry Thomas - 2 måneder siden
She's crazy.
XxKontraxX - 3 måneder siden
I do believe Britney has some mental issues, tbh. But that conservatorship is absolutely ridiculous nevertheless
Rachael Farley
Rachael Farley - 3 måneder siden
I feel like her bf is maybe a compromise with her father. instead of her father living w/her and keeping an eye on her, her and her father probably agreed to have her bf take on that responsibility ...
Olivia Tinglej
Olivia Tinglej - 3 måneder siden
What is her usually emoji
Erica Moore
Erica Moore - 3 måneder siden
This is sick and what happens when contracts of souls signing happens
Nicole Neaga
Nicole Neaga - 3 måneder siden
Those medications messed her up! Poor Britney, I never knew about this till now’ 😣😢
Sasha Calhoun
Sasha Calhoun - 3 måneder siden
Her dad was pimping her out
slave No. 4028
slave No. 4028 - 3 måneder siden
soo let me get this straight... she's allowed to exist and make money for these people, not more not less. She's not "in any condition" to make any of her own most mundane decisions but she is in good enough condition to go on tours, give concerts, be an extremely successful -milking cow- popstar.
Laura Yost
Laura Yost - 3 måneder siden
How is this even aloud to happen !!! I think 12 years is long enough ! Its probably making her crazy being controled like that !
ester mihaylova
ester mihaylova - 3 måneder siden
Reminds me of Amy Winehous in a way. Her father forced her to go touring even though she didn’t want to. Now she’s gone
Roodway Farms
Roodway Farms - 3 måneder siden
She needs a whole new crew taking care of things that actually care about her not gaining Money from her . This is crazy. All these people Making all the at money off her shoes they want her money don’t give a dam about her and kids .
Kym Jacobs
Kym Jacobs - 3 måneder siden
If anyone is mentally unstable and unfit it's Britney's father. He is holding his daughter captive and using her as a cash cow
s. elizabeth
s. elizabeth - 3 måneder siden
This poor woman.
Absolutely terrible.
They are drugging her up with meds, making decisions for her. An absolute nightmare.
I wish they would just leave her alone.
Madelaine Winger
Madelaine Winger - 3 måneder siden
There's more going on behind the scenes than anyone knows. I would be interested to know if there is a history of mental illness in her family (though it is clearly not mine or anyone else's business). I think looks are deceiving when it comes to her father taking advantage of her, I don't think he is. Yes, he gets paid, but the extent of the Britney Spears business affairs is monumental, it's a huge responsibility. Conservators are closely monitored by the court. Is her father the best choice as a conservator....probably not, I think a court appointed third party would be a better choice, with her father or other well evaluated family member being a part of the conservatorship in the capacity of a co-conservator or manager with very specific duties outlined by the court. Britney Spears is a brand, and somewhere along the way the PERSON has gotten absorbed into the brand. It seems that she was used like a circus animal, peform on command, now go sit in your cage until it's time to come out and do your tricks again.
Britney's medical/mental health records are nobody's business. She's obviously suffering from a mental illness diagnosis of some type, probably made worse by having to maintain a grueling performance schedule (remember, her Vegas residency was canceled and she hasn't been working for a couple years, she may very well be incapable of handling her day to day affairs). Would we love to see Britney back singing/dancing and sparkling like she used to? Of course! However, the reality of it is that she just may never be able to handle that again. And her boyfriend....well....I'd bet he is on the payroll. There are most likely several discreet handlers who monitor what Britney does on line, make sure she takes her medications, and oversee how she spends her allowance, who she talks to, etc.
It's going to take a great deal of careful financial planning to make sure Britney will be able to continue to live in the manner in which she has become accustomed as she (and her parents) get older. Plans have to be made for her future. I don't like to say it, but, from what I've seen, read, watched, Britney does need supervision. I hope she gets on a course of medication that allows her to feel her best and be happy (although the problem with good psychotropic meds is that the patient feels so much better that they begin to think they no longer need the med and stop taking it....cue the cycle of breakdown, erratic behavior, defiance, and usually in-patient psych treatment to get them back on track). Britney deserves to be happy. I wish her the best.
Sófis !
Sófis ! - 3 måneder siden
Her situation is so scary omg
Paparuda Ruda
Paparuda Ruda - 3 måneder siden
Don’t you think her life resembles to that of Betty from Dirty John?
Virtual Councillor
Virtual Councillor - 3 måneder siden
Don't take a cub from mama bear. So evil
Kayla RN
Kayla RN - 3 måneder siden
I am loving this series, more info and better done than most. The nurse in me died a little at the stock footage of the medical stuff though...that IV, oof 🤦‍♀️.
kirika20 - 3 måneder siden
how did the stalker become her manager???
Mae Davis
Mae Davis - 3 måneder siden
I remember judging Brittany harshly while her chaos was unfolding in 2006- but then I had similar things done to me & I regret being so naive; people can paint. A picture of you & ruin our life easier than you’d think. I was made to be a monster & lost my children for 2 years to a man that was older & more successful than I at the time.
x - 3 måneder siden
Ginger Brown
Ginger Brown - 3 måneder siden
My poor baby
Bethaneyy - 3 måneder siden
This makes me sick to think her own father would take advantage of her. This is sad this poor woman was just manipulated to the max. Then they tried to make he look crazy so sad.
Trevor Kevin Sweeney
Trevor Kevin Sweeney - 3 måneder siden
The entire world should stand together and fight for her
She deserves freedom
Why do we have Social media
MsJase2011 - 3 måneder siden
Where is her momma?
Hunter Greene
Hunter Greene - 3 måneder siden
Has anyone seen the episode of Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too from Black Mirror? That is exactly what Britney Spears has been dealing with for the most part of her life. Instead of the evil aunt who is her handler it’s Jamie Spears, her father.
NeickhaSuPRA - 3 måneder siden
I try not to judge people but her Boyfriend gives me bad vibes
Fantasy MMORPG Roleplayer
Fantasy MMORPG Roleplayer - 3 måneder siden
No one should be forced to take medications that mess with their brain. It's horrific. The future will see this practice as barbaric, especially because we hardly understand the human brain.
travel and see
travel and see - 3 måneder siden
This is so sad!!! can these ppl do this to her
Angelle Puccio
Angelle Puccio - 3 måneder siden
Her family has benefited from exploiting her her whole life .
April Espinoza
April Espinoza - 3 måneder siden
You usually sound more girly in these and now you sound like a woman is this the same person talking or different ppl lol ?
Fashion Fitness Finance
Fashion Fitness Finance - 3 måneder siden
There’s no way someone impersonated her and told her dad to “Go fu*k a duck.” That was definitely Britney
CARLA WALKER - 3 måneder siden
Her parents ought to be ashamed of themselves for throwing their child to this Satanic industry for their own gain. The Illuminati is making this girl seem crazy and they're controlling Britney😓
littlekitsune1 - 3 måneder siden
The fact that she apparently checked HERSELF into a mental hospital when going through extreme duress tells me she is mature enough to want to get better, when given the chance. As someone who has struggled with mental health, trust me, it takes a lot to be able to get the help you need, yourself. I imagine even moreso when you know the world is watching and will make horrible judgements on it. Well, y'know... again, assuming it's true and she wasn't forced.
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander - 3 måneder siden
Did she read her contract
Jo S
Jo S - 3 måneder siden
KATRINA MARIE LERMA - 3 måneder siden
She’s definitely be drugged and brainwashed
Anna Lis
Anna Lis - 3 måneder siden
You did a great job👏
stacy frazierbauer
stacy frazierbauer - 3 måneder siden
Obviously she's depressed and has anxiety but have they diagnosed her with anything else?? Like being bipolar or anything.
The Magician
The Magician - 3 måneder siden
She should retire and see how fast they won’t wanna control her any more
Jacqueline San Martin
Jacqueline San Martin - 3 måneder siden
She has life insurance when she’s no longer good for making money they will just end her just like everyone ends up in Hollywood if they are famous and have a lot of money all of a sudden so many people want a piece of you
calathea flamestar
calathea flamestar - 3 måneder siden
I'm wondering what would happen if her father died... she still wouldn't be free i guess..
Emily Mae
Emily Mae - 3 måneder siden
Poor woman, imagine not being in control of your own autonomy as an adult, a mother. The Hollywood machine makes this all feel so distant but Spill does such a good job of showing us Britney is like any of us. I really hope she can be her own free person some day, I really feel for her, one break in your mental health and you lose control of your whole life
Ayo_marquis - 3 måneder siden
I’m telling u guys those prescription drugs are no good this is soo sad
Lily Herbstgewitter
Lily Herbstgewitter - 3 måneder siden
The e-mail to her dad gives us a little mirror into this profound dysfunctional family system. remember her dad was/is an alcoholic. britney grew up in an alcoholic home. this was a dysfunctional home to begin with. she is very angry because her boundaries are constantly violated. again and again and again. yet her dad speaks about love. he is not acting in her best interest. He is bulldozing her, crossing her boundaries, using her and disguises it all as love. this is emotional and mental abuse. this is gaslighting at its finest. It is surprising Britney did not lose her mind yet. Because its impossible to stay healthy in an surrounding where people are gaslighting you all the time. "you are the problem darling. You are messed up and I will help you. im doing it for your own good because I love you"…this is the cover for all the evil. you can hear how she still feels kinda obligated to him because he is her father. "I know you are my family and have every right to be concerned about my actions." no! children are not the property of the parents. you are not obligated to justify your actions to your parents. you are a free human being and not a possession of parents. you do not owe them anything. but many parents are good at manipulating you into thinking you owe them something. Despite of how bad they treat you.

And the e-mail to the attorney? She does not even know who to trust and what to believe. She does not know if her attorney is protecting her or not. It is absolutely insane that her stalker is now her manager.
Most people would go nuts in a surrounding like that. She is strong. I hope she will survive all this severe mental and emotional abuse and all the manipulation. I hope she will tell her story one day. I hope she will see through it all one day very clearly. I hope she will break free from her family ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL…because this is where the trauma is. I can imagine her dad is a narcissist. Children of alcoholics and narcissists have a very poor sense of self and weak boundaries and are at very high risk of being victims of manipulation.
I hope she will break free on the physical level with the help of really good attorneys. And then she needs to break free from the parents on the emotional level. I hope she will see through the sickness of the family system and heal her childhood wounds.
And also recover from everything they did to her in her adult life too.
Piper Fiske
Piper Fiske - 3 måneder siden
This is like the Micheal Jackson fiasco all over again. Knock it off people.
Al Mo
Al Mo - 3 måneder siden
Both her fans and her family are wrong. They both need to accept that Britney suffers from MENTAL ILLNESS and she will never be the same. Britney is CRAZY and she will never go back to the old Britney. Just give it up. Britney is OVER.
Johanna Nair
Johanna Nair - 3 måneder siden
Who wouldn’t spiral living like this for the past 10 years she has no control over her life
Kesi Young
Kesi Young - 3 måneder siden
Horribly sad!... Human rights violations NEED TO STOP!!!! It's good this movement is happening! I will pray for her 🙏
V. Lilianne
V. Lilianne - 3 måneder siden
I do think she is not okay mentally that email about the crazy stalker lady made no sense and then it says she’s her current business partner ? I am so confused ....I also think that she went mad because of her life like the fame and all the publicity had done this to her mental state and now she’s bad and that freaking conservatorship isn’t helpin at all the woman is being controlled for basically her whole life .,, how sad is that ...I hope this nightmare ends for her ...I think it would be best for her to just stop her music career and disappear once this is all over and just live a simple, free life ...that’s what I wish for her
Maurice Cassidy
Maurice Cassidy - 3 måneder siden
Wow, I learned so much from your detailed videos on this case - thanks for taking the time to put together these insightful videos. I feel for Britney. This is beyond.
B Sherman
B Sherman - 3 måneder siden
Wow this so scary what they're doing to her
charsre tutorials
charsre tutorials - 3 måneder siden
polkadots bee
polkadots bee - 3 måneder siden
britney is the only one that being watch/control this way compare to other celebrity out there.There must be something more to her life that only few people knows.
Anna Elle
Anna Elle - 3 måneder siden
How did I get here?
CapitalCH - 3 måneder siden
Lou Taylor is so gross
Jenny Enriquez
Jenny Enriquez - 3 måneder siden
I think the father is just concern for her daughter that's why he wants to take control of britney. As per part 1 britney is under on some unknown substance. And britney is mentally not stable. Some of the celebs that have some substance abuse ruin their life. Some are homeless now.
Tom BoyApproved
Tom BoyApproved - 3 måneder siden
I'd do it for free if that was my daughter. This is crazy. Everyone is just trying to make money.
Farhana Luba
Farhana Luba - 3 måneder siden
Can we take a moment to respect the lovely fans? God, I wish someone loved me as much to stand up for me like that. Hats off to them! 👏