The Rihanna Show That Had Fans Horrified. They Dug Up Her Past.

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Rihanna received a lot of backlash for offending people during her recent fashion show.
On October 2nd, Rihanna hosted her much anticipated Savage x Fenty lingerie show.
At first, Rihanna was praised for having diverse models. Some viewers even compared the show’s diversity to the now-defunct Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. However, after the show aired, Rihanna began to receive some backlash.
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Ruki chan
Ruki chan - 2 timer siden
"It cultural appropriation and disrespect ".Well islam is a religion NOT a cultural....
Zc3 freestyle
Zc3 freestyle - 14 timer siden
thank you.
jadealone - 16 timer siden
Don't you think that people from other cultures that come to live in America should learn some of Americas traditions/culture? It is our culture/tradition to accept these other cultures and blend them into one big American family by taking parts of these others cultures clothing styles, food, music etc. In America that is a sign of acceptance & respect. We shouldn't be expected to learn all there is needed to know about every culture/religion that comes here. We'd never have time to do anything but that said learning. Can't it be a compliment to have others like other cultures & want to incorporate those styles into their lives? In America it is not a sign of disrespect. Albeit, the sacred words I get were a no no, but I seriously doubt Rihanna had a clue. But can't you educate & then forgive for not knowing?
SKiTzGEMINI - 21 time siden
this sounds all2 familiar despite the "topic"....the disrespect "all around" has 2stop...her apology was as genuine as one could be about such a "sensitive" topic...less words is better especially knowing that WORDS got her into this HotSeat in the first place...
Cherry Cola
Cherry Cola - 23 timer siden
4:45 NO. As a Christian, I would be freaking out. Stop the unnecessary religion wars. Muslims have stuck up for Christians in the past so I'll be here doing the same.
I'm sorry Muslims, you guys are always getting disrespected
Marko Feller
Marko Feller - Dag siden
hehe, muslims talking about respect...
Kyutenessss - Dag siden
I hope you guys will also report on these artist who very obviously disrespect the Christian religion. It was refreshing to see this actually taken seriously by a media site unlike in most cases where people completely disrespect religions and we are just told get over it and no one covers it.
Dave Maverick
Dave Maverick - Dag siden
Awww cute neoliberal propaganda defending Islam, Islam is religion of pieces not peace
Alice is Still in Chains
man up boys...its 2021 more crying over spilled milk..
Francisca Kim
Francisca Kim - Dag siden
Just say y'all mad about free women and LGBT folks dancing to fictional words.
It was never about "respect". It's about hatred and control. F**k your beliefs.
gor jess
gor jess - 2 dager siden
so when people use Bible verses over satanic music as an aesthetic in shows, tv, concerts, movies etc.. no one seems to care lol. I just wish people would see the double standard. im not saying not to use verses and prayers im saying the opposite. make it equal all around why only defend Muslims when there's hundreds of religions
Kimberly Duarte
Kimberly Duarte - 2 dager siden
It was the savage x fenty add for me 😭
Alice Meliksetian
Alice Meliksetian - 2 dager siden
okay, but she didnt go too far with this. Y’all have to remember this was an old mistake but she was also rly trying to be inclusive toward Muslims being added to her show... so it was technically respectful as well.
Alice Meliksetian
Alice Meliksetian - 2 dager siden
did anyone else see a fenty b4 the video
Heaven The Angel
Heaven The Angel - 2 dager siden
So everyone did see who gave her the song and wrote it and u guys want a apologize still from here when she didn't know about the it being a part of y'all religion and you guys still chew her out at least let her be honestly all this needs to go tords the girl who wrote it people take black culture all the time turning are folk songs into funny songs and remixes just like this and I don't want to get well your not muslim so. This don't apply to u well guess what my step dad is and would honestly feel like the girl who wrote doom is wrong🤷‍♀️
Jessica Garcia-Phommavanh
Jessica Garcia-Phommavanh - 2 dager siden
well, first of all. THIS country is not a free country. Any country is not a free country. 9:42
Heavenly Angel
Heavenly Angel - 3 dager siden
They literally said they didn't even know what was being said in the song. Yes they should have researched, but this is a simple mistake.
quixxo - 3 dager siden
"Diversity" is a code word for "no White people." Another liberal getting what they deserve. All other groups just whine and complain no matter what. They will never be happy because that means they won't get to control people and get free stuff.
Tonya pryor
Tonya pryor - 3 dager siden
Oh well get over it 😂
Teller of unfortunate Truths
Allah snackbar
imbroken likeforreal
imbroken likeforreal - 5 dager siden
Lol, my name is almost close as her name 🙃
Abouttime K
Abouttime K - 5 dager siden
As a Christian I DEMAND the same respect given to Muslims. Never going to happen.
Saviii Monet
Saviii Monet - 5 dager siden
This made me mad because the Muslim community was being racist over it even though it wast her fault and there’s black Muslims.
Michelle J
Michelle J - 5 dager siden
USA is no longer the land of the free.
RT - 6 dager siden
People who say “who cares” have no culture, religion, flavor, nothing. You’re just an empty person who has nothing to fight for, preserve, or care about. White america has no culture other than making a mockery out of other cultures/religions. I agree Rihanna’s “apology” came off as incredibly basic and thoughtless/lazy. Didn’t sound like she cared at all. Who is she thanking? She’s feeling gratitude? Nonononono honey.
Jen Gicheru
Jen Gicheru - 6 dager siden
Oh wow no offense. But when the Bible is used and disrespected it's no biggie?! And a lot a lot if the celebs disrespect the word of the most high! Trust me U hear it all the time. But it okay right? Ni it's nit okay! But face it all the religions will be disrespected. By these people. Because they feel they can do that!
IMMADINMYROOM - 7 dager siden
Im a christen but i dont know the islam culture but thats disrespectful i like Rihanna's songs but this changes my perspective of Rihanna mulsims are good there not evil but its good she apologized
Paquita El Maestro
Paquita El Maestro - 7 dager siden
Rihanna made a mistake obviously... on a business point of view disrespecting people’s religion is not on brand for Rihanna
Courtney Deason
Courtney Deason - 10 dager siden
So what she used it in her show and apologiesed?! Major over reaction from everyone
Young Travel
Young Travel - 10 dager siden
Young Travel
Young Travel - 10 dager siden
I get she should’ve looked more into it before using it but come on now she’s probably not the one who made the playlist two stop lookin so deep into it 🙄🙄
Sara Chidouin
Sara Chidouin - 10 dager siden
Emilie - 11 dager siden
lol bye
Sausan Rajulisman
Sausan Rajulisman - 11 dager siden
I am disappointed at Riri, but what most angered me are those Islamophic (i dont even know this word exist) out there who have no clue at all and think that we' re exaggerating.. like they have no clue HOW IMPORTANT this is
illumi zoldyck
illumi zoldyck - 11 dager siden
As i am a Muslim even though this was like months or even years ago

I still can't believe she did this

I feel disrespected upon
lulu m
lulu m - 12 dager siden
why are people making such remixes in the first place, smh
Darren K Cork
Darren K Cork - 12 dager siden
But... why are a “modest” people watching a lingerie show??? How is lingerie modest? I understand why people were upset, but ok.
M J - 12 dager siden
People need to understand that East Asian countries love dressing up foreign celebrities in outfits inspired by their local traditions.
That's our way of appreciating our own traditional design elements and keeping the flow of our tradition alive even through this modern world.
They invited Rihanna to share their tradition and design, and it was executed tastefully.
All this cultural appreciation vs. appropriation stuff needs to be understood in different contexts for different cultures and various historical backgrounds.
Please don't apply one big blanket rule over all the different cultures which come from different historical contexts.
If you ask them, people will generally tell you the proper ways to share and enjoy their culture.
Listen to them when they do.
Adjust based on the specific culture.
A MAN OF CULTURE - 12 dager siden
Spill is an organization
whitee wabbit
whitee wabbit - 12 dager siden
i love how rihanna’s brand ‘savage x fenty’ was a ad for this-
jun lucas
jun lucas - 13 dager siden
I'm a Christian and I have a lot of Muslim friends, they're so nice and fun to be with, but sometimes they're getting disrespected because of being themselves. Pleaseee people stop it
Darron Mcnulty
Darron Mcnulty - 13 dager siden
Her stuff is awful. Cheap and nasty tat.
anonymous #2
anonymous #2 - 13 dager siden
For reference. That's like playing the passion of the christ while murdering someone.
D A - 13 dager siden
But every culture world wide copies black Americas culture..🤔
Kenneth Peters
Kenneth Peters - 13 dager siden
Wow some people.
SadxBby - 14 dager siden
I may not be muslim but i really do love the people in the community they are so committed and loyal in there worship and the community its self is beautiful and respectful very positives
Fatima Fatima
Fatima Fatima - 14 dager siden
This video is amazing, no sorry you are❤
supersonicsegax1 - 15 dager siden
I’m surprised it wasn’t bombed
Knuckles - 15 dager siden
People want a apology then they still complain 🤣 🤣 🤣
MEL M - 17 dager siden
How come her billionaire MUSLIM MAN DIDNT SAY ANYTHING??
maggu chan
maggu chan - 17 dager siden
FGL Frost
FGL Frost - 18 dager siden
here so yall dont get confused
Muslim:The people who Follow Islam
Wisdom - 18 dager siden
Wisdom - 18 dager siden
Over this type of material. Like, DISRESPECT IS DISRESPECT AND it should be OBVIOUS when one is showing DISRESPECT and DISREGARD. SHE DID NOT DISRESPECT MUSILMS.
Soumili Das
Soumili Das - 19 dager siden
I'm all about choice and freedom but umm you don't mess with people's religion that's just an unwritten rule
Maelys - 19 dager siden
I'm a Christian, but I respect all other religions. Truly, we need to learn more about each other and to stick together. We all are humans.
Bryan Justin
Bryan Justin - 19 dager siden
People are too much. I'm Catholic. I wasn't offended when Arianna Grande made her "God is a Woman" video. It's artistic. That's Rihanna's style. She's always incorporated world religions and cultures into her music and brand.
Bryan Justin
Bryan Justin - 9 dager siden
@sunny Arianna Grande quoted scripture, referenced Adam and Eve, Assumed the position of God in Leonardo DaVinci’s “Creation of Adam”, and destroyed a Basilica with a hammer while a reference from the Bible was being quoted. No metaphorical or universal concept of God there, it was very Catholic. So.... Nope, not very different. I still thought it was a great video and I love the song.
sunny - 9 dager siden
there's a huge difference between that and this. first of all, the concept of "God" is universal to every religion. it was more metaphorical reinterpretation. This is literally using their holy scriptures to advertise something that their religion is against. if ariana had used a remix of bible verses to depict her murdering someone, then you have an opinion. until then, as a catholic, you don't.
nova siborutorop
nova siborutorop - 20 dager siden
Peaceful to much 🤣
Nate R.
Nate R. - 20 dager siden
As an athiest, I don't really care. Just do what makes you happy and remember, the less you want, the happier you'll probably be. But what would I know?
Weeaboo 47
Weeaboo 47 - 20 dager siden
False* prophet
Mary Terrell
Mary Terrell - 21 dag siden
Are you f****** kidding me? So what are they doing by using rap which is " Black Culture" to express themselves she can't wear Chinese clothes or head wrap but they can make money off urban fashions and Hip Hop which was formed through the Black American Community are you f****** kidding me?
Thomas Young
Thomas Young - 21 dag siden
Omg people cry about the stupidest thing big baby's! Waaa waaaa waaaa
Hannah V
Hannah V - 21 dag siden
Boston Meadhorn
Boston Meadhorn - 21 dag siden
Wish the world would do that same for paganism. My religion has been insulted and degraded for longer then then Islam has existed... Lately it has been represented in terrible shows and even worse video games, but we stay silent and keep on trucking not wanting any mainstream attention.
sheray perry
sheray perry - 22 dager siden
I just find it so funny for people to disrespect those who follow the true way and teachings Christ but are quick to call cultural appropriation. She simply did not know and she probably did not know that the words in the background we're actually even words
Wonderful Timeline
Wonderful Timeline - 22 dager siden
I kinda wanna say that in "modern" Islam, modesty aren't taken as seriously as it used too, culturally. Modern culture made it "ok" for men to look at women without covering, even though muslim women must be modest according to the Quran, people focused on this more than it's equal counterpart, which is that men aren't allowed to view women without covering. This may sound new to you right, but actually it comes before the women's obligation to be modest thus it is as important but do you see Muslim men look away these days? You'll see turkish belly shows where women entertains the men when originally it is a dance for the women only. Sometimes I find it hippocratic for Muslims to be this triggered when Muslims themselves don't practice what's in the Qur'an, especially about kodesty because it's for both men and women. Aside from that, this was pretty bad tho
-If You Only Knew-
-If You Only Knew- - 22 dager siden
And yet shitting on Christianity is accepted and applauded...
afiq haikal
afiq haikal - 23 dager siden
I'm Muslim and I suprize about that
Misha Bear
Misha Bear - 23 dager siden
Im not Muslim, I do not follow Islam but this is disrespectful. Any mockery of any religion is wrong.
Kat Perez
Kat Perez - 24 dager siden
Moral of the story don’t mix mainstream media with any religion
Elise - 25 dager siden
Am I the only one that got an ad for Rihanna's lingere?
Rosalyne Bannatyne
Rosalyne Bannatyne - 25 dager siden
an ad for rihanna's new lingerie came up while i was watching this????
Luo - 26 dager siden
Religions should be disrespected and mock..
SCP-999 - 22 dager siden
No, and your mental health is clearly off.
Laurel Pinson
Laurel Pinson - 27 dager siden
not me getting a savage X fenty ad before the video
Creativenessly - 27 dager siden
Not fenty being the commercials in between 😭
Peachypebblez - 27 dager siden
It’s a fxcking SONG 🙄
Itz_MelaninXx - 28 dager siden
Did spill rly say Rihanna’s name wrong 😑
Aj Marie
Aj Marie - 28 dager siden
I get these are sacred words to Muslims but this wasn't done with malice or in a purposely discriminatory way. Rihanna didn't make the song but granted an apology was still due and it was given. That should be the end of it. Other religions experience this at times but calling her disgusting and what-not is a bit much. There are real disgusting things that can be brought up in this conversation. The apology was givin, it wasn't ignored and steps were taken to correct it.
xwichitax - 29 dager siden
Bruh no apology is enough. At least she didn’t use a reason to make this mistake. She didnt make up excuses like most people do. She said I messed up and I’m sorry
LostInFire - 29 dager siden
To the people saying that the artist must have known since the song was doom and the Hadith is about doom: I'm just reaching here, but the artist said that she used tracks she found from an app, maybe she just searched the keyword "doom" and it came up and she used it unknowingly? Idk, just hope it was something like that, not done on purpose. Should've still done research before randomly using something that you don't know the meaning of, though.
Blue and Bubbles
Blue and Bubbles - Måned siden
I just got the savage x fenty add before this video I-
sam - Måned siden
Mohammad married a child just u know....she was 8
SMK Taman Serai
SMK Taman Serai - 17 dager siden
in "modern islam" marrying people now has a minimum age requirement
ns - Måned siden
The fact you said “muSlim” and not “muZlim”
Mia - Måned siden
I think the reason the Muslim religion is disrespected so much is because of its extreme nature, and it’s not the only one, even Christians/Catholics are treated that way when it concerns some of their more extreme beliefs it’s just that the Muslim religion has so many more and a lot of them are so seriously extreme it’s concerning. The fact that terrorism is so closely associated with it is of course wrong, because terrorism should be closely associated with ALL religions
Also before anyone comes at me, I was born Muslim
Ariel Morrison
Ariel Morrison - Måned siden
I find it hilarious when fans demand apologies from celebrities, the rich will keep getting richer and will keep receiving support from others no matter what they do.
Mags Lepp
Mags Lepp - Måned siden
I am a wicca and I am offended of everyone who celebrates Christmas because it used to be a pagan festival and you Christians appropriated it.
Also I don't want to see anyone use rosemary since it's a sacred herb to many wiccas.
Also it's very offensive to wear nun costumes on helloween or draw a scull on your face because it's similar to la Catarina.
Minna - Måned siden
Islam isn’t a CULTURE. Its a religion. Just like Christianity
Sanaria - Måned siden
Sorry but as a Muslim i just gotta say, Islam is my religion, not my culture.
What she did wasn’t culture appropriation, it was disrespecting a religion and that’s it. I am frustrated about how ignorant people are but I forgive it because mistakes like this can be learnt from.
Hershia - Måned siden
As an Indian I think it’s fine if someone is wearing a bhindi who is not Hindu, because if they are wearing it an not trying to act like a stereotypical Indian, then it is clear they took inspiration from the bhindi and are just using a gem on the forehead as an accessory. Like they just took a large gem or something and put in on their head. Like an earring, and they also have to understand the meaning behind the bhindi as well, to educate themselves and avoid problems. but the problem comes when they wear Indian clothing or accessories and go around mocking the dances and pretending to be Indian... like what🙃
Hershia - Måned siden
I literally just got an savage x fenty add🙂😅
eLLAyy BiZzLe
eLLAyy BiZzLe - Måned siden
As I am watching this...a fenty x savage ad came on. Mm mm mm....shame.
Xoxo Aliana
Xoxo Aliana - Måned siden
Rihanna is a devil worshiper anyway
Xoxo Aliana
Xoxo Aliana - Måned siden
I’m a Christian, I’d be so mad and devastated if they disrespected our religion like that. I’m sorry to any Muslims reading this
Wonderful Timeline
Wonderful Timeline - Måned siden
I'm muslim, it seems like she didn't know or it was unintentional, I can forgive her for that. Her apology is bare minimum, but it still counts as one.
ahh Bee
ahh Bee - Måned siden
Religion promotes forgiveness, she apologise but you still dont forgive. Hmmm
Kassidy Reinford
Kassidy Reinford - Måned siden
I am not kidding while I am watching this and Rihanna’s brand had an add. LOL😆😆
Hollow Bagel
Hollow Bagel - Måned siden
Fans: “We deserve an apology!”
Rhianna: -apologizes-
Hollow Bagel
Hollow Bagel - Måned siden
@badrudin lol it’s not rude, it wasn’t like she meant to hurt anyone she said sorry it doesn’t need to be a 20 page essay for it to be valid
badrudin - Måned siden
Shut up that’s rude to Muslims
bailey norris
bailey norris - Måned siden
I’m not Muslim so I know this isn’t my apology to accept or not accept but this is extremely disrespectful & I’m not even Muslim and I can see how disrespectful this is.
sugermare katy
sugermare katy - Måned siden
I can't believe she did that. I'm christian but still Damm!!!
PK - Måned siden
As a norse pagan i am offended by Harry Potter and Gandalf the grey.