The Trapped Life of Britney Spears. We've All Been Lied To.

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For over 10 years, Britney Spears has not been able to live a normal life. She can't drive a car or spend her own money. And the man responsible for this is her own father. Now, fans want to rescue Britney - but the truth is much more confusing and dark than you might think.
We have the full kettle, and it's about to spill.
[2008 Breakdown]
[What is a Conservatorship?]
[How Did Britney Feel?],Britney%20Spears'%20'Lawyer'%20Ejected%20From%20Courtroom%20After%20Judge%20Doesn,ordered%20not%20to%20contact%20Spears.
[#FreeBritney Origins]
[Other Sources]
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Spill - 3 måneder siden
Part 2 now LIVE:
Part 3 now LIVE:
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Nick Ketchika
Nick Ketchika - 20 dager siden
No way
spirit wolf animatiøns
spirit wolf animatiøns - 2 måneder siden
On December 2006 that's when I was born
Lovely Lady
Lovely Lady - 3 måneder siden
4:29 All that information went public? So unfair. Someone to a few people in her circle shouldn't be trusted. I didn't even know half of this stuff about her. Poor Brittney. She has no privacy.
Em22 - 3 måneder siden
@Sidney Yy No....I think most people who grew up in the 90s knows all this...and that not all of this is even true, but repeated from TMZ and other tabloid sources.
Sidney Yy
Sidney Yy - 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one who knew all this?
Junie Boo
Junie Boo - 7 timer siden
How does her sister have more freedom than her?
Skyra Starr
Skyra Starr - 18 timer siden
Her parents have been cashing in on her since the Mickey Houseclub
Dolce Luxe
Dolce Luxe - Dag siden
When I listen to her in interviews she always speaks in very vague terms. And she always has. Because that’s how she was taught: never release details to the media, always keep them guessing, even if it’s against your best interests. It gives off the impression that she really doesn’t have much to say and makes her statements easily forgettable. Even in her letters to fans on her websites she’s always vague and never provides much information at all and you’re left wondering if there was anything in there at all. It’s very strange, I know she must be a bright girl, maybe just emotionally stunted having all the decisions made for her and her career image and every aspect of her life under full control since childhood. It’s really quite sad the lives these child stars are living
Michael Rhode
Michael Rhode - 2 dager siden
It's obvious from her instagram posts that she's still batshit crazy.
Tech & Games
Tech & Games - 3 dager siden
1:24 she was holding a coffee cup, have the right facts or else it makes her look bad
lxmmooss - 3 dager siden
"we have the full kettle, and its about to spill."
Lu Vivien Csősz Bai
Lu Vivien Csősz Bai - 4 dager siden
this makes me furious.
Louise Jeffries
Louise Jeffries - 5 dager siden
Her break down was orchestrated same they tried with Lynsey Lohan only LL father stuck up for her where Brittney it seems like might have a different type of father. Where the heck is her mother and sister in all this
I can be anything you want me to be
@Laiya s oh I see lol
Laiya s
Laiya s - 3 dager siden
@I can be anything you want me to be I didn’t know that, but I was talking about Britney
I can be anything you want me to be
@Laiya s Lindsay Lohan? There was news of Britney and her mother reconnecting and her filing to be Britney's conservator
Laiya s
Laiya s - 4 dager siden
I believe she’s estranged to her mother
Farid lipi_2020
Farid lipi_2020 - 5 dager siden
I really don't understand why people take drugs it's just ruins all things in life
sminkle - 6 dager siden
They've extended her conservatorship for the 4th time at the end of 2020. Now it's extended until Sept 2021.
Keith k. M. Jr
Keith k. M. Jr - 6 dager siden
I support Britney and keep her in prayer
Julie Davis
Julie Davis - 6 dager siden
All ppl involved with keeping it going are clearly being paid
Jo Julida
Jo Julida - 9 dager siden
Plus a conservatorship takes at least a month to process, this paper work was written and processed in less then 2 days... while Britney was is in hold.
the conservatorship was planned, staged, divided, conquered.
Jo Julida
Jo Julida - 9 dager siden
5:24 just for the record Britney was on a psychiatric hold for 72 hours but was released 24 hours into the hold.
Because the doctors legally couldn’t hold her there for any longer. She was of sound mind and no legal action could keep her there.
Dr phill had nothing to do with it.
Personally any tv reality doctor isn’t a doctor and shouldn’t make statements.
Danielle Soliai
Danielle Soliai - 9 dager siden
She's on house arrest. She isn't going anywhere.
M M - 10 dager siden
I see a women who has been taken advantage of by her father and opportunistic money hungry people. I see a women’s civil rights violated because she was deemed incapacitated by the court judge, meaning she cannot hire her own attorney because she is legally deemed unable to provide shelter, food and clothing. However, she’s deemed legally by the same court judge that she’s capable of being on the X factor; do tours and Vegas residencies earning millions of dollars a year and paying them millions of dollars for legal fees. The legal system failed to protect her when she was at her lowest point, instead they facilitated shameless individuals to fully exploit power and take control of a women’s life via a highly corruptive, exploitative legal system that needs to be reformed.
The year when this conservatorship was put in place, she had two babies back to back, had a divorce not once but twice and lost custody of her two children due to paparazzi photographs. She was chased and harassed by 30 + paparazzi everyday, when she was at a vulnerable state after giving birth for the second time in 2 years. She was likely going through postnatal depression but nobody questioned that instead the media, the public and even her closet family said she’s “crazy “. She was never given the opportunity to heal physically and emotionally. Her children was physically removed from her, she was hospitalised and the next day her father filled for a conservatorship to be put in place temporarily. She was not given any notice by the court prior to this or had not the opportunity to contest when her life was literally going to be be taken away from her. Within a month she’s out in public again filming a tv show, then putting out albums, concerts and tours all the while thinking “if I behave the court will give me my freedom back”. But, no they never had the intention to let her go, it was all planned from the get go and later that year that same judge made it permanent even if Britney refused. Britney never gave up, she tried to fight it but at the end of the day- she is a mother of two young toddlers at the time, she cannot fight her abusive father, all the lawyers, all the doctors and the entire probate court system.
How can anyone look at this situation and say she deserve to be treated like this, like a prisoner worst than a prisoner she has no rights to hire her own attorney or testify in court. She did not hurt anybody or did anything wrong. What did she do to deserve a lifetime imprisonment. What gives other people the right to suggest legally that he or she cannot make decisions for themselves, when a full medical/psychological evaluations was not even carried out from the beginning. All the doctors that evaluated her health throughout the years, whom are being handsomely paid every year by her money, never once questioned the reason why she needs this severe level of control. Every year she should be entitled for a mental capacity evaluation to ensure a probate conservatorship is still necessary, but this vital evaluation was never done by independent parties with no conflict of interest. There was no transparency, everything was sealed aggressively by the conservators and the lawyers. The broken probate court system encouraged gross level of misconduct and abuse of power, every vulnerable person and their families in our society are suffering from this.
The question here is Britney really that unstable mentally and at risk of harming others that she needs to be controlled in this way? If she is then, she shouldn’t be under a probate conservatorship; as this is for the elderly with end-stage dementia and adults with severe learning disabilities. A LPS conservatorship would be more appropriate as it is for people that are severely mentally ill. But no- a LPS conservatorship will not require her to pay millions of dollars a year to all the lawyers and money will not be taken away from her, her civil rights will be intact and she will be free within a year not a lifetime till she dies. This is the reason why probate conservatorships should always be the last resort cause not only a persons civil liberties will be stripped away, it is essentially a life sentence. This is also the reason why probate conservatorships should only be applied to those with severe learning disabilities and end stage dementia because their medical conditions will only deteriorate and not improve. Britney is only 39 years old with a lifetime ahead of her, she does not deserve this. No matter how unfit medically these doctors deem her to be, her mental health will deteriorate if she continues to be under this tight and severe level of control, with no autonomy- she cannot-even get married or have another child cause they won’t allow her. The continued isolation from other people will also not help, bare in mind her father had been abusing his power as a conservator and manipulated her into believing she needs help for the past 13+ years. She had been isolated from everyone in her past, she’s not allowed to make friends, her visits with her children are supervised, her previous boyfriends were handpicked and likely manipulated by her own father. She is trying to regain control of her life and to fight for more autonomy so she can finally have a life. But, Britney has been controlled all her life, so I would understand if the post on on her social media seems anxious and off -it could simply be she is not use to having this much control for a long time, and scared of not having someone telling her what to do or what to say. This transition will likely be very stressful for her and also the ongoing legal battles against her own father won’t help. Hence, I think we should all give her a break and the space to recover from everything she has been through. She deserve to be given the respect and privacy to start living a life in her own terms. Thanks for reading all this, best of luck Britney.
usernamemaybe - 10 dager siden
They’ll never want to end it because they want the money
Charlie Quinn III
Charlie Quinn III - 11 dager siden
downward spiral?
Edna Brown
Edna Brown - 11 dager siden
In my opinion I believe Brittanys father as well as her children's father planned this from the beginning I did not mention her mother because I've never heard anything about her!
Phil is a industry Dr. I don't respect his opinions at all!
Hollyhellweird is an evil place!
Music is Life Productions
Music is Life Productions - 12 dager siden
I cant help but feel bad for britney
Annette Congrove
Annette Congrove - 12 dager siden
I feel soooo sorry for her!!!!
Fort nite Bro’s
Fort nite Bro’s - 13 dager siden
I think that they should’ve handled her mental breakdowns more gracefully but she needed help and it awful how her entire life was put on camera but she did need help she just needed to get help in a better way
하얀 - 13 dager siden
The fact that no one will notice until the person is long gone... britney needs help, get her away from her father before it’s too late
Juliana P
Juliana P - 15 dager siden
Man, leave britney alone should've happened years ago
Nova Noir
Nova Noir - 15 dager siden
That baby-ish talk is a dead giveaway of some abused victim
sandy ninja
sandy ninja - 15 dager siden
She sounds like she's in her teenage years and can't get out. Poor girl...
subha baskaran
subha baskaran - 16 dager siden
I seriously praying to god that this girl hopefully gets free and lives a happy normal life 🙏
Iris Alcoser
Iris Alcoser - 16 dager siden
She is our millennial hero, we need to be there for her.
detorie5 - 16 dager siden
Can Britney be an adult with her children?
Q Love
Q Love - 16 dager siden
Free Britney from the Illuminati.
Q Love
Q Love - 16 dager siden
Adrenochrome? Maybe? Lizard Dr Phill got involved? That’s highly suspicious. I feel bad for Britney, raised thru the entire Disney Illuminati pedowood program. Now we know.
Then she had a court appointed attorney? How did she qualify for that? Our tax dollars.
Elizabeth 3D
Elizabeth 3D - 17 dager siden
She sounds weird, like a child
Jamie McMahon
Jamie McMahon - 17 dager siden
It sounds more like Brittanys Dad took the conservator to protect Brittanys money from the Federline guy???? Sounds like something a good Dad would do.
A1P1-1IE _88
A1P1-1IE _88 - 17 dager siden
Is it or is the dad straight up stealing her money and earning money off his own daughter wow father of the year that cant make his own money
Po !
Po ! - 17 dager siden
All I’m thinking about is how horrible this must have been for the children...
Bella Rose Alcántara
Bella Rose Alcántara - 17 dager siden
the OG “new year, new me” statement😳😳
Cedric Cope
Cedric Cope - 19 dager siden
Child sacrifice shes been sending signals for years and everyone ignored her
Just Josie
Just Josie - 19 dager siden
Concerned about children in Brittney's care, so turned them over to the parent who was out perpetual partying.
Just Josie
Just Josie - 19 dager siden
Plus: psychiatrist are narcissist and usually mentally ill themselves.
Hazel C
Hazel C - 19 dager siden
poor woman
۵ χια Dყɳαʂƚყ ۵
۵ χια Dყɳαʂƚყ ۵ - 19 dager siden
I remember Britney making a statement in an interview: "It's not out of control it's too much in control."
Pretty Princess
Pretty Princess - 20 dager siden
It’s disgusting how paparazzi treated Britney in 2007.
Kassidy Zavala
Kassidy Zavala - 20 dager siden
poor girl. this isn’t a life. she’s a puppet and she can’t even do anything about it.
Renee Evans
Renee Evans - 20 dager siden
Take away her money bet her dad would care less
Renee Evans
Renee Evans - 20 dager siden
Its all these people want her money so sad her own dad
kkuczak0001 - 20 dager siden
She's in trouble trying to get out of the illuminati. She wouldn't be so desperate if it was just her dad is taking her money. She needs prayer. Satan is no joke.
hey low
hey low - 21 dag siden
Paparazzi is really 😫😠
Charles Cayton
Charles Cayton - 21 dag siden
you know Britney Spears might be schizophrenia I don't know if she's been tested for or not or bipolar but I hope she gets better
Tefla. Althani
Tefla. Althani - 22 dager siden
At 5:57 i was born lol my birthday is January 9 2008
kim Leslie
kim Leslie - 23 dager siden
Free Britney!!!
Ava Mergenhagen
Ava Mergenhagen - 23 dager siden
I wish she was living a good life like so is so pretty and like everything I just want her to be safe 😭😭😢
Christen Harbor
Christen Harbor - 23 dager siden
Excuse me but uhhhh she’s mentally capable of being a judge on a TV show but not mentally capable to live by herself
Nina Illy
Nina Illy - 24 dager siden
So she can be a judge in a TV show, but can't take dicisions regarding her own life ?
Big Uzi Vert
Big Uzi Vert - 24 dager siden
Ew Brittany sound crazy af lok
Ivette Ortega
Ivette Ortega - 24 dager siden
idk why but i feel like all her videos are old archives footage so it's orchestrated to make it seem she's okay but maybe she's dead? No I don't think my theory is true just I get a overwhelming sad feeling something happen to her like I did Naya.
Nah Cl
Nah Cl - 24 dager siden
Maybe mk ultra manipulation?
freedomflowsred - 25 dager siden
Can’t they have like a trial time. I mean if they are “SO” worried about her. Let her make decisions and live on her own and just everything and if she does well then she’s fine! Idk if I explained that well
Chad Dalton
Chad Dalton - 26 dager siden
Her dad probably drugging and spending all her very hard earned money .
Antoinette T
Antoinette T - 27 dager siden
This is so sad
Arlene Esteireiro
Arlene Esteireiro - 27 dager siden
Britney is mentally ill. I'm sure her family is doing everything to help her. She may not be able to function on her own. It's sad cause she's so loved and great superstar. 🙏❤
11 12
11 12 - 19 dager siden
Did you even watch this video?
Goga Gogic
Goga Gogic - 27 dager siden
Love and safety is the best medicine!!! Stånd up and live your life🌈
Jal Scott
Jal Scott - 27 dager siden
The story of Britney Spears is proof that people's grandiose perceptions of who you are can really start to impact your life first hand.
Melanie Mitchell
Melanie Mitchell - 28 dager siden
They didn't want to get her treatment. They wanted to control her.
light as a Feather
light as a Feather - 28 dager siden
Let’s just off her father 🤷‍♀️
Matt waldman
Matt waldman - Måned siden
The smart pisces nomenclaturally program because pastry phytogeographically yawn except a zealous acknowledgment. gorgeous, unbiased flood
Lalyxia - Måned siden
She should live her life freely but at the same time she should not over do it.
Lucian - Måned siden
Britney is the only sane one in that family and circle.
Lucian - Måned siden
1:38 "she was later criticized for sobbing, chewing gum and her makeup" WHAT
BucketOf90 NUGGETS
BucketOf90 NUGGETS - Måned siden
If she hates living like this then it’s worse for her mental health, they are making things worse for her. She is a adult, let her go.
Violet v
Violet v - Måned siden
FREE Britney Spear
Skiny Kween
Skiny Kween - Måned siden
the Paparazzi are pysyco
Elizabeth diaz
Elizabeth diaz - Måned siden
I was 4 y'all 💀I know nothing
jay - 25 dager siden
Elizabeth diaz
Elizabeth diaz - Måned siden
It's gonna be 2021
Jeff - 29 dager siden
Selena Lavallee
Selena Lavallee - Måned siden
Now im going to go watch crossroads and cry
Huong Vo
Huong Vo - Måned siden
Without her dad she would’ve lost everything
xolilmiss chief
xolilmiss chief - Måned siden
We'll let you do world tours and judge x factor, but you can't mentally understand court and a lawyer 🙄🙄🙄🙄😭
Michaella Garcia
Michaella Garcia - Måned siden
Michaella Garcia
Michaella Garcia - Måned siden
ungodlyteddy - Måned siden
Ann - Måned siden
Kelly Perkins
Kelly Perkins - Måned siden
I really don't understand why she can't get out of this conservatorship. As a psych nurse, I know some really evil people who have plenty more freedom, in fact total freedom. Britney had a breakdown which we all should have seen coming...she was overworked with toxic people in her life using and abusing her for financial success and I still believe that to be the case. Where is Charlie Sheen's conservatorship? Britney has made so much money, she doesn't need to work ever again, and if she blows through her money, well that's her business and right to do. I don't get why her family or anyone has ANY right to oversee her finances, career, where she goes and when she can go, if she can have children. That is disgusting. Sorry, but if she is so bad she can't have any independence over her life she should not be forced to work and forced to keep making money that she doesn't have access to.
Barrel Dancer
Barrel Dancer - Måned siden
Geez Britney in 2006-2007 is 2020
Keena Hockey
Keena Hockey - Måned siden
Bless her heart x
Cant they see what all this is doing to her ??
Stop!! before it's too late !!!
Set her free ffs
李夯夯 - Måned siden
# f r e e b r i t n e y
I- Chile
I- Chile - Måned siden
CHEWING GUM! Outside! Touch some grass
Titus Maximus
Titus Maximus - Måned siden
Britney, if you want freedom, follow Elon Musk to Texas. More freedom, less taxes, no government oppression by extreme liberal activist politicians.
Ladinette Charm
Ladinette Charm - Måned siden
Who is controlling her ?!
jay - 25 dager siden
Leonina Victoria
Leonina Victoria - Måned siden
Britney seems to be one more victim of a narcissist. I hope she realizes.
Ashling c
Ashling c - Måned siden
Has britney ever been free?
Ragini Wategavkar
Ragini Wategavkar - Måned siden
They are famous we love that but that effects their lives we don't see that, god bless them with all the strength
devhonk kid
devhonk kid - Måned siden
1:06 yeah, some good things
*forgots to mention the vg industry*
Passme Mycoffee
Passme Mycoffee - Måned siden
Anyone with a brain can see she is not well. either she's on drugs or she has mental problems. It's even worst if she has both.
Infinity - Måned siden
Where's her sister though? Has she tried to help her or say anything??
Koury Brown
Koury Brown - Måned siden
Thee iconic Chris crocker
Clandestine Chaos
Clandestine Chaos - Måned siden
does this make any one else angry AF?
Clandestine Chaos
Clandestine Chaos - Måned siden
Clandestine Chaos
Clandestine Chaos - Måned siden
This is so heartbreaking. This is almost what happened to me.
Charlidunkinfan poopie
Charlidunkinfan poopie - Måned siden
I feel bad for Britney 😭
Laura Tuller
Laura Tuller - Måned siden
Britney’s dad controls her because he sold his soul to the devil on her behalf, which is why he himself is being controlled. Jamie Spears is in survival mode at the expense of his own daughter.
Valentina Aneles
Valentina Aneles - Måned siden
Might just be me i see,,
"Every move i make has been modified more than i expected, my freedom is to far from me!" - Britney Spears 2006