The Truth Behind the Tragic Death of Robin Williams. What Really Happened?

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When Robin Williams passed away, his millions of fans around the world were in shock and disbelief. While his family and several of his friends had some insight on what was going on, no one knew the full story.
And no one would find out the truth until months after Robin passed.
Watch Part 1 first:
[National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke]
[Lewy Body Dementia Association]
Runtime: 17:07


Wendy Lott
Wendy Lott - 7 timer siden
I've never heard of Lewy Body Dementia, and my god it's horrifying! Thank you for making this video. I never wanted to believe that he just decided to end. For me, as someone who is physically sick. I understand this "dark" place and knowing now what he was suffering through. I'm glad he's not suffering anymore He will always be loved and he will always be missed.
Vidit Jain
Vidit Jain - 7 timer siden
Why just why that every comedian or the funny guy is the one with depression or a very hard life? It's isn't fair. It's cruel to see someone who makes people laugh be sad themselves
Gigi Schaumburg
Gigi Schaumburg - 8 timer siden
That you for clarifying with the truth and honoring one of the best among us.
Barry richman
Barry richman - 10 timer siden
He’s dead 💀. Eventually we will all be dead. Jesus died for our Him we have eternal life !
Mrs Winters
Mrs Winters - 11 timer siden
If I was in his situation I would have want to end it too. I would be sad about it but I also relay on my mind and wouldn't want to live to deteriorate more and more with incurable disease.
Pamela Mays
Pamela Mays - 11 timer siden
I was at work when the news broke.
Robin Williams was the greatest stand up comedian of the twentieth century.
ipaint00 - 12 timer siden
Both Robin Williams and John Ritter are a huge loss to me...
Поли Иванова
Поли Иванова - 14 timer siden
thank you for sharing this with me. I loved Robbin so much and i miss him RIP Robbin Williams
Paul John Carey
Paul John Carey - 15 timer siden
Very informative & precise. What a lovely man he was
Jane Aston
Jane Aston - 19 timer siden
Thank you for these videos. I'd heard that he had Parkinsons but not that it was far more serious. It must have been so terrifying for him to see himself deteriorating and not knowing why. RIP Robin, you will always be the Robin I remember from 'Mork and Mindy'.
David Mansfield
David Mansfield - Dag siden
Wow. Thanks for answering questions. Whew!
Noni noni
Noni noni - Dag siden
Wow thank you for these videos I wish I had known and the public had known what happened a lot earlier to Robin. The Media totally distorted what really happened. Another good lesson as to not be completely convinced about what the media says. And what a strange disease. The other take away is the brain and our psychology are very much connected not separate.
Jake Rebo
Jake Rebo - Dag siden
My friends father told us stories from when he did stand up in San Francisco. Robin always told him that he did good up there after his sets as Robin used to watch the open mic performers. I Miss my friends dad. One of the funniest guys that I've ever known.
Songs By Lance
Songs By Lance - Dag siden
He was what I thot he was and so much more! I love Robin, a true artistic genius! Rip Robin🙏
Chris Z
Chris Z - Dag siden
I'm confused. They had access to the best doctors in the world, and no one could identify his disease. Sad. What a loss.
Regina Romero
Regina Romero - Dag siden
He was a amazing man and after watching this it does make sense what Billy said if at the speed his comedy came to him that the speed of his illness came to him as fast that would explain ALOT
Toxic Butch
Toxic Butch - Dag siden
I remember reading the news on social media as if it was yesterday. Can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years!
Victoria - Dag siden
Till this day I still can’t bring myself to watch his movies. Just so sad I miss him. 💔 rest easy Robbin
Rey French
Rey French - Dag siden
Thanks for this story I desperately needed closure on his his passing. I enjoyed everything I saw him in. Rest in Peace Sweet Prince 💔
K8 B
K8 B - Dag siden
We have no treatment for this disease. He was able to function only because he was so brilliant. May he rest in peace. God bless.
annette - Dag siden
When Robin died, I was in shock. I cried for days, even weeks. Seeing this made me cry. Thanks for your informative video. Clarified many things. RIP Mr. Williams.
Ray Navarro
Ray Navarro - Dag siden
So sad
Rome - Dag siden
Robin Williams was a Good Person and Comedian, in my eyes he always had a smile. laugher was his food for his Big Heart that kept him going, kept him happy kept him Robin Williams most of all he shared all that with me his family friend and the world when we lost Robin a shock shook the world it was sad news. Who’s gonna make us laugh now never crossed my mind I jus thought yes sad news but now Robin can make Heaven laugh we love you Robin may you be in peace we miss you ❤️🙏🏼❤️
Heather Bowlan
Heather Bowlan - Dag siden
Thank you for this information on the great man whom we loved just by knowing him threw his films !
Annetia Clark
Annetia Clark - Dag siden
I love Robin Williams nothing will ever change that...
Tricky Guy
Tricky Guy - 2 dager siden
Neighbours? They never care, till they get something in return, for example some social media followers.
glitterandglitz1 - 2 dager siden
My sister met him when she was in Iraq she was very saddened to hear about his death
L - 2 dager siden
I didn't expect this two part series to be so professionally done. Very informative..just a great job.
SN L - 2 dager siden
Sidebar why are you doing this weird censoring of certain words that are unrelated to the story. It's just weird Free Yourself say War say Iraq etc these are things that are in the world and exist. You can't censor it. And whatever entity is telling you to do so needs to stop.
SN L - 2 dager siden
I get it.
Donna Kronick
Donna Kronick - 2 dager siden
Thank you for this two part series. People really need to know the truth about his death. Thank you again. Good presentation. He is missed.
Ms Wonderfulgem
Ms Wonderfulgem - 2 dager siden
Robin Williams spent his whole life making others happy. The priority should have been his happiness. His peace. Rest in peace warrior. You are missed and forever loved. :-(
Layne Martin
Layne Martin - 2 dager siden
Finding out the cause gives me closure. It helps to think of it like my father in law, who died of cancer. He tried, he kept trying. Even as things were getting unbearable he was still trying till the end and at least he isnt hurting anymore.
TBomb - 2 dager siden
Probably one of the saddest celebrity deaths I can think of in recent memory. Knowing what his brilliant mind was reduced to but also knowing its probably what kept him functioning longer than most people in his state is just heart breaking. I'm still not quite over Paul Walker either. His death was SO unnecessary and sudden. RIP to both
Cuz I'm the Mom
Cuz I'm the Mom - 2 dager siden
Such a huge loss to humanity. I grew up ~with~ Robin Williams, quite literally. We were close in age, but his brilliance, his unfathomable gift for comedy, elevated him to that rarefied level that so often can lead to loneliness and heartache.
And yet he fought all that off, for a long time. He just couldn't fight THIS disease, and certainly not alone. At least he isn't in pain anymore. Bless him, he is with the Angels now.💔
Joan Weeks
Joan Weeks - 3 dager siden
Robin Williams was a very talented man and a beautiful humanbeing.
His passing was a big loss to everyone, especially to his family and close friends.
My heart goes out to Robin's family, close friends and most of all Robin.
He will be remembered for the special man he was.
You are deeply missed Robin.
galaxytrio - 3 dager siden
Why does this video have so many words that are essential to the story struck out?
Tammie Kinsey
Tammie Kinsey - 3 dager siden
WOW blessing to Robin Williams and his family ❤❤❤
Roguejin Da
Roguejin Da - 3 dager siden
When your health is not good you become alone in the crowd n you can't enjoy anything n it happens a lot in mental illnesses n neuro related problems.
mb crandell
mb crandell - 3 dager siden
My heart goes out to Robin's family and friends. If there is to be something good such as a legacy then the education of as many people possible is a good goal. Nothing will take the loss away but it allows people to see what a Warrior Robin was. He fought tooth and nail until the disease was consuming him. He gave so many of us the gift of laughter and he did that successfully for years. He was and still is an American Treasure. I would love to think he is smiling and looking down upon his loved ones. Thank you for the documentary. The more information about the disease that comes out the more people are going to want to see a cure and more people will do what they can to further those efforts. God Bless to his family and friends. We loved Robin from the first time we saw him perform. That will never ever change...nor will the laughter as we remember those shows and those movies.♥
Samuel Parker
Samuel Parker - 3 dager siden
I remember him on that 1st episode of Happy Days that led to Mork n Mindy. The show that catapulted his career into the stratosphere.
Dash - 3 dager siden
The fact is, we will never know what terrifying or fleeting thoughts he was having, may he rest in peace and his friends and family find comfort.
fettie mason
fettie mason - 3 dager siden
Is this part two
Svitlana Rowan
Svitlana Rowan - 4 dager siden
Отличный актер с улыбкой и грустными глазами! Покойся с миром, никогда не забуду!
Elvis Domingo
Elvis Domingo - 4 dager siden
Robin we love till we know are self's
Elvis Domingo
Elvis Domingo - 4 dager siden
Why do nice people suffer so much ...
Elvis Domingo
Elvis Domingo - 4 dager siden
Sad i like him my favorite actor
Mark Verity
Mark Verity - 4 dager siden
Brilliant and beautiful man thanks for the laughs
Victor Castillo
Victor Castillo - 4 dager siden
I keep lossing attention from the video with all the unnecessary censoring of non curse words that even primetime network TV says on a daily basis
Gavigg75 - 4 dager siden
I always thought he was angry comedian
Linda MacTavish
Linda MacTavish - 4 dager siden
Such a sad story.
Katherine Uribe
Katherine Uribe - 4 dager siden
Really weird, the cutting out of words like war, terrorists, etc.
Katamaran -
Katamaran - - 4 dager siden
Loved his "RV" movie....
Tim 67
Tim 67 - 4 dager siden
This info is good and the way you document it all is concise, but why are you censoring yourself? Seriously are there monetary reason, curious.
Debra King
Debra King - 4 dager siden
I appreciate all of your hard work and your diligence, to gain TRUTH, and share this with the millions and millions of Robin's fans!
It is full of facts and informative, that honestly, in my opinion, should have been gathered at the time of his passing away!
The misinformation, this lack of pertinent knowledge should have been examined, thoroughly evaluated to give Robin an accurate and positive answer to whatever was stealing his personal self! He obviously understood, the exact changes happening to himself, but before this illness overcame him, ...
I sincerely doubt, that he believed, that all his symptoms, especially as they became worse, were all from Parkinson's Disease.
Robin Williams had a great level of intelligence, wit, and therefore I can only imagine the horrible fact he was unable to understand and address his medical condition, had to be an extreme torture! The fact, that his mind, thoughts and his accurate sense of reasoning, also had to be torturous, while his sharp mind was being attacked and slowly wasting away! Robin's many concerns and questions with NO ANSWERS, had to be an unbearable daily experience and his worries, related to caring for his family and his career, had to be an untenable burden that he carried, must have been to much, at his end of life to cause his need to escape his nightmare! However, the mediazoned in on all the typical actors face, such as depression, alcoholism and other "wrong," depictions, placed around his neck, ... even in his death!
The gossip on ETV, the Hollywood clan, and all the others, seemed to have to drag him through the mud, forever tainting his memory, ... before having truthful ANSWERS! This group tend to attack persons, especially in their own Circle, their Hollywood Family and Friends, with whom Robin had worked with in the Actor/Comedian world for years and years, ... did NOT stand up and defend Robin nor defend the truth, that medically he was struggling and the doctors had been unable to find, diagnosis and treatment for his specific illness! I don't understand how they "CONTINUE," or have any discussions and/or experiences with Robin! Robin Williams had a beautiful heart and soul and it is an injustice to him, ... that the TRUTHS remain mostly covered up!
Thank you so much, for all of your hard work on this project and it answers so many questions for me, ... as I am and was still, ... a MAJOR FAN!
Neal Tomblin
Neal Tomblin - 4 dager siden
What's with the censorship of words that aren't profanity?
Cnith TheOnliestOne
Cnith TheOnliestOne - 4 dager siden
I never thought ill of Robin. He was intense at times but I understood him as much as a fan could, I suppose. His brain went a million miles an hour, so does mine. But he was able to make something out of it. To suddenly have all those things stop? It's maddening. That happened to me on Ritalin. Everything came to a halt and thinking even one thought was extremely difficult. Drove me insane. I stopped taking the medicine and my brain came back. His wasn't coming back. I understand why he did it. I am sad, of course, that we lost him, but I understand.
Amorkor Ollennu
Amorkor Ollennu - 4 dager siden
Thank you. You did an amazing job.
Sabrina Phynn
Sabrina Phynn - 4 dager siden
In my twenty plus years as an RN i've only seen one case of Lewy Body Dementia, and it was heartbreaking. When I found out that was what Robin Williams was diagnosed with post mortem, I cried all the harder. We might never know what happened in full, but my heart goes out to all of his friends and family.
Jacob First
Jacob First - 4 dager siden
This made me cry.
*POW* PunkOnWhiskey
*POW* PunkOnWhiskey - 5 dager siden
I grew up watching Robin. Years ago when I realised he suffered bad bouts of depression, I felt he was so much deeper than I ever before understood. There's something truly tragic about a person who strives to make people laugh and to entertain the way he did whilst they silently battle a war in their own head and emotions.
That's strength, a real strength.
RIP Robin Williams.
ted carriker
ted carriker - 5 dager siden
Couldn't ever accuse Robin.. his heart was being gripped by the terror his mind was suffering.. so very sad that a way to help him was not provided. His family lost such a massive influence and great love that now is only someone they will constantly have on their thoughts and in their prayers for his eternal peace. Rest in sweet peace Sir Robin.
Terri Quinn
Terri Quinn - 5 dager siden
It's still extremely sad and I'm sorry he was dealing with so much. I'll always cherish what he left behind. I hold no bitterness because he wasn't in his right mind and that even he didn't know who he was becoming anymore. He left on his terms and wherever his spirit is, I hope he found the peace he was searching so hard for.
James Robin
James Robin - 5 dager siden
Is he not in a better place?
Larry beach
Larry beach - 5 dager siden
He was amazing, his wit and entertaining were his life. I think I would do the same, if it were me as I am in the entertainment business, but I do studio work as a guitar player. His name will live forever! Especially his live machine-gun joke deliveries...Love you boss..........
Jill Klingensmith
Jill Klingensmith - 5 dager siden
Lewy body dementia is the worst. I work for a hospice and I have seen them all. I can surely understand why he did it. I dont blame him.
Maryann Kral
Maryann Kral - 5 dager siden
He was always one of my favorite actor's, it was so sad to loose someone so incredibly talented.
It's so sad that he wasn't properly diagnosed until after he died. I hope he's forever remembered for the great person he was, the great talent, and the good hearted person he was. He will forever remembered as a really talented person who was a dear friend and loved by many. I don't have we will ever see anyone else in our lifetime that was as quick witted and talented as he was. He had a greatness like no one else. I hope he's happy on the other side doing stand-up with George Carlin!
ChaosTyrant - 5 dager siden
Thank you for that.
Hard to tell why I watch this at 3am, but it kinda feels like a wink of fate....the first part kinda reminded me of my mum and the second made it quite clear....fck 😢
Thrifty Shopper
Thrifty Shopper - 5 dager siden
wow had no idea thank you !
Kandy Stanislaw
Kandy Stanislaw - 5 dager siden
All I will say is I don't believe he took his own life. That all!!
sid shid
sid shid - 4 dager siden
@Kandy Stanislaw mental health medical field? also its *allowed not "aloud"
Kandy Stanislaw
Kandy Stanislaw - 4 dager siden
@sid shid I have done my research. I am also in the medical field and I'm allowed to have my own opinion thank you!!
sid shid
sid shid - 5 dager siden
please do your research on depression
Vee Seven
Vee Seven - 5 dager siden
It seems so astonishing to me that nobody picked up on what was actually wrong with him.
It sounded like they went to so many different people and had so many different tests. And still it was just like "you have parkinsons". When many of his symptoms indicated something much more.
I suppose that's easy to say in hindsight but you'd think someone would pick up on the mental issues and not just focus on the physical tremors.
Sky Bird
Sky Bird - 5 dager siden
It bothers me that anyone would think it would somehow taint his image in the public if the Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis came out after his death. He was an amazing person with great talent. I am glad they decided to disclose this disease. In his films, his sensitivity was so evident. He was a human being, and we loved him as if we all knew him personally, as if he were one of our family members. He will never be forgotten and what he gave us will always be treasured.
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen - 5 dager siden
Open your eyes in the last days For What is the deal of you gane the whole world but stil lose youre own soul. ..Repent!!!💯Wake up💤
Sissy - 5 dager siden
Maybe be at peace now and may God bless his loved ones and friends it's sad that these diseases come into our lives ourselves and I pray no one ever goes through this again and that there is a cure for it.May we all be blessed and have Peace and be healthy and live a life of love and no pain and suffering.
Michael Caserta
Michael Caserta - 5 dager siden
That was not the real RW at the end, it was his clone.
Kerri Gynne
Kerri Gynne - 5 dager siden
My uncle passed away 2yrs ago from Lewy body dementia. It's a terrible thing to have. RIP Robin Williams
Craven Moorhead
Craven Moorhead - 5 dager siden
Crazy disease. His ranch in Napa is incredible. He had it for sale. Google it. Gorgeous. He should hv retired there and lived out his remaining days w: nurses / fam etc. 🕊❤️🕊❤️
channel name
channel name - 5 dager siden
I’m really glad to have the real story 💔
EXCELL GFT records
EXCELL GFT records - 5 dager siden
mr robin williams you have been a man that we grew up with, watched all your movies, and it saddens me to know what was going on with you, i can see why you did what you did, you will be missed dearly and we will never forget you
GlowWoification - 5 dager siden
I LOVE you Robin! I see the same Man. You were a Man with a huge mind and heart. Amazing combination. I appreciated you and pray for your soul and sll of those who truly loved you and miss you. Rest In the Energy Brother.
Steger 13
Steger 13 - 5 dager siden
so he knew something was wrong and that it was getting worst. i think he knew what he was doing when he was going to end his life. i think he was lucid at that moment and his mind was clear . he knew that lucidity he had will go. he knew he didn't have much time before he fall again and lose his it and took that time to end his life now before hi he lose him self again. so sad but understandable.
Raezores - 5 dager siden
This is not trying to be funny that is actually serious and I'm not trying to be funny with that either..
But he put several watches in a sock and gave it to his friend for safekeeping..
He's trying to save time..
The sock the box and the friend he gave to probably has meaning to it also.
Dick Sargent
Dick Sargent - 6 dager siden
Thank you for sharing!
Ruthie D.
Ruthie D. - 6 dager siden
I lived in the same neighborhood/county as Robin...I was heartbroken to hear of his passing. He was just our wonderful neighbor...riding his bike in town...always smiling. I took care of a woman with Lewy Body Dementia just one year ago and I can attest to this video that it is the most life changing of brain disease that you can imagine. I appreciate in knowing Robin's patient was also diagnosed with Parkinson's disease as the body rigidity is undeniable, but in many cases the mind remains intact with Parkinson's Disease. I understand the confusion people and medical staff were facing when trying to come to a conclusion as to why this happened to Robin. I miss him very much...Coincidentally the weekend before his passing I had a very stressful work week and got out every dvd movie of his that I owned to play all weekend to lighten my world.....driving home from work on that Monday in August, hearing of his passing on the news, I had to pull over to the curb of the road and just many of us he was a part of our community and was our wonderful and beloved Robin...
The Ropes of Renovation
The Ropes of Renovation - 6 dager siden
Lewy body dementia gaits are a special kind of odd. Google it. Very odd. Not just straight shuffling.
William wilson
William wilson - 6 dager siden
R.i.p.lest we forget
suzie H
suzie H - 6 dager siden
Dementia is not fun to watch loved one have. I watched my dad change. Gradually he changed, he wasnt the same man. Luckily we had him until his heart put him in the hospital. 2 months later he passed. 19 years later I remember his life before and after. Knowing someday I may have it. At least my family will be prepared. Robin I love all the memories you gave us . I hope now you are at peace and you and my dad are sharing some jokes.
meandering musings
meandering musings - 6 dager siden
Why the weird muting of certain words!!
Cathy Hashiguchi
Cathy Hashiguchi - 6 dager siden
I believe the fear of Parkinson's and his altered mental state drove Robin to end his life ... This Lewy Dementia appears to be 10x worse than Alzheimer disease in the rapid pace it has on one's body. I've seen what Alzheimer does to our loved ones- both my grandmother & my mother suffered with it in their later years. It basically robs a person of their memories, increases paranoid delusions and takes away any rational thought. We can't change what happened nor should we blame Robin for his decision... All we can do is honor his memory & legacy as a comic genius who left us too soon. May God be laughing at your jokes & antics in Heaven !!! Bless you for sharing your wonderful mind with your family, friends & fans. RIP Robin Williams... we love you !!!
Jibba Jabba
Jibba Jabba - 6 dager siden
Why are some words muted and lined out in the texts?
Laura Bentzinger
Laura Bentzinger - 6 dager siden
Good story lbd and Robin Williams you handled it respectfully. I am pleased that the one Doc tagged mental illness as a blameless disease. Society punishes the mentally ill frequently so I was happy u included that opinion.
Maxx Carter
Maxx Carter - 6 dager siden
Great job but why make this kind of video when you’re just going to redact all of the key words. It’s annoying
Crystal Wizard
Crystal Wizard - 6 dager siden
What was the point of blanking out various words in the quotes?
Julian Meade
Julian Meade - 6 dager siden
This is so sad that Robin had to go through this... Poor man! This makes me sad
Heike TheAngel
Heike TheAngel - 6 dager siden
Rest in peace Robin ❤️I hope he knew how much he meant to the world, how much he was loved and appreciated by people around the world. He was a gem, an artist of the century. Your fans still love you and always will 😘
dallis sh
dallis sh - 6 dager siden
Very respectfully done.
Jana Simon
Jana Simon - 6 dager siden
So why are specific word that are part of the narrative edited out? It's disturbingly inappropriate and unnecessary. More censorship?
Blazemore360 - 6 dager siden
The loss of this giant will forever hurt. He was and he still is a star among stars. Rest In Peace knowing you’re still an inspiration for millions of fans!
Lizzie Dee
Lizzie Dee - 7 dager siden
Love you and thank you Robin. I would be so honored to meet you in the next life. I know you will be making everyone laugh.
Lizzie Dee
Lizzie Dee - 7 dager siden
God wanted him and he had suffered enough in this world. We loved him. He gave so much. He had done all he could bear and God took mercy on him. He was a gift.🥵🙏🥵