The YouTube Couple Torn Apart by an "Obsessive" Fan: Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham

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Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham are called out in a video essay, and the response gets very messy.
In early September, a NOburn channel called SPV Laboratories posted a commentary video titled "ryan trahan and haley pham need to press pause."
Before it was made private a few weeks later, the video had nearly half a million views.
The video essay was just over two hours long and contained many criticisms about Ryan's and Haley's decisions and how they presented their actions to their young audience. And then it got really messy.
Runtime: 49:59


Olivia Pierce
Olivia Pierce - 5 timer siden
Haley DOES seem pretty spoiled, unlikable and detached from reality. (Donating money is great, but that doesn’t mean you’re active in the community either)
rat - 7 timer siden
i really liked the video spv made. idk if that makes me sound weird but it watched and i really liked it. he never talked about things they hadn't already shared online so i dont think that what he did was weird. he definitely spent a lot of time editing that video so props to him.
Shannanigans - 23 timer siden
A commission to get a CAT scan???????
Erin Johnston
Erin Johnston - Dag siden
Why does this video say a couple was torn apart????
Alex G
Alex G - 2 dager siden
Bruh Greece and the people there are amazing
Video Nomad
Video Nomad - 2 dager siden
was here
Olgaa__ - 2 dager siden
Has anyone been worried about Haley like as of right now? I feel like she’s not happy & is ignoring us as her audience. I was subscribed to her but she just changed out of nowhere again and want to see her happy & doing actually what she wants
Gurl Back Up
Gurl Back Up - 3 dager siden
I can’t believe I just watched a 45 minute long video about people Idek🤣 never watched a video about them. Anyways Haley is a little slow😭
Gurl Back Up
Gurl Back Up - 3 dager siden
Mb 50 minutes😐
zalia poo dessine
zalia poo dessine - 3 dager siden
Ryan seems like a wholesome dude caught up in this mess because of haley honestly.
zalia poo dessine
zalia poo dessine - 3 dager siden
The spv guy seems like a computer... Analyzing every detail of this couples life.
Kryptosimponite Legend
Kryptosimponite Legend - 4 dager siden
Idk why these channels bother to put a disclaimer on don't go harass the people in the video.... We saw what happened when twitch banned the word SIMP. It went up 97%. So basically you're just telling everyone to go and harass.
Cara Somebody
Cara Somebody - 4 dager siden
Looks to me like some young people have a stocker who wants to use them for attention and demonize them while staying anonymous. You made a two hour video about them but then whine about your name being said while the guys complimenting you? they handled this in a pretty mature fashion given their age and the fact that this guys whole thing is about how their immature mistakes are a bad influence on young people is really weird. These young people (based off this video only) seem to be handling adult responsibilities and discussing adult topics the best that they can. Growing and figuring out life. Making mistakes. Making money. I get the whole public figure argument but this is going above and beyond coming for these “kids” and for what? Jealous?
Heidy Coleman
Heidy Coleman - 4 dager siden
Dude just let them live oh my god
Quesita Eliz
Quesita Eliz - 4 dager siden
Ryan is super smart. He pulled out his deck. Good for him.
Javier Navas
Javier Navas - 5 dager siden
you guys are tweaking. you are all acting as if your obligated to make them your mentors
Lulu Rinko
Lulu Rinko - 5 dager siden
She's literally telling young people that having a kid at 14/17 is normal 💀💀
Jacky Bandicoot
Jacky Bandicoot - 6 dager siden
can we talk about how these so called "kids" handled the situation better and more mature than any other youtuber i've ever seen??
Eveyanda Harrison
Eveyanda Harrison - 6 dager siden
ryan is so much mature than hayley tbh. its just something abt her I don't like
msslateagain2009 - 6 dager siden
...nurses aren’t doctors...that’s why they have different names...girllll should have stayed in school
A K - 6 dager siden
As much as I think some of spv's points were valid I can't ignore the fact that 30 year old dude is stalking and obsessing over teens. It's really weird.
Evie Stylianidou
Evie Stylianidou - 7 dager siden
I feel like most places will look better on instagram than in real life. Besides she makes Greece sound like a completely underdeveloped country just because there's issues with the economy
Sam Tarter
Sam Tarter - 8 dager siden
If you tubers are your children's role models you have failed as a parent. Stop blaming them. I think this man is obsessive and could end up hurting them
444 Drë
444 Drë - 8 dager siden
why do people think talking bad about any one or making claims is okay? like y'all are nothing and just talk about people hoping to be something
, any one making a vid about the bad stuff they have done is just sad and embarrassing
alex Balex
alex Balex - 8 dager siden
Greece is the best!
Kat_TheOneAndOnly - 8 dager siden
To the people saying the SPV guy is creepy. He wasn’t creepy he was concerned because it was two young people telling kids they should. Drop out of school, buy a house, get married, all before they are 100% ready.
malvine - 8 dager siden
The birth control question is the literal definition of mensplaining. A man explaining how a contraceptive that has been shown to be effective when used right doesn't work. That doesn't sit right with me
NotYourConcern YT
NotYourConcern YT - 9 dager siden
Wait so did they break up?
Vision Zero
Vision Zero - 10 dager siden
I think yeah they are living life kinda wrong but u r getting into too much details I get it that they are teaching younger audience wrong stuff but if people are young to put them as a life goal they wouldn't realise what they are saying
xiSTaM - 10 dager siden
Tbh this is just weird. Why even make this video? It's just instigating.
They're making their own choices and making entertainment out of it. Whether you like the content they put out or not doesn't matter. Whether you think they're giving a bad impression to young people doesn't matter. That's a viewers parents responsibility to care about. There's tons of youtubers out there that are bad impressions for young people.
Leave them alone, if the choices they made are the wrong ones they will learn from it.
miiissfox - 12 dager siden
I honestly think the way he responded to the video very maturely and it says a lot about who he is as a person. Well at least from what I can see in his 5 minute insta story. But people can be very convincing. 🤷‍♀️ idk.
sonic the blue bird
sonic the blue bird - 12 dager siden
Ashley Avila
Ashley Avila - 12 dager siden
For her to say “They didn’t even get to know me” and judge doctors/nurses for that, bruh they get paid to help you with your health, not to talk to you. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Caleigh Bocrie
Caleigh Bocrie - 12 dager siden
I guess I understand why she’d want the nurse to have a better bedside manner since the reason she was there was because of an issue in a very private place for her. Sure, the nurse’s job is to find out what the issue is, but when it comes to an area that many women are very private about, I’d expect a nurse to have good bedside manner and to try to make their patient feel more comfortable. Making a patient feel more comfortable can help the nurse find out what is wrong as well since the patient is more likely to cooperate.
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 - 13 dager siden
Steven Van
Steven Van - 13 dager siden
SPV is a weird lol
Claire - 7 dager siden
no u
sonic the blue bird
sonic the blue bird - 12 dager siden
U are a baddie!!!
amanda claireon
amanda claireon - 13 dager siden
Ok 3 questions, Who are these people? What do they even do ? And why i should i even care about them ?
PixersKev Production
PixersKev Production - 13 dager siden
9:56 😃WHAT 😃THE 😃FAWK 😃
The Pointless Company
The Pointless Company - 13 dager siden
Why are there so many controversy videos? Just don’t be controversial, smh my head.
Illuminee - 13 dager siden
60% about birth control and S.*.X
10% about marriage
30% about creepy SPV guy
tri pham
tri pham - 14 dager siden
well...what do you expect....She drop like a drop out...think like a drop out...I am ashamed to even have the same last name as her...
Chasing Whereabouts
Chasing Whereabouts - 14 dager siden
Now I am kind of curious about this why this SPV guy was so much interested in their life ? I mean dude what's his deal 😂 that you made such a big 2 hours video just to criticise someone.
nate - 14 dager siden
i miss the old danny gonzalez type videos he made :(
Shoggy 17
Shoggy 17 - 14 dager siden
OH they’re saving it for marriage no wonder they’re going fast
zalia poo dessine
zalia poo dessine - 3 dager siden
Probably lol 🤣
PizzAbOx Boy
PizzAbOx Boy - 14 dager siden
I’m sorry all they was doing was making vids to me they did nothing wrong
melon V.2
melon V.2 - 14 dager siden
| /————————\
[]-=========| | | \____ O
| \___________________/ /|\
/_________________\ /\
Lizandra Ceballos
Lizandra Ceballos - 14 dager siden
If they are mature enough let them. Omg. Yes they are young but I feel like everyone with a bit of common sense would know that getting married before being an adult isn't my jam.... I don't understand people logic 🙄😕 let them live their lives and if that was a wrong decision then they would face the repercussions of their actions. And let's not forget that these "impressionable teens" have parents so it's not like everyone is going to get married without parents consent. 🤨😒
derek etheridge
derek etheridge - 15 dager siden
They all 4 are trash content creators so this video is pointless
- thestinkeffect -
- thestinkeffect - - 15 dager siden
They don’t even teach kids to use period tracking as birth control at catholic high schools anymore as they did when I was graduated in 2011 and really kids need to stop thinking the internet is a replacement for anything and everything
yellow is sus sus susicidal
yellow is sus sus susicidal - 15 dager siden
She belongs to the streets
- thestinkeffect -
- thestinkeffect - - 15 dager siden
If you can afford it put at least liquid down on a house ALWAYS what are you talking about bro
Robert Maki
Robert Maki - 15 dager siden
Lots of people drop out and become rich... but these kids are very immature
Baked Potato
Baked Potato - 15 dager siden
Can someone tell me why SPV even bothered to make these chritisisms in the first place? Like it's not his job or anything...
Katie Rosekrans
Katie Rosekrans - 8 timer siden
Logan Chesus
Logan Chesus - 15 dager siden
This is a random thing to point out but I like your use of stock videos that are seconds long to use as filler(not in a bad sense). It's pretty nice.
ItsJustinBTW - 15 dager siden
Idk it’s kinda weird how people are siding with this spv dude he seems kinda obsessed with their life and it’s kinda creepy ngl. Idk why anyone is siding with anyone in this it’s kinda weird how people are kinda inserting themselves into their life it’s creepy. Spv seems kinda too obsessed in their life in a creepy and concerning way.
Trendkiller - 15 dager siden
This girl, whoever she is, her narcissism is through the roof. She has an (wrong)answer for everything.
Drawing Lama
Drawing Lama - 15 dager siden
They both have a very strong argument. But i think spv was being very creepy for what he did
Innocenzio Jimenez
Innocenzio Jimenez - 15 dager siden
Just noticed the braids cute spill
yoohoo my tutu
yoohoo my tutu - 15 dager siden
Why would you need birth control when you're not active? Just mess with your hormones for nothing why don't you
Swamp Ophelia20
Swamp Ophelia20 - 15 dager siden
No we are called nurses because we are nurses and not doctors and doctors are called doctors because they are doctors and not nurses.......if she had stayed on at school a little longer she might have eventually figured this little mystery out...silly girl
Darshan Dave
Darshan Dave - 16 dager siden
SPV is very right, honestly it’s funny that they are so insecure they have to personally attack SPV in such a way.. He is right , having a weird sense of humour is a personal problem and not an actual argument..
Matei milu
Matei milu - 16 dager siden
Ryan is gaslighting ppl and im talking abt the yerriw dud
Biniyam Art
Biniyam Art - 16 dager siden
Why am i wasting my time with teenager videos
sparkyspace1 - 16 dager siden
Sounds like a one sided argument
PlutoIsn'tReal - 16 dager siden
"Greece is struggling economically"
"Don't visit"
Isn't that the opposite of what you should do for an economically struggling country?
Sol APB - 16 dager siden
Sorry but SPV labs owner really seems like a creep-
Stephanie Yeager
Stephanie Yeager - 16 dager siden
No clue who these people are but also it’s creepy to make 2 hr videos taking apart someone’s life you don’t even know.
A Casual Music Listener
A Casual Music Listener - 16 dager siden
I feel people are taking the weird tweets too seriously and just don't have a understanding for what an ARG is. People are saying the guy is crazy obsessed with them but that's like saying any youtuber who makes documents are obsessed with their topics. It requires deep diving so there won't be any baseless claims.
puddiingy - 16 dager siden
Greece beneifts a lot from tourists. I would recommend going to visit Greece (not right now obviously but when it's safe to go), not out of pity but just because it's beautiful there and the food is AMAZING.
MopedMike - 16 dager siden
The patch has higher dosage because it’s absorbed skin which isn’t as good as other messages.
Roober Rad
Roober Rad - 16 dager siden
A round of inconsequential news: three individuals who deserve each other.
ONE HUNDO - 17 dager siden
Those kids really don't know what to say and trying to sound smart welp
bittersweetua - 17 dager siden
Every parent needs to teach that it’s important to take your own responsibility and not blame your poor decisions and lack of research on some youtubers. They can do whatever they want to do in their lives and show it to the world.
Carson Quick
Carson Quick - 17 dager siden
When you realize you just watched a 50min DOCUMENTARY about the causes and effects of a 2 hour DOCUMENTARY about a couple that DOCUMENTS their life.
Talia - 17 dager siden
Personal opinion: Haley has a natural personality that likes to let loose and go party and do things like that, but she is restraining herself with Ryan. Maybe the "love-bombing" was onto something? I dunno. But I think that's why she comes across as immature and all over the place. I've had friends like that that just are restless and can never seem to be satiated no matter what
Cello Strings
Cello Strings - 17 dager siden
I think it’s really messed up to over analyze young people like them. They’re so young and they’re learning. Imagine if somebody made a 2 hour documentary about you over the course of 2 years.
Preheat YourOvenAndy
Preheat YourOvenAndy - 17 dager siden
As annoying and naïve as this Haley (not so much Ryan) is, this SPV dude's got a Phd and he's making a fully-edited 2-hour video critique on these young adults and the way they live their lives? Wow... way to put your Phd to good use. I don't care how many followers they got and how they may be misleading those followers. It's up to the followers to decide whether they go down that path or not. There are tons of people spewing garbage like Haley did on social media but if you do/believe something cuz some internet celeb says so, you are garbage yourself and nothing, not even SPV wannabe God, can prevent that. Also, so what Haley said all those ignorant things on social media. Maybe she'll learn a thing or two when she's lost substantial number of subs. This SPV dude... I really hope he sees a psychologist soon. Spending years obsessing over strangers (and playing God) is really really creepy.
Clinton Lewis
Clinton Lewis - 17 dager siden
Santorini is amazing. I’ve walked across the island and while you’ll see some broken down stuff as a whole it’s gorgeous and DEFINITELY go to the ruin from 17th century BC.
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng - 17 dager siden
Natural family planning works if you’re completely comfortable with having a child at some point
Hana Behl-Lecter
Hana Behl-Lecter - 17 dager siden
Natural family planning is totally a great method.........if you're trying to get pregnant.
Radioactive Pizza
Radioactive Pizza - 17 dager siden
Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with these people (outside of attitude of course). Some people really are more mature at certain ages, and there will always be a risk of influencing people who aren’t as mature as you into committing to things they aren’t ready for, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re in the wrong for living their lives. Aside from that though, the guy “exposing” the couple must be running out of material because this is not worth an entire video essay.
YouAdii - 17 dager siden
My mom and dad were married and purchased there first home at 20 and 19 and had me.
Now I hear you are not a full adult until you are 27 (maybe that explains svp 😂).
People really need to get a life and get on with life.
Time is short.
Winged Unicorn 500
Winged Unicorn 500 - 17 dager siden
True everyone makes mistakes but if you've chosen to be an internet influencer you should be held at much higher standards.
My opinion.
Bigmeed 5702
Bigmeed 5702 - 18 dager siden
Spill is that one girl in class who never says anything.
The rip
The rip - 18 dager siden
I don’t know who anyone is in this video but good vid spill
snowflake - 18 dager siden
i understand people not liking something about these two, but what about the fact that this dude is literally so invested in their lives to the point where they’ll look into their relationship this deeply- idk it just makes me feel uncomfortable
G Tuesday
G Tuesday - 19 dager siden
Circle of assumptions. This is some juicy stuff. Where is my 🍿?
dayrien ruckaber
dayrien ruckaber - 19 dager siden
Ok I dated someone I believed was my soulmate and everyone around us believed it too. We were together for just under 4 years from 16-20. I always had doubts, not that I loved him but with our age. I love him still but I am too young to know what I want rn and I’m changing too much. Him and I are still friends, I’m thankful for our relationship but so happy he let me go. We had an engagement ring and everything but I always vocalized it wasn’t guaranteed
Kye Talks
Kye Talks - 19 dager siden
47:30 - uh... Bud? Early adulthood, as in between the ages of 18-25 thereabouts, especially on the younger end, is a time of EXTREME change. Like most people grow and change a LOT during that time. Well, if they're willing.
Yume - 夢
Yume - 夢 - 19 dager siden
Ive never heard of the two or spv but i do think spv was obsessive and did slightly do this for attention just saying tho
Chapter13 - 19 dager siden
Their government and economy is struggling -- better not try to help with tourist revenue!
Nathan R
Nathan R - 19 dager siden
It seems most the problems here are with Haley
Nathan R
Nathan R - 19 dager siden
I used to acc to a massive fan of Ryan maybe like about 2 years ago
Rose McEwan
Rose McEwan - 20 dager siden
I don't really know why i watched this when i don't know who these people are
Kayla Kleest
Kayla Kleest - 20 dager siden
Omg ... They were so sweet abt it too. Making the vids weird af in the first place...but they could not have been nicer in response
sweet phangurl
sweet phangurl - 20 dager siden
I say let the kids be. Its literally nobody's buisness how they chose to live their lives. They're human and should be allowed the space to make mistakes for the sake of growth. This person's obsession with them is lowkey kind of creepy
Black Midas
Black Midas - 20 dager siden
The issue

Why tf are kids watching them?
Their skewed thinking and entire situation makes them adult content
Spidersilk - 20 dager siden
It’s such a tragedy this took a creepy turn. I thought the way Ryan responded to the video was really good. Instead of some others who’d just be like “oh he’s just hating” and ignore the valid criticism.
banaan daan
banaan daan - 20 dager siden
Okay im not gonna watch the entire video.. but why do yall care co much about their lives. If they want to buy a house LET THEM. If its not financially responsible theyll found it out eventually .. and then still its only on them. Im not saying i agree with everything they do, and i would do things differently. but its still THEIR CHOICE and their lifes. And if u dont agree. Just dont watch them
SuperMustache555 - 20 dager siden
Y’all, I don’t think Haley and Ryan are responsible for showing the struggle of home ownership when they’re house hunting. They’re trying to create fun house hunting content, not make an analysis on why or why they shouldn’t buy a house... Ultimately, they’re creating content that shares a fun view of their life perspectives. They don’t show every transparent moment of their lives, they don’t show much of the struggle, their content is glamorized and that’s ok
It’s the same situation with the Greece and the birth control situations. She discussed her personal experiences, and everyone came for her like she was giving formal advise. I agree, she’s more influential than she realizes and she needs to be more careful with her words, but I don’t think it deserves this immense criticism, especially considering her immediate apologies for both.
Considering them immature for not listening to online trolls and instead taking the advise of family and friends just seems so off to me. That feels like a mature take, listening to those who truly know you instead of those online.
I really don’t understand much of his criticism, and it seems as though he was way too involved in their personal lives and criticizing their personal decisions based on the limited information they release online.
SuperMustache555 - 20 dager siden
Y’all, I don’t think Haley and Ryan are responsible for showing the struggle of home ownership when they’re house hunting. They’re trying to create fun house hunting content, not make an analysis on why or why they shouldn’t buy a house... Ultimately, they’re creating content that shares a fun view of their life perspectives. They don’t show every transparent moment of their lives, they don’t show much of the struggle, their content is glamorized and that’s ok