The YouTuber Who Disappeared After Getting a Homeless Man a House: Magic of Rahat

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After raising money for a homeless man, disappearing is MagicofRahat’s best trick. But now, Magic of Rahat is being accused of robbing the very man he had helped.
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Spill - 2 måneder siden
Update - Magic of Rahat is back, watch his response here:
carlotta yang
carlotta yang - 24 dager siden
Then you should take down this video. This is very misleading don’t you think? I feel so bad for Rahat
Arika Karin
Arika Karin - 26 dager siden
@Maisy Perez maybe first of all the fund was for the name of somebody not a movement. and he use his personal account and then make another account to keep the money there.
Maisy Perez
Maisy Perez - 26 dager siden
Uhhhh...isn't it illegal to accept money for a homeless man but keep it to yourself? ..... Pretty sure I heard about someone doing a BLM go fund me and they kept the money and then they got in trouble
Arika Karin
Arika Karin - Måned siden
@Br Uh bruh.. give them time
antiruna - Måned siden
Let’s go!
Terri Quinn
Terri Quinn - 10 timer siden
Don't make videos you don't want commentary.
Kartik Pruthi
Kartik Pruthi - Dag siden
People like Eric doesn't deserve what he got
Changu Changu
Changu Changu - Dag siden
Changu Changu
Changu Changu - Dag siden
Changu Changu
Changu Changu - Dag siden
Dwight Barbour
Dwight Barbour - Dag siden
i can easily see myself in Rahat's position
Kevin nik kher
Kevin nik kher - Dag siden
hahahahahhahaha when spill said "bruh" jajajajahaahhaa momento de XD
Kyūri - 2 dager siden
Is Eric dead
ocfloydian - 2 dager siden
eric is a crackhead
MR Cornholio
MR Cornholio - 3 dager siden
yup Rahat was innocent
DHGlee2013 - 3 dager siden
Eric is such a snake
yanger jamir
yanger jamir - 3 dager siden
Erik should have been jailed
sahin karakus
sahin karakus - 3 dager siden
do anyone thing Rahat was realy after helping poor..hahaha...Rahat was after more moneyyyyyy.
sahin karakus
sahin karakus - 3 dager siden
like we dont know...nothing for nothing. rahat was after money..but he forget what gies around cames around
Toysoldier Me
Toysoldier Me - 4 dager siden
this man ie the homeless man was not ready for being out of the streets, he got too comfortable thinking he can live for free and use supporters to pay for his bs
Kalzang Bhutia
Kalzang Bhutia - 4 dager siden
Eric should be helpful for whatever rahat did for him he's back stabbing rahat for issue with money but in reality rahat had spent a total of 70000 dollars for all his luxury needs
Kilroy 5150
Kilroy 5150 - 4 dager siden
Yeah, i saw receipts in Rahat's video and Eric dude might get dealt with for all his BS.
Giselle Joseph
Giselle Joseph - 4 dager siden
First time hearing about him
Cloud Gangmei
Cloud Gangmei - 5 dager siden
Eric isva dog that bit the hand that was feeding him. He is a fool a homeless fool.
HailHail Coybig
HailHail Coybig - 5 dager siden
Alcoholic /addict
Mummy Bunny
Mummy Bunny - 5 dager siden
Honestly Rahat shouldve given the money like with complete Transparency.
Kage Krôss
Kage Krôss - 6 dager siden
I can just imagine the number of gaping mouths and face palms now that Rahat's side of the story came out.
Samantha Hardy
Samantha Hardy - 7 dager siden
There are 2 sides to every story.
anonymous #2
anonymous #2 - 7 dager siden
Man, you know what I could do with 10k? You should have paid for an intervention, and rehab for Eric.
Hi - 7 dager siden
Mr Watto
Mr Watto - 7 dager siden
From what I've seen and read, homeless man was demanding limos & asking for. Only, when he got the money he would get a limo for the day!!
IAM Rena
IAM Rena - 8 dager siden
Unfortunately some people are homeless for a reason!
Sherry Pierce
Sherry Pierce - 8 dager siden
Wow Eric you're a crook .PERIOD...... you couldn't even show up for a 711 job. How dare you take advantage of someone who helped you shame on you .
Christine Moore
Christine Moore - 8 dager siden
Its bad when someone just falls back because of someone else. That man went out of his.way
Christine Moore
Christine Moore - 8 dager siden
That was just wrong Rahat proved his point he did right and lost money on his own accord. I think that its a real shame how someone can go out their way and it's sad this man was so selfish... Rahat was a blessing to that man Eric and he was so selfish he didn't see the blessings he even got him a job come one he did everything for this man but bathe him and burp him come on MAN
Simone Greenwood
Simone Greenwood - 8 dager siden
Rahat should not have helped this guy.
Hulkgreen Razor
Hulkgreen Razor - 8 dager siden
Eric you are piece of work all right , he gave all the tools too better yourself and all you saw was dollars, Eric your a big loser
kids squad
kids squad - 9 dager siden
Rahhat dosent need the money so i know hes innocent
Tariq Raymond
Tariq Raymond - 9 dager siden
Clearly Eric needs to get a job and Rahat stay in your lane.
Rafa - 9 dager siden
Magic.of Rahat is.amazing
Carole Cowan
Carole Cowan - 9 dager siden
The story of Eric's alcoholism and low self esteem has never been treated. His life will go further downhill, if people only pass through and his addiction is never treated. I hope Rahat continues to feel better and wiser about this experience. Unfortunately, if someone is in need and has a homeless mindset to survive, living one day or hours at a time, needs therapy. There will always be a story and trauma, when alcoholism or any addiction is involved. This should have been addressed first.
7amoor - 10 dager siden
Eric is a disgusting man 🤮
JoJo Dancer
JoJo Dancer - 10 dager siden
If the money was for the homeless man why did RAHAT add his own name to the bank account that was for the man,,,if I give a homeless man some money I'm not gone add my own name the bank account...I'm just gone hand him the check over and let him do what ever he gone do with it.
Gary Mcvey
Gary Mcvey - 10 dager siden
Altruism. It means giving charity without loading it on social media or telling every one wot a grate person they are. If I won the loto. would the loto tell me that I had to mow the grass to keep getting the money. Pepul were telling Erik he got conned. Erik is fragile homeless man who's got caught in the middle of egos and greed
Deebo Nash
Deebo Nash - 10 dager siden
People complaining about not knowing both sides. How about apply the same rule to politics?
D Gatsby
D Gatsby - 10 dager siden
He done a couple of good things for people fair play but why you need tell everyone about it 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤙🤙🤙
Matttic - 11 dager siden
Rahat shouldn't have given eric any money if this was gonna happen. I mean rahat helped eric but now eric does this omg.
HUGE Conag Gaming
HUGE Conag Gaming - 11 dager siden
I feel so sorry for rahat
eric tristan Labro
eric tristan Labro - 11 dager siden
Ye i love rahat but pls dont read my name
Helena Scott
Helena Scott - 11 dager siden
He didn't give that man that money and he's a prankster so he can get away with it because he's a prankster
Helena Scott
Helena Scott - 11 dager siden
Simply as that he could of brought the house and he a Indian Giver
Helena Scott
Helena Scott - 11 dager siden
He didn't give him the money either he brought
donniev2008 - 12 dager siden
Rahat ran away with the money. Thats magic.
James Logan
James Logan - 12 dager siden
Sometimes it good to leave them let them live like dog on the road
Shameless Eric
deedude1400 - 12 dager siden
Taking advantage of homeless for gains smh...
Jake is my name
Jake is my name - 12 dager siden
Eric and razz deserve nothing. Greedy weak devils
Peace that’s all
Peace that’s all - 12 dager siden
This Eric guy is very ungrateful!
arcel_gmg cel_g
arcel_gmg cel_g - 12 dager siden
This video have too many wrongs. Take this down
Siddich - 12 dager siden
what you are doing is sooooo evil and disgusting.
Siddich - 13 dager siden
you know how taxes work, right?
Michelle Wairara
Michelle Wairara - 13 dager siden
7:20 is that pathfinder attribute?
Michelle Wairara
Michelle Wairara - 13 dager siden
7:33 oh, okay
Elliot Perez
Elliot Perez - 13 dager siden
Eric is a addict and spent all the fundraiser money. Then harassed Rahat for more money. I’m from a poor area and I know how addicts act. They would drain you of everything then when you don’t help them no more they threaten you. But rahat had receipts for everything he did give Eric all the money remember you gotta pay taxes so the $60,000 turns to $46,000-47,000. Rahat wrote a check for $22,000 and one for $2,000 gave it to Eric. The rent for house is $7500 for a year. The rest of the money went to utilities and furniture for the house and luxury expenses like limousines and etc. also Rahat gave him a job and Eric didn’t go to work that should tell you how Eric is as a person.
john mac
john mac - 13 dager siden
That homeless bum blew all the money.. Straight crackhead
Dakota Thickems
Dakota Thickems - 13 dager siden
When u do a fundraising for someone. U gotta give it too them...PERIOD. You can't ask me to donate to elephants. And then say 20 out of the 60k was donated to elephants. The other 40 went to whatever else.
?????? - 11 dager siden
Do you even know what happened
Johnny Marinara
Johnny Marinara - 13 dager siden
Why does he think that he has the authority over taking money out? This was a kind charitable gesture from Rahat and this man broke the few rules that he was given...
ukwe ukwe
ukwe ukwe - 13 dager siden
Eric is so lost! Surely drugs and other bad things got him. No way out
Your nightmare lilith
Your nightmare lilith - 13 dager siden
Rahat is innocent. Eric bit the hand. Rahat showed reciepts and explained what really happened.
Daniel Ampadu
Daniel Ampadu - 13 dager siden
Black men have problem with luxury.all they no is gold chains .Eric sucks
Tubbo bee
Tubbo bee - 13 dager siden
People beileved Eric without hearing rahats side he also struggled with severe depression
Bnvablick Bang
Bnvablick Bang - 13 dager siden
This is false he helped him for real
Kaye Patton
Kaye Patton - 13 dager siden
Sound like to me that he should have left that alone. A lesson learned Rahat. I have a cousin been homeless for over 30 years, had many offers for housing and jobs. He refuses any help except unless you give him money straight to him directly. Sometimes people want to live their lifestyle.
Txscratchoff Winner
Txscratchoff Winner - 14 dager siden
Who knows the truth anyways, but Eric had more than what he had when he was homeless.
anders jefferson
anders jefferson - 14 dager siden
imagine being homeless, greedy and ungrateful... mr star syndrome
Pizzah - 14 dager siden
Pizzah - 14 dager siden
Sorry for cap
Kenneth Solis
Kenneth Solis - 14 dager siden
Eric took it for granted. Was he seriously crying in a video someone was filming him? Acting victim eyy? Can you see why people are hesitant to help homeless people. Eric used the money for limos and friends and stuff. The money was not actually his. He didn’t work hard for everything he had, It was the people’s hard earned money. I am never going to help anyone that looks like he would be another Eric.
Mary Lee
Mary Lee - 14 dager siden
Another example of Charity fraud is The Trump Family
Mary Lee
Mary Lee - 14 dager siden
Why have you posted this video belittling Rahat " Then Post another video with Raha To showing receipts and explaining
the truth gossip gossip gossip .
People are attacking this man and destroying his life .
comment wisely
comment wisely - 14 dager siden
So many videos out of homeless people being so grateful over food, clothes or grocery money; and what some of those people do with the donations is beyond selfless and heart warming. Eric seems greedy, most people down their luck would be grateful with the lotto winnings.
Niken Shrestha
Niken Shrestha - 14 dager siden
Eric has no proof whatsoever of wrongdoing (if he had he would already have filled charity fraud). While rahat has uploaded all the expense bill showing all the money's expenses.(Rahat also had many sponsorships and his videos made millions view )
It doesn't take a big brain to know who's at the wrong.
Yes - 14 dager siden
Video starts at 0:00
Honcho - 14 dager siden
“He’s probably doing what my dad is doing” came out of no where. I laughed so hard at this but all love for magicofrahit (however you spell the name)
Malek Baghdadi
Malek Baghdadi - 14 dager siden
Bruh that man is bad heartless rahat is innocent
HelloI'mR - 14 dager siden
Youtubers like Rahat make the money he made for that guy in less than 2 weeks on popular videos. You think he'd risk it all for some small amount of cash, please he would've made more by giving it to him
peggy giggles
peggy giggles - 14 dager siden
He did hove it to him though. He even provided proof in his response video
kronk da grand
kronk da grand - 14 dager siden
He shorted eric over 20,000
Viergie Sabda Paganini
Viergie Sabda Paganini - 14 dager siden
Moral of the Story: Don't help random homeless.
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren - 2 dager siden
On rahat’s new video, I commented saying “ and that’s why you don’t trust anyone “ and said other things as well
Verna Cyrette
Verna Cyrette - 14 dager siden
Eric should have taken the job with 7-11 theirs no excuse for this Rahat tried to help him get back on his feet not supply him with LIMO RIDES!
Alawmie Kwon
Alawmie Kwon - 15 dager siden
Rahat is Innocence and Eric and his cameraman are ***hole..
Mo Paper
Mo Paper - 15 dager siden
This is wrong and Rahat went thru alot combating this situation , he was in a dark place due to everything. Do what is right, you have enough views.
Simple is Elegant
Simple is Elegant - 15 dager siden
Eric is a snake.
Ramon Chaitoe
Ramon Chaitoe - 15 dager siden
Now Rahat is back...with receipts...Eric went in hiding
Update: Rahat was innocent
Topaz - 15 dager siden
feel bad for Rahat

Still can't believe how Eric spent his money
Coal Miner Mark
Coal Miner Mark - 15 dager siden
I can't believe people is taking Eric's side. He didn't work a single day to earn a dime of that money, then backstabed the very man that tried his best to help him. Rahat put all his time n effort to get Eric off the street and was never good enough. Rahat did right by wanting to control the money, he knew Eric would've blown it and he did. Eric would be off the street if he'd got a job and pay his bills like every adult is supposed to do. After taxes it was around 45k ,the house sold for around 60k, do you think Eric would've worked to pay the rest, he'd rather blame Rahat for his own failures n decept. I have not one single bit of sympathy for Eric.
Mo Smith
Mo Smith - 15 dager siden
Did Rahat return the money that was left or used it to pay any possible income tax n that money?
Mo Smith
Mo Smith - 15 dager siden
Rahat should have returned money since Eric broke his contract and did not want to work. Go fund me was fro Eric to get on his fee not people to donate so eric does not have to work.
Rahat returning money to donors will shut up accusers and refund the hard working people who donated.
Ysgramor Himself
Ysgramor Himself - 15 dager siden
Contact the bank and get the statements. Thats it.
Mathematical Mommy
Mathematical Mommy - 15 dager siden
All game! This Eric guy blew that money and wanted people to feel sorry for him and PayPal him more! I can spot a person like that a mile away. If he felt a certain way about it at the time, why say something later? It’s because his money was gone! He wanted the empathetic people to feel bad for him and send him more money.
A A - 15 dager siden
Eric should have just got that 7-11 job instead of disappearing and riding limos
Happy Guy
Happy Guy - 15 dager siden
Was actually thinking about him some weeks ago.. Didn't even know all this happened
George I
George I - 15 dager siden
I don’t know who’s telling the truth
Antoni0the0g • 16 years ago .
Watch Rahats video
TSC - 15 dager siden
Rahat you should have left him where you met him
Emy Velazquez
Emy Velazquez - 15 dager siden
No good deed goes unpunished!
Anela Tea-ana C
Anela Tea-ana C - 15 dager siden
I feels it bits and pieces of other people's story mixed up and reenacted out for these 2 people