Thomas Halbert Caught Stealing from Small Artist? Private DMs Get Exposed

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An artist has accused Thomas Halbert of scamming her-but things are not adding up.
[What Should Artists Charge?]
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Spill - 10 måneder siden
The kettle is BOILING today! 🍵
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シzepetoシシsunnyシ - 5 måneder siden
beans r cool
beans r cool - 7 måneder siden
ali iftikhar
ali iftikhar - 8 måneder siden
ZremioZ - 8 måneder siden
Spill chill pill
Can We get to 2,000 subscribers without videos ?
Lol no you GUYS its not just you, we know.
i am pookie
i am pookie - 13 dager siden
I don’t understand he is a “Beauty guru” don’t they make thousands of dollars? But he couldn’t pay her 100$? Like what is 100$ going to do to your bank account if you’re rich.
Ein - 22 dager siden
This is why I never trust people that goes OMG all the time.
Jülide Ece
Jülide Ece - 22 dager siden
I'm a fashion designer. No one cares about your personal issues. Business is business. Pay the money on time. If you can't manage money then don't make money. You don't deserve it. Thank you.
Achilles - Måned siden
Jesus Christ! Do you tell your land lord “you should feel honored I’ve payed you for the couple months I’ve lived here, I’ll pay you the last month a year later, but be grateful I’ve already paid you for your apartment.” No!! STOP TREATING US ARTISTS LIKE GARBAGE!!!
Classy Pomeranian
Classy Pomeranian - Måned siden
Y'know I feel like if he didn't spend money putting ground up stones and flowers on his face he'd might not have to worry about money :/
valerie - Måned siden
this is gonna be heLLA late but my best friend is an artist and she just started to do commissions, i told her to set up her paypal because she was taking commissions FOR FREE and even though i should not have any business in how she runs her work i was worried she was going to be taken advantage of- like many artists and it’s super unfortunate. i hope ppl actually have some COMMON SENSE and pay artists FIRST, not AFTER.
pauline correa
pauline correa - 2 måneder siden
Your dads Butthole
Your dads Butthole - 3 måneder siden
I’m not taking Thomas’s side but if this girl is gonna believe the I will pay later because I’m poor excuse she shouldn’t be running a business’s like that’s one of the most common ways people scam people everyone knows that
Angela noneofyourconcern
Angela noneofyourconcern - 4 måneder siden
Lack of impulse control...that's his problem.
shelbie cain
shelbie cain - 4 måneder siden
It's sad that artists are so used to people trying to scam them or get free art out of them that they even have to worry about this sort of thing. Like just missing one payment with your artist most likely causes them a mild anxiety attack.
It's just sad man. Artists deserve better
S R - 4 måneder siden
What artists do is not hobby, sure, in some cases in can be, but in some cases, IT'S A JOB FOR THEM!
Ruben RIchmond
Ruben RIchmond - 5 måneder siden
he looks like a fish
Little_August - 5 måneder siden
I know spill was tempted to say what they said in the intro
yoongi's wife
yoongi's wife - 5 måneder siden
Her-artist can automatically get copyright when
Me- I'm going to get my cousin and make a scribbled masterpiece
Destiny Hughes
Destiny Hughes - 6 måneder siden
i don’t even have to finish the video to gather this — if you “don’t have the money” DONT ASK FOR THE JOB. if you aren’t at least able to pay up front if she asked, literally don’t ask for the job. basic human decency. whether she blew it out of proportion or left things out, if he wanted that job he shouldn’t have waited a year to pay. if i were her i would’ve sued him for more
AngelDust: C-137
AngelDust: C-137 - 7 måneder siden
everytime someone asks him a question even remotely related to something he IS guilty of he gets super pissy and fed up out of nowhere and starts a low key twitter tantrum. just pay your artists people, dont try and offer "exposure", ask what the price is for what you want done and if you cant afford what they ask for you either save for it or try and find an artist who charges rates that are aligned with your budget. real simple, i dont get why people still try and stiff artists out of money cause "they should appreciate the EXPOSUREEEeeee"
bubble ogu
bubble ogu - 7 måneder siden
he looks so different in the live what-
Chara Moore
Chara Moore - 7 måneder siden
Not to mention the cat scandal he pulled TWICE
RoyaleWays - 7 måneder siden
Artist work for money its how they get a LIVING TO SURVIVE so if you ever scam them they wont have their money and you think thats okay!? PAY THEM AND FRICK OFF
Layla L
Layla L - 7 måneder siden
Wait, I’m really confused because the livestream video looks absolutely nothing like the person you’ve been showing pics of ??¿ lol wut
Roshanay W
Roshanay W - 7 måneder siden
The person working for the agency as the voice has such a relaxing voice
natalia cantarero
natalia cantarero - 7 måneder siden
Guys is this the same guy with the cat ? That took money from his followers
vievie - 6 måneder siden
yes same person
kelvin munsayac
kelvin munsayac - 7 måneder siden
He's plastic he'll insult you behind your back but act nice in front of you
Strawberry Sakura 可愛い
Strawberry Sakura 可愛い - 7 måneder siden
youre not poor if you can afford so much makeup..
liên sho
liên sho - 7 måneder siden
ツmilk&honey - 7 måneder siden
ok but why have I never heard of him
kkozumex - 7 måneder siden
off topic but who told him he could do makeup
Mm2 princess
Mm2 princess - 7 måneder siden
Why she just now saying sumn tho
Mm2 princess
Mm2 princess - 7 måneder siden
Costerpri :3 that’s not what I was talking about
Crytoxical - 7 måneder siden
Did you not watch the video? She was fed up with it so she finally called him out. I would too. :/
todoroki’s simpbot
todoroki’s simpbot - 7 måneder siden
Something like this happened to me too. I took hours to make art, and then the dude said “i don’t have the money rn” so i waited 3 days and then he said “i don’t really like it” bro i was so mad.
Jon Krade
Jon Krade - 7 måneder siden
This whole situation is just...yikes...
StrawberryGirlSimmer - 7 måneder siden
Thomas sucks
Dow Bailey
Dow Bailey - 7 måneder siden
Luka has evidence and screen shots while Thomas just has like one or two?
King Aspen Dude
King Aspen Dude - 7 måneder siden
I've only had 3 commissions one 2 years ago for a 20p dragon design, which I refused to do at first because I design cats, anthros, ferals and humans, bear in mind I was only 13 and I was naive. He refused to accept that I didn't draw dragons and would harass me every single day, then once I gave in and finished a dragon piece for him that I had to reference hard, he refused to pay, so I refused to give him the art, he only saw sketches and the colour pallet. I told him my rates were extremely cheap because I wasn't having issues with money and I was young and didn't think my art was worth much. Luckily this year I made a great friend who's an author and she commissions me for character designs and often pays me extra since my prices are so low and she's one of my closest friends
quantum soda
quantum soda - 7 måneder siden
Wow, what a difference from pictures to irl...... yikes.
L L - 7 måneder siden
I’ve only heard problems from this kid smh
HEY GUYS - 7 måneder siden
Friends sooo no bestfriends
_licy _
_licy _ - 7 måneder siden
Can’t she sue ?
mickymc bryan
mickymc bryan - 7 måneder siden
As a writer who has worked with artists - both collaboratively and through comissions - this guy is actually making me sick.
Zxyn _
Zxyn _ - 7 måneder siden
Every time Luka msgs Thomas she says stuff about him not paying her BUT then on twitter she says that she does not care about the money!?? Why msg Thomas saying "oh my money My MONEY" to then say "nah I don't want da money tee hee"
Luhver - 8 måneder siden
if this was me i would make them pay upfront atleast 25-50 dollars and as i progressed with their commissions i would ask 5 dollars a day that i do projects for them.

tell me if this seems fair or not
nick gebrey
nick gebrey - 8 måneder siden
if he knew he wouldn't have the money then why tf he ask for art and have a whole discussion about what he want
You a Dumb Dumb
You a Dumb Dumb - 8 måneder siden
Why he do be lookin' like a whole clown on that live tho?
Nora Powell
Nora Powell - 8 måneder siden
please tell me im not the only one who has never heard of this guy before
elena - 8 måneder siden
The only people who support him probably aren’t artists themselves. They don’t understand how much we put into our work and we deserve to be paid when we’re commissioned
zalea zamin
zalea zamin - 8 måneder siden
he’s such a hypocrite sheesh
Lucky Bunny
Lucky Bunny - 8 måneder siden
If 10% was agreed on and he claims that she should only get $6 that would mean he made $60 off the merch. No wonder he can’t pay bills. 🤣
Mary - 8 måneder siden
Needing money to pay Bill's, while acting like an artists payment isnt a bill 😒
Alissa Moore
Alissa Moore - 8 måneder siden
If he only owed her $20 then there was absolutely no reason for him not to afford $20...
Fritzie Sama The Black Ribbon
Fritzie Sama The Black Ribbon - 8 måneder siden
Luka totally have evidence but thomas is just denied it!
Artist work so hard, yet he didn't pay her! And he said that, he don't have money then, he shouldn't ask for merch! Thats taking advantage!
Tania Pizarro
Tania Pizarro - 8 måneder siden
He said he needed to pay his bills so he couldn’t pay her? I’m sorry but once you make business with someone that becomes your bill as well. I’m a hairstylist and if someone wouldn’t pay me because they need to take card of their bills? So am I just not suppose to care about mine because you don’t want to pay me? IF YOU DO BUSINESS WITH ANYONE , THEY ARE PART OF YOUR BILLS!
alex gannon
alex gannon - 8 måneder siden
Wait so he was only going to pay her 150?? She should get way more then that
Sunshine_Lollipops - 8 måneder siden
*On my behalf*
Sara Raeyd
Sara Raeyd - 8 måneder siden
Me when spill posts a video:
🙇🏻‍♀️ here comes the tea sis ☕️
Duolingo Bird
Duolingo Bird - 8 måneder siden
A tip for all artists ! When someone commissions me I do a sketch show it to them if they like it then THERE they pay me and I Finnish and give it to them, if they don’t I can make another or if they want to call it off I tell them now is the time to do it. Don’t make people give u the money after u made the art because what’s stopping them from just taking it?
Norm Al_
Norm Al_ - 8 måneder siden
Idk should i believe you cus theres other youtubers who said we shouldn't believe you
Phan X3 g note crack god franksblinds yee
If you don’t have money then don’t commission someone!
jika - 8 måneder siden
As a young artist I feel hella attacked from what he did 😑
sparklesandhighlights uwu
sparklesandhighlights uwu - 8 måneder siden
p...p...poor? hA, THAT'S A FUNNY JOKE
Gacha Lizzy
Gacha Lizzy - 8 måneder siden
Don’t play the victim card or draw 25
Thomas: *draws 25*
Paige J
Paige J - 8 måneder siden
I vomited when I saw his nose
Sunshine Cam
Sunshine Cam - 8 måneder siden
Thomas is so messed up he could’ve paid her little by little until she was fully paid !
angel nguyen
angel nguyen - 8 måneder siden
why even commission her when u have "no money"
Orenciah - 8 måneder siden
You pay an artist more, or tip them greatly because you believe they deserve it. Not to pay them for future works made for you.
anime udders
anime udders - 8 måneder siden
This still doesn't change the fact that artists are treated like trash, people think art is a distraction but no it takes hours to make a piece just to get paid $15. Please respect the art community I'm sick of getting paid 10-20 dollars for something I put my sweat and tears into.
Katherine Lachcik
Katherine Lachcik - 8 måneder siden
You can afford a lawyer but you can’t pay your artist?
annika - 8 måneder siden
why did he even hire her for the merch project if he didn’t have the money tho?
Og Mozzarella
Og Mozzarella - 8 måneder siden
How is he “poor” all the time he’s a popular influencer that gets paid everyday and how is he always “in a bad situation rn” like tf ur only sorry because u got called out
Mythos - 8 måneder siden
If u don’t have the money- don’t ask for art- and be straight up.
Jase W
Jase W - 8 måneder siden
Never send a final product, at least watermark it so it cant be used. Or pay up front before putting I the hours. When someone has a history of this even if they're friends it's good to take precautions :((
Daring Darlingz
Daring Darlingz - 8 måneder siden
As a fellow artist you should NEVER let anyone delay payment.
Amber Catanzariti
Amber Catanzariti - 8 måneder siden
I’m sorry, but why does this guy have a platform again?
Kawaii Art series
Kawaii Art series - 8 måneder siden
He actually owes her wayyy more than 1000 dollars for all the art not 150 not 25 and definitely not 5
Thicc All Might
Thicc All Might - 8 måneder siden
He looks like the Walmart version of James Charles
swaggy McSwag
swaggy McSwag - 8 måneder siden
who even is this...
Inle Cottage
Inle Cottage - 8 måneder siden
Luka that a srtis hows in a cartoon ladybug
carmen - 8 måneder siden
why send her more money then she was supposed to be paid if ure borrowing money.. He's gonna have to pay $250 back to his bf mother. Just pay her the same amount she needed so you won't go broke.
cintia barraza
cintia barraza - 8 måneder siden
So the grey hoodie is really an apology thing..
Raneem is typing
Raneem is typing - 8 måneder siden
Just because he tipped her double the amount last order doesn’t mean it should count for his new order
Raneem is typing
Raneem is typing - 8 måneder siden
Just because he tipped her double the amount last order doesn’t mean it should count for his new order
Artemis Is Doing Stuff
Artemis Is Doing Stuff - 8 måneder siden
If he didn't have the money to pay Luka when he can buy all that make-up? Hm?
Mi Mi Mi Mi
Mi Mi Mi Mi - 8 måneder siden
I have a friend like "Thomas" that friend was a guy, he told first day in school that he really need 2 dollars or 100 pesos (php) I gave him the money and go on w my day. The next day I told him I really need the money since I'm still young and I'm broke. Few months have passed, I always remind him from w the money. He never really told me anything after that. Well a few years have passed I really don't need the money at all. I could see him struggling with his life. But I can't care less. He is a very nice person but he doesn't care about things. Like that, he also apologize to me and I accepted it. But I can never give him my money ever again.
Raelyn UwU
Raelyn UwU - 8 måneder siden
It’s his fault (Thomas). But Luka’s art sucks. And she’s overrating her art🙄
Angela and Anne
Angela and Anne - 8 måneder siden
Smol Bean
Smol Bean - 8 måneder siden
Is he saying that he'll double the original amount of money? And the original amount of money was $150? Bro, that's $300, not $250..
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook - 8 måneder siden
Was it him that used mental illness?
「 shxzzles 」
「 shxzzles 」 - 8 måneder siden
“I’m sorry, yes it took till now” boi the only reason ur finally responding is cuz it got took to the public :/
tetee 0.0
tetee 0.0 - 8 måneder siden
Take him to court 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear - 8 måneder siden
Idek these people 🤣
peach - 8 måneder siden
Tbh if u cant afford things right now please don't drag others in ur financial problems by working with them and delayed payment then try to make them feel guilty for asking what they earned
I'm Jasmina
I'm Jasmina - 8 måneder siden
He only paid her/him bc he wanted his reputation back-
Georgia - 8 måneder siden
Imagine attempting to scam someone and then acting like your the victim
saima - 8 måneder siden
SparkRunner123 - 8 måneder siden
Also if you DON’T have the money, DON’T commission somebody. Also paying an artist IS a bill.
just cedric
just cedric - 8 måneder siden
i’m sorry but who is he
Stephanie Coffey
Stephanie Coffey - 8 måneder siden
Whey didn’t they do this? Figure out how to pay her weekly! Like $5 per week until she got all her money.
ramen - 8 måneder siden
Mr & Mrs Gaming
Mr & Mrs Gaming - 8 måneder siden
I never thought thomas was this big lol but he went to the same high school my older sister went to and he was always picked on and she would be nice and try to talk to him but a soon as he got famous he ignore all the people who were there for him.
Jenna Ranager
Jenna Ranager - 8 måneder siden
Going through something isn’t an excuse not to pay someone you asked to do work for you. He’s trash and you can’t convince me otherwise