TikTok boy tries to make James Charles look BAD, Internet DRAGS him

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James Charles gets baited on Tinder and TikTok, and addresses past relationship drama from Dramageddon 2.
James Charles:
TikTok Video:
Runtime: 12:48


skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 2 dager siden
Not me
Ashley Kennedy
Ashley Kennedy - 7 dager siden
i thought the song break up with your gf was about trying to get the guy who's already taken....
yana - 12 dager siden
sad noises
aiden siessmayer
aiden siessmayer - 28 dager siden
Props to James for being so so bold
A Standard Asian
A Standard Asian - Måned siden
The way the boy goes iM nOt a bAd gUy honestly disgusts me. What’s this victim complex?
2sway4U - Måned siden
not syingthe boy is irht but james always pulls out that we learned a lesson so people think he is a good guy
Val - 2 måneder siden
imagine getting scandals for trying to find love, just how many more scandals will he get involved in?
Danny Perez
Danny Perez - 4 måneder siden
Wasn’t James like 3 years older too ... would that even make him a predator
Savannah Crawford
Savannah Crawford - 4 måneder siden
Ha he can’t sing 🎤 lol😂🤣😂
Beth Lamb
Beth Lamb - 4 måneder siden
Ew. Hes still obnoxious and gross
SienaMelia - 5 måneder siden
I feel horrible for James.
One tab by mouth at bedtime
One tab by mouth at bedtime - 5 måneder siden
Dear James Charles
This made me so sister sad 😭. So I'm going to meditate and soon, real soon your going to find your Sister Serious ,Sister Sweet, Sister SOULMATE 🧡👄😘🌹🌷💚💙💜💛👬👬👬👬👬
I'm rooting for ya Sister!!
Javier Varela Feteira
Javier Varela Feteira - 5 måneder siden
I don't think that tik tok is the better place to date people xD
Lowkey Nathi
Lowkey Nathi - 5 måneder siden
bruhhh the internet doesnt let james charles breathe
Not Leah
Not Leah - 5 måneder siden
Who else is here after the 14 year old scandal? 💁🏻‍♀️
Atreyu Rannow
Atreyu Rannow - 5 måneder siden
Only James can make himself look bad....... Hes really good at doing it.
MÄRÏLYN - 5 måneder siden
I am so fed up of hearing about James Fukkin Charles and his inability to go for APPROPRIATE GUYS. He is gonna end up being on the nonce wing at prison if he doesn’t sort himself out
Vields 23
Vields 23 - 5 måneder siden
I think everyone forgets how young James Charles is also. He’s a baby.
Coma Tose
Coma Tose - 5 måneder siden
Poor poor james ... well there is always animals. Maybe get a cat or a small dog and see if you can turn them.
Lorelai Gilmore
Lorelai Gilmore - 5 måneder siden
who went here after spill sesh video
Mjsi619 - 5 måneder siden
Bruh I’m straight but I completely agree that no one deserves this.
B - 5 måneder siden
So what about his straightbaiting when he listed himself as a female on Tinder? 🤔 it goes both ways
Celina Viraca
Celina Viraca - 6 måneder siden
Ots soo bad that the boy was doing that its just so disrespectful to play with someone feelings . Think before you post or talk its,was,un thempast when james did that. When people do that karma will get them and no one should go though that
shyfly825 - 6 måneder siden
James talks so fast 😂
Username Invalid
Username Invalid - 6 måneder siden
17 to 18 isnt that big of a personality change imo. like 17 is old enough to knw what's right and wrong, it's not like you'll become 18 and your maturity switch will turn ON overnight.
slushguts - 6 måneder siden
my. parents. have. a *7 year difference* between them???? a 3 year difference between a 17 year old and a 20 year old isnt gonna- oh my god
Maya Alnaif
Maya Alnaif - 6 måneder siden
serixirose - 7 måneder siden
He is 17 so whatever below age does is pardoned and suddenly the day they turn 18 , do they act differently ? 🙄🙄🙄
Fartun Mohamud
Fartun Mohamud - 7 måneder siden
I am actually gonna find him an eligible bachelor and make sure he is in a healthy relationship
MOU$E - 7 måneder siden
tbh, I feel bad for James tbh.
97 milk
97 milk - 7 måneder siden
iM nOT a BaD gUY 🥺🥺
damileigh Ejankowski
damileigh Ejankowski - 7 måneder siden
Yeah well James shouldn't have done that in the first place as tiktok is a fun place NOT a dating website THERE IS NO NEED FOR IT MAN TIKTOK WAS MADE FOR FUN SMHHHH
こたる - 7 måneder siden
James deserves *better*
Pastel Taco
Pastel Taco - 7 måneder siden
Poor James I feel bad that they use him for attention RESPECT THE SISTER HE DESERVES RESPECT GUYS
Alexis Galo
Alexis Galo - 7 måneder siden
🤧 James is lookin for love on childish platforms then wonders why he can’t find something serious. 💀🤦🏽‍♀️
Andrew Watts
Andrew Watts - 7 måneder siden
Alexis Galo 🤦🏻‍♂️ there is an age limit and he is done using other dating apps
Gabriella :P
Gabriella :P - 7 måneder siden
I don’t really think too much of James but I kinda feel bed for him he just wants find love and the fact people tricking him into thinking they’re interested in them is heartbreaking in a way
Kerri-Ann Pinnock
Kerri-Ann Pinnock - 7 måneder siden
Everything is Jane's fault he said he wanted relationship so
zoe_ teitler
zoe_ teitler - 7 måneder siden
Popppp offfffff James
s ᴏ ғ ᴛ ʙ ᴜ ɴ ᴢ
s ᴏ ғ ᴛ ʙ ᴜ ɴ ᴢ - 7 måneder siden
i was never a big fan of James (because I never really liked makeup) but he is really just trying to find someone that loves him and will be with him 🥺 and it makes me so sad
ScrewBall animations
ScrewBall animations - 7 måneder siden
J - 7 måneder siden
Noooook 😔😔😔
Andrew Watts
Andrew Watts - 7 måneder siden
ScrewBall animations NOOOOK
Nano Chamas
Nano Chamas - 7 måneder siden
Let this boy live omg.. he cant do anything without being dragged
Raevyn Chisolm
Raevyn Chisolm - 7 måneder siden
I wonder his parents raise him to learn how to stalking people on social media without getting locked up huh?
Andrew Watts
Andrew Watts - 7 måneder siden
Raevyn Chisolm huh
Chad Spar91
Chad Spar91 - 7 måneder siden
Maybe if he stops interacting with boys then he’ll stop complaining about boys. You’re old enough to be with men now, so act like one.
c0nnie fairy
c0nnie fairy - 7 måneder siden
Who uses tic tac for dating
Andrew Watts
Andrew Watts - 7 måneder siden
Rat_UwU my aunt found three boyfriends on there
Igasia - 7 måneder siden
"Keep in mind I'm 17 and strainght" THEN WHY WOULD YOU MESSAGE HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE?! If he thought it was funny - it wasn't, it was pathetic...
PetalPastel! - 7 måneder siden
but why doesn’t james want to date a girl??
Empty Shell
Empty Shell - 7 måneder siden
He likes men.
jhonii2x - 7 måneder siden
I feel really bad for James... He was just finding someone to be in a relationship with him but it ended really bad :(
I hope he gets someone that loves him for who he is :)
Denise Diaconu
Denise Diaconu - 7 måneder siden
I feel sorry for James to have to go through all of this
Hyûñ Åė Avakin
Hyûñ Åė Avakin - 7 måneder siden
At this point I think James deserves a boyfriend that loves him :) it’s a shame this has to happen to him! The internet is SO cruel 😔
Sleepy__ Lavender
Sleepy__ Lavender - 7 måneder siden
I feel so bad for james
Kenz - 7 måneder siden
You know that feeling when someone ask you out then say it's a prank in middle school yea that hurt didn't it how do you think James feels?
Kenz - 7 måneder siden
James is literally so sweet and just a amazing person why do people do this type of thing to him he just wants love like all of us :(
Angelyka Marie
Angelyka Marie - 7 måneder siden
Gurl! James didn't know that he's 17 and he's straight!!🤦‍♀
mushyka jammin
mushyka jammin - 7 måneder siden
im so proud for james for being strong and looking at the bright side of the situation. hope he continues being like that :((( 💖
Puppybat - 7 måneder siden
Brynn S
Brynn S - 7 måneder siden
shovel soup
shovel soup - 7 måneder siden
I dont know why, but i actually didnt like him but now, I stan him🤩🤩
briixee - 7 måneder siden
Omggg I love James SOOOO much this is so sad there he's just trying to find someone 🥺🥺🥺
Sienna Ørsted Pedersen
Sienna Ørsted Pedersen - 7 måneder siden
A famous person: *breathes*
Aris - 7 måneder siden
i think it's time for james to stop trying to find love and wait for it to come. and stop trying to find it through internet, he out of all people should have known how hard it is.
Flowly Gardens
Flowly Gardens - 7 måneder siden
Gosh hearing these so called anti-fans and creepy fans sounds alot like sasaeng kpop fans. Sasaeng Fans stalks your every moves on places you go and even private social medias.
leigh's café
leigh's café - 7 måneder siden
tbh wth did james do ?? hes literally so nice and people just drag him down
GaysDontSleep - 7 måneder siden
bless em
Jade Marcelo
Jade Marcelo - 7 måneder siden
*I really feel so bad for james and I hope one day she'll get a perfect guy that doesnt want her for clout and fame*
Robyn Jackson
Robyn Jackson - 7 måneder siden
I feel bad for James, he probably didn’t know those boys were straight or underage, it happens, people can make mistakes! He’s a rlly sweet person!
我爱你nika - 7 måneder siden
seriously tiktok is the reason behind all of these scandals so there’s only one solution…
Jaid Caldwell
Jaid Caldwell - 7 måneder siden
I’m sorry but my husband was definitely 20 while I was 17 for a bit we were two years apart in school like???
sophie doran
sophie doran - 7 måneder siden
Poor James, he just wants a relationship and people are using him 4 clout, people, LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!! He is a good guy, he deserves to find love, he deserves a life, let him have one, if you aren't really into him let him be, people are dicks and I don't trust them.
well done yall, yous are ruining the world 👏👏👏👍👍👍
karina k
karina k - 7 måneder siden
I feel so bad for James, all he’s trying to do is find a real relationship and people keep using him :(
aliciastack 1
aliciastack 1 - 7 måneder siden
Poor James if he is afraid to mention a leaf shaped like a heart bc we all know there will be one person who goes “OMG JAMES IS BEING DISRESPECTFUL”
aliciastack 1
aliciastack 1 - 7 måneder siden
You don’t know how bad I just want to hug James right now 😞
aliciastack 1
aliciastack 1 - 7 måneder siden
The boy really wanted clout
Kaelyn Walker
Kaelyn Walker - 8 måneder siden
When people post messages don't they need constant from the other person or party
Kpop Addict
Kpop Addict - 8 måneder siden
Maybe he should try to hook up with a girl I dunno
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔSnickers & KitKat ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I feel so bad for James he just wants some love! 🥺
Rusdy Roslan
Rusdy Roslan - 8 måneder siden
has anyone notice that James like about to cried I saw something is wet in James eyes
Nath - 8 måneder siden
"And u didnt think it would hurt anybody" ok, I'm like, a teen in their earlies and i know that would hurt someone, he looks like he's 16 or something. Smh, and I thought older means wiser.
karo - 8 måneder siden
the tea gets posted on my birthday
Romana gacha
Romana gacha - 8 måneder siden
Tbh am kinda confused so heres my opinion on what the boy did
The tiktok tried to do something in the past tense (i think) and james replied but it was only in the DMs but still do smth else to get tiktok famous bc obviously james is not liking it and neither is the ppl defending him
Panda Bear UwU
Panda Bear UwU - 8 måneder siden
Tik tik is not a dating app smh
ringo lennon
ringo lennon - 8 måneder siden
y'all will really do anything to bring him down huh? this kid literally queerbaited james and then attacks him for "flirting" with a straight dude? james didn't know this guy's age or sexuality. stop blaming him.
Tiffany - 8 måneder siden
These boys are traumatizing James Charles
Zastro - 8 måneder siden
I mean I don’t like James but this isn’t fair and he doesn’t deserve this
Alyse Stevens
Alyse Stevens - 8 måneder siden
That’s his fault he’s the one that pretended to be inserted. James is trying to change, 🥺
Madeleine_flatekval - 8 måneder siden
I always thought that the camera man for James and him would fall in love! 🥺
Daniella Moreno
Daniella Moreno - 8 måneder siden
I honestly Don’t Know What’s Wrong With boys these days, Thinking that playing with a person feelings is Fun, It’s Just Wrong, It’s Just so pathetic and sad.
lora 523
lora 523 - 8 måneder siden
Looking away from the main subject of the video, who else really loves listening to James talk? like his voice is so smooth and he never stutters and he talks so fast.
Snoopy Gao
Snoopy Gao - 8 måneder siden
On how people are so disrespectful to james.
On tick tock I often see many rude videos and people making fun of james
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast - 8 måneder siden
My favorite part of all your videos is that your not biased and you tell both sides thank you for that!
Autism Cat
Autism Cat - 8 måneder siden
I don't wanna be in a relationship but yea I kinda need meh backrubs
TEAL3AF - 8 måneder siden
It’s so sad that you actually have to make a decision on wether or not you should message someone back just because you don’t know wether they’re in it for the popularity or in it because they actually want to get to know you.
Victoria k
Victoria k - 8 måneder siden
Everyone is digging up anything from James which is disgusting, “keep in mind I’m 17” don’t take a bite of the apple if u can’t handle it just STOP
MelonBuns - 8 måneder siden
If only I was a boy I’d treat our sister right
Princess PINKY
Princess PINKY - 8 måneder siden
James is a boy he should not wear makeup 💄
Nadia Kisten
Nadia Kisten - 8 måneder siden
Man, James Charles deserves a chance at actual love. Like jeez, the guy deserves to know what actual live feels like, not just being used for clout.
Katherine Nguyen
Katherine Nguyen - 8 måneder siden
Bro James dosent deserve this. Lay off of him
tamia john
tamia john - 8 måneder siden
Ok but did James know his age
BloodHound - 8 måneder siden
*Hey sisters*
Ace of Daimonds
Ace of Daimonds - 8 måneder siden
Isnt james only 19 years old too?? Its not weird to date someone being 2 years younger at that age. 17 and 19 works. It would be different if it was a 14 year old dating a 12 year old or something. James Charles is not in the wrong here. He is not a predator.
belloso. cristina
belloso. cristina - 8 måneder siden
Haters need to stop. He is sweet and supportive. He supported Colleen when they were attacking her. She’s a mom give her a break. James is really funny and sweet.