TikToker Leaks Video to Send James Charles to JAIL, Gets Exposed by Friend

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A TikToker comes forward with allegations against James Charles, but his friend breaks silence.
Runtime: 18:38


babie mystic
babie mystic - 2 dager siden
Whoever compared Emma with whoever that girl is really need to check their priorities. Who are you to say those kinds of things..? Downright rude for whoever posted that definitely has their own insecurities. Jealousy is a disease hope you feel better.
Cathy Janet
Cathy Janet - 3 dager siden
I don’t get how he was trying to change the little boy sexuality ? If it was a bet to DM James why’d it turn into FaceTime and Snapchat? Like he couldn’t be satisfied that James responded and leave it as that ? No cuz the boy wanted clout and ruin someone’s career . He must be really desperate for followers 😂
stan taylor
stan taylor - 3 dager siden
I can't wait for the tiktok to flop lol
The Daylight System
The Daylight System - 4 dager siden
ethan does not look fourteen at all. he looks like an adult.
me me
me me - 5 dager siden
I don't know if you will get this but the picture of James Charles you showed that the kid said James sent him you showed it at 8:35 I paused it now James could of taken it when the picture that he him self put out but they are different look at the Picture again stop it at 8:38 it is not wider but first look at the phone on the clearer picture the phone is at his face the other picture the phone is lower and that is just one of the differences so yes James sent this kid that like I said he may have taken it at the same day as the other but they are different. If you get this let me know because this man is not only sick but EVIL if is talking to children and sending picture's to children EVIL ...
marsheeii - 5 dager siden
Oh no another Danielle cohn 👩🏽‍🦼👩🏽‍🦼
Shyla Pollard
Shyla Pollard - 6 dager siden
They really need to stop acting like K-pop fans celebrities can date they do it all the time in America
Body Piercing 101
Body Piercing 101 - 7 dager siden
Sissssssssssss 🐍
zahra m
zahra m - 9 dager siden
MaryElaine-Blinstrub Chambers
All clout. I believe Regan. Btw she is so pretty.
Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson - 9 dager siden
How about if you don’t like someone don’t troll them
jasmin canasa
jasmin canasa - 9 dager siden
Help urself first lol
GOLDEN K9 - 10 dager siden
Ethans original intentions probably weren't good but he brought something very real to light!
bxcoverz - 10 dager siden
ok but what the dolan twins did was so mature??? that was great. yep, they shouldn't have "clickbaited" (if u can call it that) but they still did the right thing
Phil P
Phil P - 11 dager siden
When nobodies think they're somebodies through social media 'fame'.. How sad
Mica Creed
Mica Creed - 11 dager siden
The biggest red flag for me was the fact that, throughout the majority of Ethan's video, he is either half smiling, or trying to fight a grin. If you actually felt like someone had been predatory to you, and that you felt like the lives of you and your family were in danger, you'd be a lot more scared and concerned, not trying to hold back laughter. But that's just my opinion.
Mrs. Sanderson
Mrs. Sanderson - 11 dager siden
He ain’t 14
Mrs. Sanderson
Mrs. Sanderson - 11 dager siden
Why is that other guy there
Mrs. Sanderson
Mrs. Sanderson - 11 dager siden
James literally told us why the sister squad broke up🙄
Marisa Massaro
Marisa Massaro - 11 dager siden
ok but is anyone gonna talk about how she kept saying “graysons girlfriend” when it was supposed to be ethan, not grayson
yourfavmathilde - 11 dager siden
it’s ethan not grayson who’s in a relationship
Random ferret
Random ferret - 12 dager siden
Who’s watching this in 2021!?
DISCO - 12 dager siden
Ayy 2021
im just here as a memory
im just here as a memory - 12 dager siden
James is so pretty
Diane Green
Diane Green - 13 dager siden
You SHOULD NOT HAVE TROLLED JAMES, PERIOD! Had you not messed w/ James in THE FIRST PLACE, he wouldn’t know who you even are!!
Jas - 13 dager siden
Regardless of who messages who first, as an adult you do know better than to take someone's word on their age on the internet at face value. Even if that boy messaged James first, if James sent nude pictures of himself to a minor they is a crime.
Your perspective changes on these things as you get older. Myself as a 26 year old woman does not trust a single person on the internet about their age at face value. If someone says they're under 18 I am not going to be adding them on all of my socials and spending time messaging them. That's just creepy.
Raven Thompson
Raven Thompson - 13 dager siden
You kept saying grayson when it was actually ethan
C Mccreary
C Mccreary - 13 dager siden
Randomly click on this video three minutes and it’s just amazing to me how much people out there care about everything going on in these other peoples lives. So boring. Get your own life and stop being so involved in random strangers affairs
Opinionated Kraken Troll
Opinionated Kraken Troll - 14 dager siden
Everyone on tiktok talking to kids are all predators and groomers.
Tiktok is dangerous
Opinionated Kraken Troll
Opinionated Kraken Troll - 14 dager siden
Emma looks dead inside...
T Gauff
T Gauff - 15 dager siden
James is a very kind person and doesn't deserve to be treated unfairly.
John Poteet
John Poteet - 15 dager siden
That so-called 14 or 15 year old individual is definitely trying to get clout and grow his audience. Just another person crying wolf.
John Poteet
John Poteet - 14 dager siden
I got bored last night and I noticed on Instagram he has anywhere between 4 and 5 accounts
Xof Ydal
Xof Ydal - 15 dager siden
"I look like a little boy!"
*You look like that once camera guy from Megamind*
Amanda Prince
Amanda Prince - 16 dager siden
Also plot twist: Ethan is the TRUE predator he wanted J.C to be. Let’s just think about this. He’s telling J.C he’s 14 and has all these accounts saying he’s 13,17,etc. How do we know he’s not baiting his fans?🤔
Amanda Prince
Amanda Prince - 16 dager siden
James please sue this kid. Plllllleeeaaase.
Hlerloh 101
Hlerloh 101 - 17 dager siden
This Ethan guy is like just a waste of time
LAMAR LAWRENCE_JR - 17 dager siden
bro why is ethan driving if he's 14 he is in the car with his shirt of i would never ever let anyone in my car like that
Giovi Paige
Giovi Paige - 17 dager siden
BRUH if he was so “uncomfortable” why didn’t he stop talking to James. He kept talking to James to CATFISH HIM
Giovi Paige
Giovi Paige - 17 dager siden
W G - 17 dager siden
I think that kid Ethan and Zay are skatchy people and clout chasers. Not good people at all. Where are their parents? Their parents need to be better too!
Adna oatmeal
Adna oatmeal - 18 dager siden
i'm 15 right now and there is no wayyy Ethan is 14. ??? I look 5 years younger then him
Hello Panda
Hello Panda - 19 dager siden
Why is everyone targeting james charles and trying to bring him down.. I sorry but that girl seem sincere to me.....
Hakeem Yuel Francisco
Hakeem Yuel Francisco - 20 dager siden
Who do you think ernd the money james charlse or jefree star.
Hakeem Yuel Francisco
Hakeem Yuel Francisco - 20 dager siden
I think james
togerkun - 23 dager siden
I'm sorry but that guy saying he looks like a little boy.... homie I'm 19 and I have never seen a 14 year old that looks or sounds like that, he does not look like a child
V-incent Bronson
V-incent Bronson - 24 dager siden
This ethan boy.... dk it seems like every sketchy person in the west shares something i dont know if face structure of the way the eyes fall but they all have a distinct look from tana mongeau to this guy passing through Bella thorne.....
twoicatsndj _vg
twoicatsndj _vg - 26 dager siden
D.a tik tokers need to go somewhere like you may be “famous” on TikTok but they’re d.a so irrelevant and using celebs, and other people. ✨I smell the clout from here✨
twoicatsndj _vg
twoicatsndj _vg - 26 dager siden
Reagan** purr sis✨
twoicatsndj _vg
twoicatsndj _vg - 26 dager siden
If Ethan is 14 why was he continuing to talk to James? People say James should know better but Ethan should’ve as well, he could’ve backed away himself so 💁🏻‍♀️🚪 ✨the door✨
Immortal Babylon
Immortal Babylon - 27 dager siden
Bring a black guy with sad face for some reason
Ice Bear-imnida
Ice Bear-imnida - 18 dager siden
Chrollos stalker thats outside his window.
Ok Ethan MANUPALATED james. Rhegan was probs telling the truth
lavender - 28 dager siden
Oh jesus, the TikTok community is becoming toxic and a mess day by day.
Ray Palmer
Ray Palmer - 29 dager siden
Bro the Dolan twins are literally so toxic tho
Wilbert Paolo Meriño
Wilbert Paolo Meriño - Måned siden
Rhegan is a ducking hero in this narrative.
Brigid Killion
Brigid Killion - Måned siden
Maybe don't ship irl people and you won't get your feelings hurt lol /j
d brass
d brass - Måned siden
That boy is clout chasingggg
Cia Con
Cia Con - Måned siden
Idk how facetime works but isn't like calling someone with a sim, soooo there's a call log? Someone help me out
Lemon Grab
Lemon Grab - Måned siden
He doesn't look 14
Emma Altemeier
Emma Altemeier - Måned siden
anyone ever think maybe andrew is his middle name??
꧁•Megan and Allison plays•꧂ :D
4:08 seriously? The world is this low..? F you eve
Duck says meow.
Duck says meow. - Måned siden
that tiktok boy LITERALLY talked to james first ?? he wanted james's snapchat first ??
Lunatic Child
Lunatic Child - Måned siden
Exactly why cis males disgust me... Ugh
Lunatic Child
Lunatic Child - Måned siden
He said he looks like a Lil boy, with'em nice as genes, I'm 17 but I'd pass of as 14 anytime of the Mofocken day, he looks like a 19 year old
Lunatic Child
Lunatic Child - Måned siden
Ethan's a homophobe and that's that, he manipulated James and he did it all for clout.

What has 2020 come too...
Sham Shosho
Sham Shosho - Måned siden
I really didn't like that kid .. the way he talked remind me a lot of tati video .. where he kept saying I'm doing this for you kids and for the parents blah blah blah ... Like he is trying to gain people's sympathy and appear as a victim ..
And if the boy is as uncomfortable and traumatized as he claims then where are his parents why didn't they go to the police " If they had evidents " ...
Plus the way he speaks and his voice are really annoying .. like even more annoying then James himself ( I never thought I'd say that in my whole life 😂😂😂😂)
Larissa Vang
Larissa Vang - Måned siden
Dolan twins:cute
James charles: funny
Hotel: trivago
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - Måned siden
When someone says: honestly one part of me is never going to be the same
I immediately know they are hiding something 😂😂😂
The Richardsons
The Richardsons - Måned siden
Also don't you think if Predator thought 'think" they wouldn't keep doing it 🤔 right people like that don't care im not saying this is true or not but I don't want to ever be that one person to speck like it's a fact when I'm not involved
nicko manuel
nicko manuel - Måned siden
10:37 the level of homophobia is astronomical!!!
nicko manuel
nicko manuel - Måned siden
People would go beyond just for fame.. tsk tsk poor james
Lupe - Måned siden
Maybe I'm just old but he legit does look like a kid lol idk what you guys consider as grown but this ain't it
puffinsunday muffin
puffinsunday muffin - Måned siden
I just want toxic people to leave James Charles alone...
Vanlalhmudika Chinzah
Vanlalhmudika Chinzah - Måned siden
These people are jealous after a horrible incidents with James ,he came back stronger.but these people literally are still even in you tube ,the twins etc...but James needs to be careful.. obviously if there isn't something fishy,,,,,why???? Just some one from outside this world's perspective ...
A millie V.
A millie V. - Måned siden
the boys in my class didnt look like that when i was 14 lol
Evelyn Vasquez
Evelyn Vasquez - Måned siden
Did that girl seriously just compare them , 🙄😡like did they really have to compare Emma and E's girlfriend
LifeWithDrew - Måned siden
Guys you know that the person (which would be Ethan Rhett in this situation) is the one who tells famous birthdays their age he could’ve just told them he was 15...
Aaron Gurney
Aaron Gurney - Måned siden
Seems sketchy but who knows? And why isn’t ethans parents involved?
Little Red
Little Red - Måned siden
My problem is yes lack of receipts.. but mostly this story is why to similar to other stories I've heard from people who apologized and claimed they bad mouth for the views and clout you strung him on James has been a victim of many boys using him for the views cause and I quote "for the fun" it's just hard to believe
Ambika singh
Ambika singh - Måned siden
Sorry but its ethans gf not grayson.. U are saying wrong brothers name
Taelak - Måned siden
STOP!!!! hating james for no reason these people are so disgusting!!
Jrzy Dy
Jrzy Dy - Måned siden
This Ethan guy who claims James "baited" him is clearly only after clout.
Melanie Larkin
Melanie Larkin - Måned siden
Imagine trolling a man that likes men and getting mad when he makes moves. James should have known better than to fall for that kid. And if james was being a predator then shame on him. If james wasnt, then the kid deserves to be sued.
Z Q - Måned siden
..."oh most be the money! "
F Y - Måned siden
Why yall alwayse wanna get at james leave him alone
wannabe thicc bihhh
wannabe thicc bihhh - Måned siden
that woman on tik tok probably saved james in this situation.
*EL ESPIRITU* - Måned siden
*EL ESPIRITU* - Måned siden
*EL ESPIRITU* - Måned siden
8211edgar - Måned siden
Honestly I agree with ppl saying no one check ppl online when talking and all that but if you’re that famous then you should at least do some social media check, to see who they really are.
Aubrey Delane
Aubrey Delane - Måned siden
I'm not on either side of the whole James and Ethan situation because the whole thing is technically all allegations and not facts but it is really surprising how quickly people jump to conclusions or to people's sides without ANY facts. Like some people automatically go to defend James because he's an influencer with a lot of following and then there are people that automatically go to defend Ethan because he decided to make a video on it so it "has to be real." All that tells me is we would not be good lawyers. Y'all would be switching sides every 5 minutes.
Marco Riggi
Marco Riggi - Måned siden
Lets get James canceled we Dont support him anymore
KingMia’s - Måned siden
he just wants the ping lol 😂
michelle tilson
michelle tilson - Måned siden
No I don't believe it.
James Charles I'm sure is innocent.
This supposed 14 yr old dude is just trying to get famous or something.
Gloria Camacho
Gloria Camacho - Måned siden
Wait, am I going crazy or do they switch Ethan’s and Grayson’s name when they talked about Ethan’s girlfriend?
Damn that’s Emman
Damn that’s Emman - Måned siden
Norda Campbell
Norda Campbell - Måned siden
Why did a 14 year old troll james and now regrets it and blaming james for his wrongs you dm james first .talking about cancelling james yeah your a little brat ethan thats what you are.
Every day Autumn
Every day Autumn - Måned siden
I think these boys thought all thos up for clout. Is there proof he said he was 14? I want to see it.
rachel jyothi
rachel jyothi - Måned siden
It's the clout chasing for me😌✨😗
•Bunii• - Måned siden
I'm on Jame's side. That kid looks nowhere near 14. He looks like- What, 19? Not to mention that picture is deff a photo he saw online. And like- Who looks someone you don't even know up? Nothing he says is adding up. Smh.
Spring Erasmus
Spring Erasmus - Måned siden
I cant wait to see what @Jamescharles has to say about this.
Kelly Beaty
Kelly Beaty - Måned siden
Exciting/dramatic is subjective. You can't say that it wasn't either of those things, factually, just because YOU may not have thought it was.
Phoenix Badbleep
Phoenix Badbleep - Måned siden
The amount of times I rolled my eyes at Ethan in this video lol
Monica Morales
Monica Morales - Måned siden
Idk but I have little sympathy for people that purposely put their hands in a lion's den... "to show" us how ferocious they can be. 🤔😐🙄