TikTokers Use Codes on Starbucks Receipts, Get Employees FIRED

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TikTokers are getting Starbucks employees fired using their receipts, and the person who started it all finally speaks up.
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Handy Craft
Handy Craft - 3 dager siden
I always see tik tokers sending jail to him or her firing employees from work I always say tik tok is the worst app made ever who agree
Zoe Inkerman
Zoe Inkerman - 3 dager siden
Wait what is a partner code? What's it do? What's it purpose???
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen - 5 dager siden
Open your eyes in the last days For What is the deal of you gane the whole world but stil lose youre own soul. ..Repent!!!💯Wake up💤
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skksks andioop lol - 9 dager siden
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skksks andioop lol - 9 dager siden
We have health insurance
Ashlyn - 12 dager siden
I have been working at starbucks over amonth now, whats a partner card and when do I get one?
Minnie Speid
Minnie Speid - 13 dager siden
everyone saying "you didn't watch the whole video" as if that makes much of a difference. i watched the whole video and even if it wasn't started on tiktok, people still did it. the worker who started this had good intentions but unfortunately it just informed customers that they could do it. whether it was a worker or a tiktoker who shared the 'hack', people still did it and that's not okay
Avocato _
Avocato _ - 15 dager siden
I've never been to starbucks
Brodie Mcfadyean
Brodie Mcfadyean - 18 dager siden
Any antipa members will be shot dead on site don't believe me walk out of your house wearing your gear I will shoot you dead where you stand
Scotty J
Scotty J - 22 dager siden
Do they not have an employee discount card? Problem solved.
Scotty J
Scotty J - 22 dager siden
That order sounded like it was from a cartoon. What is wrong with Americans 😅🤣
C T - 23 dager siden
That barista sucks this will just make it harder for corporate to believe us when we have an issue. Our personal work information shouldn’t b printed anywhere public.
Hazuki Kimura
Hazuki Kimura - 23 dager siden
Ah yes the 41%.... they are all mentally ill for a reason.
ETN Waffle
ETN Waffle - 25 dager siden
for the part where it says that op wants to encourage people to use last names, that won’t work for some people becuase the could have the same last name as a starbucks employee
no - 29 dager siden
Zoxites - Måned siden
omg watch the whole video dumbfs
Memo Alalawi
Memo Alalawi - Måned siden
Why is it on the receipt in the first place I srsly don’t get it.
Dragon Legend
Dragon Legend - Måned siden
Ultimately, this is what the situation is:
Did the wrong thing for the right reasons.
The person absolutely went about this the wrong way. Emailing Starbucks, and constantly checking up on it, about the issue would have helped. This didn't do anything except for put people at risk.
Hopefully this person will learn next time that there are certain things you just shouldn't do. They made a mistake, which is okay, they just need to learn from it.
w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t
w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t - 2 måneder siden
Quinn Bennett
Quinn Bennett - 2 måneder siden
I'm late to this but just have to add as a trans person I was very lucky that I had the resources and ability to change my name. Its been almost a year and even still there are sometimes here I have to dead name myself to prove who I am. You present your birth certificate and I present my birth certificate, id, court documents, social security number and documents about how I switched it. Its a process and everytime its hard and annoying. I'm one of the lucky ones here some people can't do this.... I know how lucky I am
Default Dance
Default Dance - 2 måneder siden
Do you and Brew know each other
Rybiix - 2 måneder siden
The redditor saying trans people can just change their name is ignorant
Brooke - 3 måneder siden
as a non binary partner, it’s so difficult explaining my situation to other locations when i use my partner numbers. a lot of times i’ve received skeptical looks and have actually been told “well your ID needs to match your number” and it’s humiliating
Chauny buck
Chauny buck - 3 måneder siden
Huh??? I'm really confused how they are using a employee # to get free drinks? Like how do u order with it? Why would it get them fired? Sooo many questions still
Eucis93 - 3 måneder siden
I don’t think this happens in Finland, usually you just have a card to scan to open your till but I have never seen the cashier number be the same codes as employee discount codes. That is quite an obvious flaw, that number is personal and literally handing out employee discount codes to people and blaming employees if they end up in the wrong hands is mindboggling to me.
When I worked at a grocery store we were just assigned till ID numbers starting at 1, and they had no other function than identifying who served the customers. Free/discounted items and products were a completely different system.
Tasha Mcintosh
Tasha Mcintosh - 3 måneder siden
A waste of time
Aly Hussam
Aly Hussam - 3 måneder siden
Not all tiktokers did this some didnt some are innocent
t9males - 3 måneder siden
did you watch the video?
no ,_,
no ,_, - 3 måneder siden
As a teen, we dont claim those teens. 😌💅
broham 2013
broham 2013 - 3 måneder siden
The only nice thing Trump can do for us is ban tiktok forever and will never come back
A D A M - 3 måneder siden
6:57 "just get a name change" As if the US government doesnt have every possible law and regulation in order to make that as difficult as possible. U dont have to undermine an ACTUAL ISSUE to make ur point
Yellow Drapes
Yellow Drapes - 3 måneder siden
I still don't understand how this is getting people fired.. someone explain plz? =((
TheMissDiva0001 - 3 måneder siden
Maybe they should have like a passport photo on their account, or go by last name & location of hire. This seems totally preventable.
Luna Catty
Luna Catty - 3 måneder siden
Thank god it’s getting banned 🙂
Angry Youtuber
Angry Youtuber - 3 måneder siden
I'm just here to read all the "YoU DiDn'T FiNiSh ThE ViDeO dId YoU?"
Kalene - 3 måneder siden
Now this makes me question the stores that print the workers numbers on receipts
Nicoleox7 - 3 måneder siden
How would having an employees numbers get them fired anyway ? I get that it could get them free drinks but how would it get the employee fired?
Елена Андрианова-Ушакова
I used to work at hard Rock Cafe, and we always checked the employment certificate from those who said they work in overseas HRC. that just makes sense!
Laura D
Laura D - 3 måneder siden
*You mean to tell me @Starbucks rolled out loyalty cards for customers and haven’t thought of a convenient card for their employees to get their discounts/mark outs?*
Customers: loyalty cards, app, gold cards
Employees: here’s a number.
Tiana Senn
Tiana Senn - 3 måneder siden
Obviously the point of the having the number on the receipt is accountability of who checked out as a tracking system for the POS.
I agree, there is no reason to put the ID number when the name can be put.
Making this some blown up trans issue is ridiculous obviously. Bandwagoning as usual.
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
I want to know why Trans people always play “victim” and play poor pitiful me....
Vidalia TheOnionQueen
Vidalia TheOnionQueen - 3 måneder siden
Im confused.. everyone keeps saying "fired" and "lose their job" but it's never explained how they'd lose their job from someone stealing their partner code from the receipt for a free item..
Liahkim Reyes
Liahkim Reyes - 3 måneder siden
But i mean like i would ask for the reciept but i wouldnt do this(and you shouldnt) .the people using this "discount" are called karen or a teenage karen where they just dont care about anyone but themselves even if it was just for an experement shouldnt do this kind of thing do your research if its bad or good and just be nice if things doesnt go your way
Eryushidēta - 3 måneder siden
bruh literally mcdonalds just has a online "card" where it shows your name, picture, and time you signed in so people know its not a screenshot of someone elses id............
reed wood
reed wood - 3 måneder siden
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 3 måneder siden
Oh! No! Trans employees are being lol deadnamed?!?!?! What an injustice!
Em Montuori
Em Montuori - 3 måneder siden
I saw a video when a girl tried doing this but the partner numbers she gave were the partner numbers of the girl who was taking the order and she was like “are you sure those are right? Oh you are? because those are my partner numbers”
Viper - 3 måneder siden
thats like so rude.
Markus Calhoun
Markus Calhoun - 3 måneder siden
see this is why i pay the drink in full with cash no discounts or free anything
The world is crazy and you know it
How DO people who are transitioning ID themselves? If the name and face look like a completely different gender on the ID card, how do you get by without changing the ID?
Seriously curious about this.
Danny Z
Danny Z - 2 måneder siden
Hi! So to answer your question IDing yourself as a trans person can be difficult but your face doesn't change so your face on your ID will still match which makes it easier. Even if your hair is different it is still you. The name part is what can get tricky because it can be extremely hard and expensive to change your name legally. As far as starbucks specifically goes I don't believe your picture is on both. But for an actual idea your face is the same which helps in the long run. But my school ID and offical ID have a different name but the same picture and I just say "oh yeah I am trans this is my legal name and dead name" which is uncomfortable but personally I try not to care a whole lot if it is a random person. So either you explain the name difference and hope they aren't transphobic or you have them look at the picture since again, it is still your face. Hormone therapy doesn't change your face a whole lot so you are still you. I hope this helped? I am sorry if it is confusing. I am writing this at 5am. The names can be explained but your face stays the same even if you are trans. A change of hairstyles doesn't make you unrecognizable
Angela Merson
Angela Merson - 3 måneder siden
Filly Beverhousen
Filly Beverhousen - 3 måneder siden
Leslie A.
Leslie A. - 3 måneder siden
If you can’t buy / afford STARBUCKS. THEN DON’T go there! I go to Dunkin’ bc I can afford it and it taste strong like coffee should. Unlike Starbucks and ice blends and more ice 🧊. Over priced for hardly tasting like coffee.
cherr E
cherr E - 3 måneder siden
It's still not good because they gave teens the idea to do it getting some employees fired
umaru-chan! - 3 måneder siden
Sara Patch99
Sara Patch99 - 3 måneder siden
Why would the employee get fired for that? Dont have that policy inplace...solved!!!!
2m 8o
2m 8o - 3 måneder siden
What is the purpose of printing partner numbers on the receipt? It seems like it would be easier and more secure to use the employees initials or just not have any identification because why do you even need to?
AssDerSchwerter - 3 måneder siden
I totally understand why the person adressed the issue in this specific way. Good work👍🏻
FMeister94 - 3 måneder siden
Firstly for consumer protection in most developed countries, there must be a vendor reference number so if people want to make a complaint against an employee they can. Why they don’t have their partner id is a ridiculous oversight.
MaKayla Ann Goodwin
MaKayla Ann Goodwin - 3 måneder siden
Couldn’t this be fixed by Starbucks removing that from the receipts and just put the baristas name instead?
Hisoka Lover
Hisoka Lover - 3 måneder siden
Well that was sus asf 😭
Rain Snowfall
Rain Snowfall - 3 måneder siden
Me who uses tiktok only to get new music to like : yeah, idk bout dis mess
Samantha Prete
Samantha Prete - 3 måneder siden
Not possible. I work for starbucks and iy only shows the last 4 and you need to know all them and the name of the person first and last.
Muse - 3 måneder siden
I say we burn tik tokers at the steak
Sleepy Pink
Sleepy Pink - 3 måneder siden
I work for dollar general I’m happy I don’t get any discounts or anything 😂(our higher up gets discounts , but we don’t )
Scribblebytes - 3 måneder siden
TL;DW: Thousands of Starbucks employees speak out about being...Starbucks employees.
Question: Was I watching Spill or The Onion News Network❓
Ashley Deane
Ashley Deane - 3 måneder siden
Vanesa Fancsal
Vanesa Fancsal - 3 måneder siden
TikTokers make me wanna strangle them all the way to the afterlife.
Madeline Knight
Madeline Knight - 3 måneder siden
Really bad video. U shouldn't have made this and u know it.
Torianna Lanam
Torianna Lanam - 3 måneder siden
Unless there is a criminal background preventing you from changing your name, you can get it legally changed. There's just a lot of hoops to jump threw.
Rebecca Vasquez
Rebecca Vasquez - 3 måneder siden
Plot twist
Des - 3 måneder siden
Okay I’m slow so please excuse me but what is a “partner”? This is interesting but I had no idea what a “Starbucks partner” is so I’m watching this not understanding anything lol
AGhostie Ghost
AGhostie Ghost - 3 måneder siden
It just means “employee”. If you work at Starbucks, you’re called a partner.
dimmie - 3 måneder siden
wewh i thought i was gonna get fored
Abby Who?
Abby Who? - 3 måneder siden
This entire story is just a *well that escalated quickly* moment :)))
Paola Cuevas
Paola Cuevas - 3 måneder siden
Watch the end of the video. Tiktok had nothing to do with this sbux issue. Way to attack teens and Tiktok for no reason. I hope Starbucks handles their baristas better.
Maira - 3 måneder siden
Why isnt a lot of people watching it finish? :v
Pie is better than cake Fight me
Uh...pretending this isn't a hoax, how would someone using an employee number they got off a receipt to score a free drink even get someone fired exactly? The employee wouldn't have willingly supplied that information and they're not related to that person at all, unless it's the employee granting them the free drink without verifying that's supposedly the one getting fired?
H I ,.,
H I ,., - 3 måneder siden
Jenn Thomas
Jenn Thomas - 3 måneder siden
Okay but you can change your name legally? I did it at 16 within 6 month/a year. Just do it?
Danny Z
Danny Z - 2 måneder siden
Not everyone can, it isn't legal for everyone to, some people are minors with transphobic parents, some people can't afford it, some people get denied it when they apply, there are tons of reasons why some people can't. Just because you did doesn't mean you are entitled to invalidate the people who physically can't "just do it."
Milk & Cookies
Milk & Cookies - 3 måneder siden
Not everyone can or feels comfortable to
alex - 3 måneder siden
Fiery Toaster
Fiery Toaster - 3 måneder siden
Yeah our numbers are on our receipts at the store I work at too. I think it's mainly in case someone calls to file a complaint or something similar. I hope they find another way to deal with this, but it's pretty standard.
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Claudomiro Messias da luz Luz - 3 måneder siden
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Shatto - 3 måneder siden
All I could do is roll my eyes when they believed people were being fired over using the partner codes and trans people had to complain about using their IDs
Milk & Cookies
Milk & Cookies - 3 måneder siden
They weren’t really complaining they were mentioning how it made them feel uncomfortable
Angie Becerra-Flores
Angie Becerra-Flores - 3 måneder siden
This is so annoying i work for Starbucks and i cant buy a simple coffee without getting ID now so annoying
Sareena Carter
Sareena Carter - 3 måneder siden
Guys! Watch the video before commenting. You're bashing people for something they DIDN'T do.
Well wouldn’t You like to know
It’s the companies fault. Issue an I’d car for a key chain but putting the # on the receipt
(Edit) but I can’t believe that person did that
Me - 3 måneder siden
To me, it seems like a very simple solution to just not print partner numbers on the receipts. And I did see that it was faked, but still, it seems like a good idea.
HimariHarukawa - 3 måneder siden
I honestly think TikTok shouldn't exist
Mermaid Hair
Mermaid Hair - 3 måneder siden
What is a partner number!
Me - 3 måneder siden
It's your employee number
Ronald Verdegaal
Ronald Verdegaal - 3 måneder siden
Fabricated or not, these trends are getting dumber as they go on.
Omphile M
Omphile M - 3 måneder siden
Some of y'all just watched part of the video so you can bash tiktokers. Congrats, guys.
Anya - 3 måneder siden
what a plot twist
TF2 soldier
TF2 soldier - 3 måneder siden
"Tic tok trend" I prefer the word degenerate filth
Bubble Siren
Bubble Siren - 3 måneder siden
Either a lot of y’all didn’t finish watching the whole video or y’all don’t care and are just trying to give yourself some valid excuse to be just as toxic as the made up TikTokers story.
Aesthetic Love
Aesthetic Love - 3 måneder siden
I will never do this and I have TikTok
Vaughn T
Vaughn T - 3 måneder siden
I feel like teen boys are just idiots and teen girls are just kinda spoiled sometimes and a bit mean ( I’m not hating it’s just what I’ve seen from the past months and no, not everyone is like that )