Ulta Employee EXPOSES What They Do, Loren Gray FORCED to Delete New Photo

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An Ulta employee shares a shocking video, and Loren Gray is called out for her profile picture.
[Ulta Beauty]
[Loren Gray]
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V See
V See - 6 timer siden
Maybe Bianca is an actress.
Lachella - 8 timer siden
Almost every business does the same as Ulta does because people dumpster dive then TRY TO RETURN THE PRODUCTS FOR REFUNDS.
yepthatsme - 9 timer siden
Ulta and Bianca shouldn’t have been attacked because what they do is mainly for the safety of the customers. The people who attacked the real artist can’t get through their head that taking art that isn’t yours and not properly crediting them is literally plagiarism. Lol those people are probably the people who copied off of their classmates work throughout their whole school career.
hood sickle
hood sickle - Dag siden
Wow everyone is so angry!!
hood sickle
hood sickle - Dag siden
Some used make up can give pink eye and other skin bacteria health issue. Then they get sued for that!!
Alice Eyles
Alice Eyles - Dag siden
I think this should open people eyes to being more aware of if it's something they really want , feel they need or will actually use. If you know your not going to use it don't buy it if you do and it's not something you'll use gift it to someone that be ok with using your use products or re-sale it so you won't be wasteful.
Austin Bryce
Austin Bryce - Dag siden
This is pretty standard in most stores people need to get over it.... when I was younger my aunt would use a skincare product then refill the bottle with lotion or soap and return it. Now that I’m an adult I think that is terrible and disgusting
abby smink
abby smink - Dag siden
With the makeup thing, I get that it sucks and it's wasteful, but at the same time, they're 100% right. Once a product has gone into a customer's home, or possession, you have no idea if it's been tampered with, and you simply can't put it back on the shelf, or even donate it for those reasons. Even allowing someone to "dumpster dive" puts you at risk of being liable if someone gets ill/a skin infection/pink eye from those products. That's why if you don't like something from there, it's better to just donate it yourself or give it to a friend.
Jade - 2 dager siden
So if you return clothes do they get ruined or washed and them resold...
Darla DeVries
Darla DeVries - 2 dager siden
Ultra has so many returns now because you can't touch it, smell it, or try it before you try it because of this sickness from China!!
Svarthol - 2 dager siden
I never return stuff. It either rots or stays. Somebody else will come along and need what I don't. I think the only thing I'd return is hard stuff like electronics, toys, and etc. Save the soft stuff to give to friends and others. Sell it online and be obvious if it's been used. Don't go off on ulta for having health concerns. Do something about it yourself and spread the word. That girl didn't do anything wrong.
Azalea Nelson
Azalea Nelson - 3 dager siden
I'm surprised people are getting upset with the video. Do people not know that those are used products that are meant for the face?
Blue Fan
Blue Fan - 3 dager siden
It's good that they destroy it. Bacteria can be very harmful. So tampering may be an issue. As a former Cosmetologist, I agree completely. Sorry folks. If you want to enjoy good health, shop from stores like this. Great job, Kid!
Poonam Saroha
Poonam Saroha - 4 dager siden
Bianca: **exposes Ulta and destroys the Kylie lip kit**
Kylie Jenner: *My lawyer will hear of this*
Red Cherry
Red Cherry - 5 dager siden
So no on the Walmart thing. As a former Walmart employee that's not true. Goes without saying to may sides to a story. Also she didn't want to be attacked I get that. Sadly it does happen with social media. Even if meant for good. Is it right no, but it happens to often to think it may not happen to you too.
Jazmin Chew
Jazmin Chew - 5 dager siden
Thanks 🙏 I will consider it since now on
Fatima Arias
Fatima Arias - 5 dager siden
Why would you work at a place where they don’t trust you enough to body check you. Get another Job Doll
Negin's World
Negin's World - 6 dager siden
I mean I came here for Loren but seems like she's still a sweet person.
VIRGO - 6 dager siden
Actually the reason the makeup is not donated is bc it will lower the value of the companies image. They want to be high end not wet n wild... it’s Unbelievable! Throw it away instead of giving it to someone who can use it all bc of $$. They are using safety as a excuse. Who can argue over safety but that’s not the real reason.
Katlyn Briant
Katlyn Briant - 7 dager siden
Walmart donates a good bit of stuff or puts it on clearance
Thrift Dreams
Thrift Dreams - 8 dager siden
So what was the point of her making these TikTok’s in the 1st place??
sweetbuttercup08312 - 8 dager siden
We are such a wasteful country.
LAROSALINE95 - 8 dager siden
I think you shouldn't have to do videos about what you do in your Job just my own opinion.
hasina islam
hasina islam - 8 dager siden
In the UK your not allowed to return make up, that’s why we have testers out and regularly sanitised.
Hayley Jones
Hayley Jones - 8 dager siden
I recently ordered make up online from Ulta and the powder they sent me was clearly used. I am grossed out and will not be shopping there again.
Chiaki` - 9 dager siden
Homie do be spilling the tea
Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie - 9 dager siden
Um I worked at Ulta for a few months here in FL and I can say from my experience they DID put returned items back on the shelf as long as it wasn’t heavily used.......
Victoria Marie
Victoria Marie - 9 dager siden
Which personally I do not agree with I think that’s gross, at my store they wouldn’t even sanitize them. Now I’m not sure if it’s different now with Covid this was back in 2018/2019
Astrid Y
Astrid Y - 9 dager siden
People have been stealing stuff on the net for decades. I had self published YA books that I spent time , money and effort writing just to find out people were putting them up on n free sites for others to download. One of my books got over 60 K download s. But. I received no money for that. I love writing and because of my health issues it allowed me to work from home. But with no support - reviews or monetary compensation all my costs were out of pocket. I pay for a editor, promotion,and cover art which artwork is a few hundred dollars by it self( which is all can budget) . Yes everything is legally copyrighted and I have gone to the individual websites to ask if they would take them down but some do some don’t. Its left me to discouraged. Its sad because some people who enjoy my stories have written for more but If people just steal my work ....
CJR G - 9 dager siden
Thank you Ulta for selling me new products and for keeping us safe ❤️.
AlanaBo Banna
AlanaBo Banna - 9 dager siden
how is it stealing if it's in the garbage 🗑?!?
Parizaat Rajpoot
Parizaat Rajpoot - 10 dager siden
your voice is soo good!!!
Elisabeth Schei
Elisabeth Schei - 10 dager siden
returning things is generally done to get their money back or because they got a bad reaction from it. People dont return things in hope of it going on the shelf nor do they care
Elisabeth Schei
Elisabeth Schei - 10 dager siden
Im really surprised she is not getting fired for these videos. Usually places will fire someone for filming in their stores. I also dont see the points of her video when she is somewhat making opposing points it seems
Kalayanee Angsupaisal
Kalayanee Angsupaisal - 11 dager siden
Marley didn’t overreact at all, it was perfectly reasonable for her to be mad since it wasn’t the first time and she’s tried to say it multiple times
Loren just handled it rlly well
The Practical Beautician
The Practical Beautician - 11 dager siden
The whole cross contamination thing, is such BS, nobody can sue the store for something they didn't buy. You can also sanitize make-up. If they wanted to donate the items, they could. It's not about safety, it's about money for them.
Garbeaux Æ
Garbeaux Æ - 11 dager siden
I know *exactly* how that girl feels. Pier One does something similar but worse IMO. I worked at one for a month in college & that was all. Couldn’t take it destroying thousands worth of goods. This was not makeup obviously. This would be like thousand dollars worth of furniture that would be missing some threads. Or expensive wicker furniture. Instead of marking it down some for a tiny mark, bruise, missing threads, or unwrapping, they literally take box cutters an destroy it all. I felt awful. Imagine how that furniture could have helped poor college kids or even the homeless! It made no sense.
beirizzle - 12 dager siden
its not new, they do the same thing at bath and body works
Lizbeth Candelero
Lizbeth Candelero - 12 dager siden
Still It’s not stealing if it’s thrown away
Al S.
Al S. - 12 dager siden
Honestly she could have just not posted on tiktok lol
MisstressMourtisha - 12 dager siden
If its broken in a dumpster it's not stealing idgaf! I said what I said. No i dont care if people take things out of my trash. Jeezuz. The land of the greed and wasteful.
Patricia Johnson
Patricia Johnson - 12 dager siden
I work at Dollar General and we do the same thing for returns as well for penny items.
Cloud - 13 dager siden
Bruh the people saying it’s not a but deal are so wrong stealing artwork is a big deal
Quintessential - 13 dager siden
Stealing someone's art is like stealing hours of their lives their imagination parts of their soul... It's a big deal you unimaginative unartistic freaks. The tik toker handled it well the fans who it wasn't even about did not. No one asked you. The artist didn't over react.
Shekinah Rose.E
Shekinah Rose.E - 13 dager siden
people are so rude, why would they attack her for doing her job. 🙄
Ferchii Alice
Ferchii Alice - 13 dager siden
🥲 ikr especially with make up, it’s really not sanitary at all. I buy product that sometimes i dont use, but luckily for me my mom dont like to buy make up so she just takes mine xD hahahaha. And yes this is best solution so far, to throw away the excess product. I dont think donating them is a good idea either. Why ? Because u give the make up to other people rite ? I dont say everyone would do it. But there would be time that people get the Product illegally by people who maybe take it or buy it from people who get the donation. And on obvious reason they dont want to be sued by the people who get the donations if something were to happen with them. Period. Unless u donate them to people who do make up for corpse/death body.
iixlnah - 14 dager siden
not the kylie lip kit😢
suzikaname - 14 dager siden
So as I see it, be mindful because every makeup product bought by you and not used is a waste. Even more so if you return it. We don't have a return policy in my country so I just give the product to my mom if it fits her. Actually I never buy products with the mindset of returning them , it's not possible. I will file a complaint if the product is damaged, and I expect a new product or refund, but that's all. Your return policy is damaging. Also the possibility of buying used and re-cleaned products is disgusting
It’s Private
It’s Private - 14 dager siden
Then I go to Walmart and target and head to the clearance section where they got open cosmetics on clearance
rachelle burkey
rachelle burkey - 14 dager siden
Some thrift stores sell nail polishes and perfumes. I wouldn't want to put used makeup on my face though...
Cindy Warschauer
Cindy Warschauer - 14 dager siden
Yes. She is right. Retailers do this. If you have an issue with this practice (1) help the world find different ways and products to lessen consumerism, (2) take a look at what Amazon does. Now that's wasteful but if we didn't have the free returns as part of Amazon experience, Jeff Bezos wouldn't be #2 richest person. It’s all gray...it's about our own wants, values, beliefs and behaviors.
Just Shai
Just Shai - 14 dager siden
As what what they say society judges😑 you without even knowing you

My brothers and sisters Jesus is COMING!!♥️ repentyour sins and surrender your life to him already♥️ God bless you thank you for reading this
Angelz HvH
Angelz HvH - 14 dager siden
Do you know why she get attacked ? Because she record those stuff that she break and put it in public
Angelz HvH
Angelz HvH - 14 dager siden
Of course she loved her job when people return it out can break hahahaa . She said is sad making these video ahahhaa
Malathy - 15 dager siden
How about we reflect on our consume behavior? To think before buying without the attitude that we can return anyway how we like to? :(
Desiree Marie
Desiree Marie - 16 dager siden
Why would she even share this then? If she doesn’t want to be attacked? Today! January 2021 everyone is so sensitive about everything everyone complains and cries about everything 🙄
Josie Kinghorn
Josie Kinghorn - 16 dager siden
2:36 I think you are a dumpster diver
Josie Kinghorn
Josie Kinghorn - 16 dager siden
2:07 100% correct
Mikhaela Krichel
Mikhaela Krichel - 16 dager siden
ulta is just making their best to keep ppl safe
Shyla Pollard
Shyla Pollard - 16 dager siden
I worked at Ulta beauty and they fired me even though I had a doctor's note I was going to get an MRI because I'm epileptic
Beth Hutchinson
Beth Hutchinson - 17 dager siden
They steal it from the dumpster the. Turn and around and try to returnnit
Beth Hutchinson
Beth Hutchinson - 17 dager siden
Yep I worked at Ulta. It needs to be done
GummyPop - 17 dager siden
I don't get why people are attacking her. Its just sanitization.She has a point its better safe than sorry and get sued.
Chris Weill
Chris Weill - 17 dager siden
That tells me Ulta is serious about about sanitation/safety.
Eqliqse - 17 dager siden
only some bath and body works do it lol
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels - 17 dager siden
Trinston was here . . .
Angie LePewPew
Angie LePewPew - 17 dager siden
That's society, they'd rather waste products and food then let someone have it for free from a bin
Parrotsticks - 17 dager siden
"...I'm gonna eat breakfast now"
There's something weirdly alpha about how she mentioned that
Sunshine Wright
Sunshine Wright - 17 dager siden
What else can they do with it?
cole - 17 dager siden
the fact that ulta got in touch with her, making sure she was doing okay is kinda cool ☺️
Olivia Stallman
Olivia Stallman - 18 dager siden
The Loren situation is only being made worse by people who wanna always say something. Loren and Marly apologized. Done. Everyone just has to say what they think even if it doesn’t concern them.
Hafiz Muizz
Hafiz Muizz - 18 dager siden
Delauria Terrell
Delauria Terrell - 18 dager siden
I really like and respect what ulta does with used products, especially with the virus ans myself being a germaphobe, it give me piece of mind knowing that I won't be harmed when I'm just going to buy hair products
Nya Smith
Nya Smith - 18 dager siden
Also, some people might pretend to buy/return items with intent to get it from the dumpster later. I think that’s stealing, not dumpster diving in general
Alexia Garvey
Alexia Garvey - 18 dager siden
how did yall not know that they destroy makeup? ive known this for years
Kris Nicole
Kris Nicole - 18 dager siden
Sally’s does it too. I was a manager there a few years ago and we could have to destroy make up, cut cords off of electric shavers/straightners/curling irons, pour out nail polish, ect. They always told us it was to prevent theft from dumpsters so people couldnt bring it back in to return.
Saiba - 18 dager siden
People telling to give the products to someone. So after that they get a pink eye and red rash cheeks!? . Okay people. Okay .
That's so kind hearted thing to do.
Phyllis Willis
Phyllis Willis - 18 dager siden
Sooooo what was the point of her posting the video?
WILL winning
WILL winning - 19 dager siden
sounds like she is just annoyed she cant keep it her self
Boca’s Grande
Boca’s Grande - 19 dager siden
I honestly see nothing wrong with the ulta situation... it’s literally just health guidelines... Ulta is literally looking out for u. Because clearly when the items were being resold, that was gross and disgusting
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry - 19 dager siden
Her haters are dumpster divers
t l
t l - 19 dager siden
" u apologize when somebody diss u? thats a big problem!" she shouldnt have apologized for someone stealing from her. thats like saying oh im sorry you stole my money & i wanted it back. lol
lariah bell
lariah bell - 19 dager siden
I ageee that the artist could of messaged Loren privately abt the matter to get more of an insight and respectfully work out the situation. But I do think the artist had every right to ask people to stop editing their art and calling it theirs without calling out Loren before knowing all of the situation. It put the artist in a difficult situation doing it the way she did it, not the reason she did it.
Amanda Whitis
Amanda Whitis - 19 dager siden
There’s so many beggars/ homeless folks in my city and I’ve seen the mess they leave by all the stores. If people want it that bad, no lock or sign will keep them out. And I also have always had a fear of buying shampoo anyways
Angela Dillman
Angela Dillman - 19 dager siden
A LOT of stores do it, including grocery stores, they throw out food and pour bleach on it so it's very normal, not that I like it but I understand.. especially during a pandemic..
Blackythedoggy's OwnerAabha
Blackythedoggy's OwnerAabha - 20 dager siden
Brook Hall
Brook Hall - 20 dager siden
Target doesn’t do this. They get rid of stuff but don’t put it in the dumpsters at the store. It gets taken away.
Louis Nguyen
Louis Nguyen - 20 dager siden
Ulta: haha makeup go *brrrrrr*
KaliforniaBeauty - 20 dager siden
I can't tell you how many times people have tried to return hair products that are clearly tampered with or they replaced the actual product with something cheap. You cannot resell that. You can't trust what people do with products once they leave the store. Sure it's wasteful, but better safe than sorry.
Lacey Craig
Lacey Craig - 20 dager siden
All beauty stores are supposed to do this because of the fear of germs and stuff.
Melanie - 20 dager siden
So freakin wasteful. Shame on ulta.
Chickn Sandwich
Chickn Sandwich - 20 dager siden
Bone Alicia
Bone Alicia - 20 dager siden
Bone Alicia
Bone Alicia - 20 dager siden
acfually it probably hAS BUGS WE ARE BUGS
Bone Alicia
Bone Alicia - 20 dager siden
omg makeup is dirt with no bUGS
spacemilk - 20 dager siden
The Ulta girl, imo, was giving mixed signals on how she wanted her audience to respond. You are agreeing with people who are upset and who are satisfied. In the original video she’s expressing distaste in her follow up video she’s glad that it Ulta is doing this. Like how did you want us to feel???
Jane poiriers life
Jane poiriers life - 20 dager siden
Dumpster diving is illegal
Jane poiriers life
Jane poiriers life - 20 dager siden
It sounds like fun
DarkGrids - 20 dager siden
Just makeup, why would anyone want to receive that as a donation? If you’re receiving donations pretty sure the last thing you want is makeup.
Astro Me
Astro Me - 20 dager siden
She should get fired that wasn’t everyone’s business 🙄
MommyWithTheGlow - 20 dager siden
Wait til they find out what Victoria Secret does. As much as I seems bad to the public, it’s truly for health reasons.