Vanessa Hudgens Cancelled Over Virus Video, Manny MUA Backstabbed, TikTok Girl Strikes YouTubers

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Manny MUA gets betrayed by an ex-partner, Beauty gurus are copyright claimed by a TikTok user and Jackie Aina speaks up, and Vanessa Hudgens makes insensitive comments.
[Manny MUA vs Makeup Revolution]
[Vanessa Hudgens Gets Cancelled?]
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Lauren M
Lauren M - 2 måneder siden
Watched ✅
Monni Banik
Monni Banik - 3 måneder siden
So many tea
god bless
god bless - 4 måneder siden
Leave Gabriella alone 😡😡😡
Leah - 6 måneder siden
anyone here from sophdoeslife??
Corazon Carretero
Corazon Carretero - 6 måneder siden
Brew and spill in the end. That was adorable tho
Alyssa Cymone
Alyssa Cymone - 7 måneder siden
Soooo how many of you run this account?????
Affettato prosciutto
Affettato prosciutto - 7 måneder siden
Past two years has been nothing but influencer apologies.
m0chijem - 7 måneder siden
Wow. Vanessa was unbelievable. She doesn’t care about any life unless it benefits hers.
Yolo Talkz
Yolo Talkz - 7 måneder siden
Vanessa was doing perfectly fine until this I thought we were all in this together 😭
vincecatcher - 7 måneder siden
Jarida, use your brain cells next time.
Teresa D'Alessio
Teresa D'Alessio - 7 måneder siden
well, a compact, a physical compact, is not intellectual property, its just property; subsequently, one would need a utility patent to protect the product from said "duplication"
Teresa D'Alessio
Teresa D'Alessio - 7 måneder siden
soooo revolution makeup went to the art story, got some play doh and watched netflix while it was drying, as a conspiratorial effort against manny mua? more likely parallel thought
Lana - 8 måneder siden
The Lunar beauty package looks like Ariana grande perfume 😂
vapid Clemency
vapid Clemency - 8 måneder siden
I just don't understand why big brands get upset about people making copies or dupes of their products when they know that they have plenty of followers still buying their product. I mean I get that it's their creation but it such a silly thing to get upset over when you know you still have so much support going towards your brand.
Beauty gurus are so dramatic..
Chloe Louise
Chloe Louise - 8 måneder siden
Soph is not rich , if she was she wouldn't need a mortgage for her house
hydrated cactus
hydrated cactus - 8 måneder siden
Literally if most of these influencers just realized they did or said something wrong and just apologize, it wouldn't turn into such a big thing.
Silvana Vizcarra
Silvana Vizcarra - 8 måneder siden
Take Vanessa privilege back
Nightingale_55 Curse
Nightingale_55 Curse - 9 måneder siden
It’s bad enough Vanessa is a horrible actor but wow.
Kzhia Agero
Kzhia Agero - 9 måneder siden
Some rude celebrities say that because they have everything they had thats why they can just slack off
Kim The Forest Witch
Kim The Forest Witch - 9 måneder siden
I don't really think what Vanessa said was that bad. Insensitive, yes, but she doesn't deserve to be canceled for it.
softie jisung
softie jisung - 9 måneder siden
vanessa looks like a man tbh
Kathrynne Shaffer
Kathrynne Shaffer - 9 måneder siden
Okay but manny is going wild on this this isn’t a new design
african booty scratcher
african booty scratcher - 9 måneder siden
I thought you said urethra
Valerie Coop
Valerie Coop - 9 måneder siden
I mean Vanessa is right though. We all have to get out there eventually, it’s not going to just stop.
Valerie Coop
Valerie Coop - 9 måneder siden
I mean Vanessa is right though. We all have to get out there eventually, it’s not going to just stop.
Bridget Wolsey
Bridget Wolsey - 9 måneder siden
Just found this video and what Vanessa says is ridiculous. So many people I know personally are being affected by this. My son can't see my brother. We can't go celebrate my nana's 90th birthday, lots of my friends and family are out of work and even my business can't start til July 6th
Ugly Spongebob
Ugly Spongebob - 9 måneder siden
Love it, *_RealiTea_*
bowmmaster pro
bowmmaster pro - 9 måneder siden
But makeup revolution also does collaboration with small YouTubers. Plus the youtuber sophdoeslife did state who it was from and additionally you can see the user by seeing the @name
vanessaaa - 9 måneder siden
that jarida girl shouldnt have made the video in the first place if she didnt want people “using it” for money .
Ellen Duke
Ellen Duke - 9 måneder siden
The fact that so many people are getting mad at Vanessa when it’s true. All of y’all are going crazy over a virus. Did y’all know the flu kills more each year? This year has been full of morons hyping themselves up over nothing. Yeah people have died and it’s awful, but did you know that more people have recovered? So much ignorance.
itzRadocial - 9 måneder siden
In the quarantine we have lots of tea... I guess...
(Sorry for my bad English)
Bangtan kid
Bangtan kid - 9 måneder siden
I love Vanessa but she remind me of Thanos 😭
Astaroth - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa sounds like such an airhead whenever she speaks
A Dreamer
A Dreamer - 9 måneder siden
Manny’s make up makes his face looks like it swollen.
Simply Explained
Simply Explained - 9 måneder siden
Either all intellectual property is inherently personal, or none is.
yesmeandgeorgenotfound - 9 måneder siden
Is vanessa that girl Gabriella monteaz in the show?
Mariama Kamara
Mariama Kamara - 9 måneder siden
You know who else uses Collab DRM ...... Danielle Cohn.
moon lover
moon lover - 9 måneder siden
Jakie Aina has literally been doing the 'hack' for years so idk why she feels so privileged
Cailzz - 9 måneder siden
Vanesa is right. Yall sheep and dont understand how the media manipulated you with fear.
Sakura Moonflower
Sakura Moonflower - 9 måneder siden
You remind me of an old lady. She claimed the virus was a hoax. She died two weeks later, from Covid-19. XD Be my guest and get innoculated. It worked so well for her...
Haley Gregg
Haley Gregg - 9 måneder siden
I kinda agree with Vanessa. I have family that has got the virus so I know how severe it is especially with old people, but I still agree.
Julia Maddox
Julia Maddox - 9 måneder siden
I don't think Vanessa meant to offend anybody or wished everyone would just finish dying. I think she just meant she is ready for the virus to be over so she can go see her homies again.
Have a great day and stay inside everyone :)
Holly Preston
Holly Preston - 9 måneder siden
poor vanessa in her mansion must be so hard for her
Luna300 - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa just wants to get back to filming her movie "Tik Tik Boom" in NYC.
It's Raymond
It's Raymond - 9 måneder siden
Dramatic celebrities are having a field day since people can't go out
Krystal - 9 måneder siden
Is nobody going to talk about how Vanessa's voice was just randomly changing tones dramatically? Might she have a condition that is sociopathic? Some of her actions and behaviours seem to be a match. (I'm not an expert just speculating)
jules! - 9 måneder siden
If Jarida has an issue with money then she needs to GET A JOB or stop making tik toks... because I don't think she can handle it when, let's say, Jenna Marbles reacts to her tik tok(s)..
EDIT: read all the tweets, um now I'm confused
Sonia F
Sonia F - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa starts at 13:20
_.peachybecxa - 9 måneder siden
*that jarida girl looks like a dollar-store version of alissa violet*
Terry Pilkey
Terry Pilkey - 9 måneder siden
I swear Jackie does this powder before foundation thing. Nvm the video brought up Jackie
Gavined It
Gavined It - 9 måneder siden
Wish she could come to the hospital and see all the people alone!! So many patients now have to deal with horrible health issues all alone - isolated from family members - some even end up passing away alone because family members can no longer visit. Now that is a type of social isolation I feel horrible about.
Maryam Mardhiah
Maryam Mardhiah - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa is giving me Brie Larson vibes.
AUTUMN BLEVINS - 9 måneder siden
*_does anyone else just watch Spill's videos just bc they are really good even tho u dont know who shes talking about in some videos like i do_*
gracious_ kookie
gracious_ kookie - 9 måneder siden
13:22 vanessa Hudgens
Marce - 9 måneder siden
I just lost the respect I had for Vanessa Hudgens.
Little Bits World
Little Bits World - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa knows the economy will be destroyed and the stock market will crash and we were already in a depression when this started. A lot of people are terrified of becoming homeless after this is all over because that is when more jobs will be cut. Will we be a third world country after this?
sakura mukbang & vlogs
sakura mukbang & vlogs - 9 måneder siden
I'm confused he worked for them, as in collabs ? I dont watch him like that but cant say I remember hearing him say anything bad about them til they made something Similar to his products. dont diener talk them now of you wasnt when they were taken money from other muas. better keep the same engery as you had when you were working with them. because I'm assuming this isnt something new they doing.
Rey H
Rey H - 9 måneder siden
I'm not really bothered by what Vanessa said.
Kate puim
Kate puim - 9 måneder siden
I'd rather buy makeup revolution than these problematic makeup brand and brand owners
Ingoingmage920 - 9 måneder siden
Does anyone know where Spill gets her music from? Its the only thing she doesnt credit
Jessica Louise
Jessica Louise - 9 måneder siden
Revolution has good, affordable makeup. Dupes or not, always my go to, especially for people who cant afford the big brands
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose - 9 måneder siden
I kinda get what Vanessa was trying to say, but she didn’t say it right at all. The idea that if everyone gets the virus anyways even with social distancing what the point was, but even then the point is to slow it down so healthcare doesn’t collapse. I think all of us want to just rip the band aid off and be done but our healthcare system can’t handle it and this tragedy will be much much worse if we did that. It’s crazy how misinformed so many people are
CylieJean Johnston
CylieJean Johnston - 9 måneder siden
Okay but Jackie Aina has been putting powder on before her foundation for YEARS?!
CrashvanderSpek 21
CrashvanderSpek 21 - 9 måneder siden
Did Vanessa never grow up?
She’s 31 and sounds like she’s 12 🙄
Maybe she should have attended high school instead of just the movie...
Jodi Anderson
Jodi Anderson - 9 måneder siden
Wait... why did she take out and cross out the word “predatory” like it’s a cuss word?
simphønies - 9 måneder siden
"Nobody's perfect" the perfect excuse, BULLSH*****T
zzz dong
zzz dong - 9 måneder siden
Does manny not apply foundation on his beard?
Static Rose
Static Rose - 9 måneder siden
I think Vanessa is in grief from the "Death" of normal life just like we all are. The first stage is disbelief. I was also in disbelief of how bad it is when I first heard of it because the government isn't taking it as serious as it sounds. She did a common mistake most of us had.
angwa _
angwa _ - 9 måneder siden
Isn’t collab drm the same thing alinity was working with lol
Moonlight Rider
Moonlight Rider - 9 måneder siden
The ads... Omg what's going on!!!! I had to skip out wait for 6 different adds ...
Gracie K
Gracie K - 9 måneder siden
Out of context?? Sis what context??? No matter how you look at it it’s insensitive and gross
Jade Madden
Jade Madden - 9 måneder siden
MAN VANESSA! SMH, a 6-week old baby just died from Covid-19! So so sad, rip bubba and condolences to the family and everyone affected by this!
true crime lover
true crime lover - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa Hudges voice is kinda annoying.. this is me being honest ;-;
Tyler Jacques
Tyler Jacques - 9 måneder siden
There is no way you can make a highlighter, with the exact same size, shape and designs with only have a slightly different shade and say ''We never knew'' Imagine thinking you can get away with it.
Andre 0stberg
Andre 0stberg - 9 måneder siden
8:22 is that Nora (Josefin) or am i going insane
Kags Is Life
Kags Is Life - 9 måneder siden
i think manny has the right to be upset because its not like he get millions of dollers from a release.
i think the orignial creator of the tiktok hack should not be blamed or rawbeautykriste and any others
ok i think what vanessa said was really rude but she said sorry so like i mean im still kinda offended cause her words were not ok
teela gutierrez
teela gutierrez - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa Hudgens been over since high school musical
Laureen - 9 måneder siden
I think that Manny has the right to be upset, but Makeup Revolution handled well and quickly
foranimalwelfare - 9 måneder siden
Wait...who is vanessa hudgens?
Bella Lugosi
Bella Lugosi - 9 måneder siden
I’d still rather buy from Makeup Revolution than Too faced or KvD 🤷‍♀️
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond - 9 måneder siden
I wish people were more literate with regards to science, or at the very least if not put faith in it instead of rumors being spread on social media.
If Scientists say something, it's probably coming from a place of rigorous research and testing. Not just a "well I heard/think/etc"
Goat K
Goat K - 9 måneder siden
Also who is Vanessa Hudgens?
Danielle Santos
Danielle Santos - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa's apology didn't sound sincere at all. The only reason she apologized is because she got called out, and rightfully so.
Hannah - 9 måneder siden
You guys are *really* "cancelling" Vanessa over that? Some people are even saying she doesn't deserve her career over this I-
myng fetsm
myng fetsm - 9 måneder siden
I’m actually with Manny on this one.
niyah - 9 måneder siden
We’re all in this together and it-

I guess not
Stephanie D
Stephanie D - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa is a garbage human
Los Chilos Vlogs
Los Chilos Vlogs - 9 måneder siden
I think Vanessa is just human, lesson learned. People with followers need to be very careful about what they say. And about the tiktoker same thing, lesson learned.
Christopher Winters
Christopher Winters - 9 måneder siden
I dont think the question is whether Mannie has the right to feel upset or not. He can, and he clearly is by that video he made. The more important question is does he have enough to sue them? I wonder if he did, given their "over abundant" nature to be generous and cautious *major eye roll* and intentionally responding to him, and quick reaction to pull back sales. Theres gotta be more just given the speed at which they reacted. Just saying 😜
bulma briefs
bulma briefs - 9 måneder siden
though vanessa’s response was not appropriate and insensitive, she apologized, which in my eyes, is enough. ofc that always happens after someone gets backlash for what they said, but i forgive and forget, while everybody on twitter and instagram like to hold grudges.
Nicole Cory-Zhang
Nicole Cory-Zhang - 9 måneder siden
Anyone know where their factories are?
Julie Frey
Julie Frey - 9 måneder siden
How is Vanessa still relevant?
Joshua Lopez Bejar
Joshua Lopez Bejar - 9 måneder siden
I forgot about manny mua relevance until i saw this video.
Emily poston
Emily poston - 9 måneder siden
I don't know about anyone else but I definitely remember watching stuff about the Manny situation in like September of last year so any one wanna help me figure out why
emilie nadon
emilie nadon - 9 måneder siden
Saying that your words was taken out of context is not really an apology. if you don't own the fact that you made a mistake and just blame it on people's interpretation it's not an apology, at least not to me. I think it shows that so many celebrities are far from being role model.
Kiayana Beaumont
Kiayana Beaumont - 9 måneder siden
The fact that YouTube's copyright system is so counterintuitive there are literally business that take advantage of it is mind boggling.
Carl Jackson
Carl Jackson - 9 måneder siden
Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. Not what I would reach for if I needed to get something done.
Yara Sofia
Yara Sofia - 9 måneder siden
I thought Vanessa was into voguing not controversy
Sew Cat
Sew Cat - 9 måneder siden
The last person she will not like coughing up blood
aleena khan
aleena khan - 9 måneder siden
Jackie aina did this before she even did it