Wife (51) Drags Husband (29) After Catfishing Him: "He Tricked Me" | 90 Day Fiance

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Laura recently went on IG live to update her relationship status with Aladin after their appearance on 90 Day Fiancé: "He wasn't the most faithful man..."
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Tiffany Pew
Tiffany Pew - 22 timer siden
All the white people mad asf
SLOW BOY - Dag siden
Aladdin needs a baddie named Jasmine.
Jane Diamond
Jane Diamond - Dag siden
She honestly messed up bad. She had it all
Toenail 1
Toenail 1 - Dag siden
Laura’s annoying
Beambaapol - Dag siden
She is disrespectful and rude. I know it’s stereotyping but America can do a lot to a person.
Antonio Leyba
Antonio Leyba - Dag siden
Eww she’s awful
kpop rubix
kpop rubix - 2 dager siden
Idk why she's so disrespectful. He can literally get any girl🤣
I'm not so sure about her
EJ Scion
EJ Scion - 2 dager siden
11:16 ≖_≖ Men: No, thank you.
I'm just Saying
I'm just Saying - 2 dager siden
I thought it was baby girl Lisa.... or was that just me....🤔
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat - 2 dager siden
She used him .... She would be better off with some hill Billy in Alabama .
ShutDown - 2 dager siden
there is also a cultural difference between the two
you see, one has culture
Libby Leikis
Libby Leikis - 3 dager siden
im gonna keep this short. I don't like this woman at all.
Aziz M
Aziz M - 4 dager siden
laura acts like she's on the top class of the market.....like girl....
you cant see me
you cant see me - 4 dager siden
Aih bruh alladin brah what man it's okay to marry an older women but how can you stay with a women like that man she does not respect Islam or you . She is using you for her purpose.
Brodin YT
Brodin YT - 5 dager siden
Laura Is A Karen.
Adi the idiot
Adi the idiot - 5 dager siden
Uhh aladins English is abit bad ngl
Nightmare - 6 dager siden
He needed the ps5
Phoenix SoulStar
Phoenix SoulStar - 6 dager siden
She thinks that because she's blonde with blue eyes and has that I'm an American I'm the best thing since sliced bread.... looking like landfill trash bout put a ring on it smh
Dodong Jamzki
Dodong Jamzki - 6 dager siden
"I am single. Anyone wanna put a ring on it, I'll judge the diamond size and the quality"
Yumms - 6 dager siden
You shouldnt project your own insecurities from previous relationships to your current relationship.
Kiezara Nishi
Kiezara Nishi - 7 dager siden
Nobody wanna put a ring on you when you aren't even capable to follow rules of culture and being truthful
hteekay - 7 dager siden
She says she's insecure but she for sure doesn't act like it...
Lucci Jay r
Lucci Jay r - 8 dager siden
Just bc two ppl of the opposite gender are getting along and laughing together means there is chemistry...?very typical
Not just another guy
Not just another guy - 8 dager siden
Well, he didn’t really respect her culture either. Don’t forget that American culture is a culture as valid as the Arabic culture. On the other hand, they should both have respect for each other’s culture and come to a compromise as two sophisticated adults.
The Vintage Gamer
The Vintage Gamer - 8 dager siden
Oof... unfortunate situation for all
Noah Holderman
Noah Holderman - 8 dager siden
Sound like Yoda, Aladdin does.
Kazuya 16
Kazuya 16 - 9 dager siden
She’s like the female big Ed
Harry Marquez
Harry Marquez - 9 dager siden
She’s gonna be single for the rest of her life .
Sushi Kun
Sushi Kun - 10 dager siden
The only ring she will ever have is her earrings
iTreason - 10 dager siden
We'll all judge your size and quality too. This old lady scams her way into one attractive guys life, crashes and burns, and walks away thinking she's a catch. She's got to be the choosiest beggar I've ever seen.
AMD Pentium RTX
AMD Pentium RTX - 10 dager siden
She was kind of a literal catfish..
DogerSwag - 10 dager siden
"You know?"
Lyun Z
Lyun Z - 10 dager siden
i am a single lady, put a ring on me i will judge the diamond size.

like someone will, i wish ure the best as a single mother for the rest of ur life
•DixieRose• - 10 dager siden
I think Ed and Laura would be a good match lol
Charu Krishna
Charu Krishna - 10 dager siden
Total karen..
Alfredo Ruvalcaba
Alfredo Ruvalcaba - 10 dager siden
Why are these land Wales acting so stuck up
ketchup mustard
ketchup mustard - 10 dager siden
All this was is an attempt to get famous. Kinda seems like it back fired for him. And as for the woman she knew better but risked the relationship with her son was wrong
野心的な彼自身 - 10 dager siden
15:04 name of background music?
GOLDEN K9 - 10 dager siden
Dude the Aladin guy is hella fricking smart. You can tell he indeed had girlfriends before.
J-TV - 11 dager siden
Set aside her age, her entitled behavior is a complete turn-off. There's a chance that exact attitude cause her ex-husband to leave her.
DanNozzer - 11 dager siden
She talks as if she’s some beautiful princess. I’m so happy he left her, he tried so hard to make it work and she just disrespected him
Gamer2000 - 11 dager siden
The most bad thing is that it is for most people who come to eu have this problem. Just look all the problems that started from 20!5
Gamer2000 - 11 dager siden
Most people when they go somewhere they act like they are special or deserve free stuff. Simple example, when people from countries come to eu they do horrible things. Do bad things. And demand free stuff and money and so on. The most bad thing is that it is for most people who come to eu have this problem. Just look all the problems that started from 20!5
Karis Majik
Karis Majik - 12 dager siden
Wow there's a lot to unpack, on both sides
Its•Normal Here
Its•Normal Here - 12 dager siden
Wow, she's a catfish and is being disrespectful to someone's culture. Maybe Big Ed has some light shining on him.
Rocco DiLeo
Rocco DiLeo - 12 dager siden
U tryna credit Pewds?
Spencer Welch
Spencer Welch - 13 dager siden
Her and ed should get together
[]• Illumina_Starr •[]
[]• Illumina_Starr •[] - 14 dager siden
I can see why her husband was being unfaithful. Of course, she doesn't deserve it, no one deserves to be cheated on, but that woman is disgusting! She stole money from him, Says that because he was Arab he was bad in bed, Disrespected his religion and his country's laws, and now I hear she faked a pregnancy? Poor Aladdin. I hope he finds his Jasmine. Maybe that lady at the clothing store.
DeDeDonk - 15 dager siden
You know?
Puteri Kumala
Puteri Kumala - 15 dager siden
Idih si Karen...
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro - 16 dager siden
In America you wear a white dress though....
Jay Quin
Jay Quin - 16 dager siden
Anyone else gets grossed out wen she says get jiggy wit it !!!😂😂😂🤢🥴
Lecya0505 - 16 dager siden
Guess he really wanted to move to Canada 🤪
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels - 16 dager siden
Trinston was here. ...
Opal Mari
Opal Mari - 16 dager siden
Ugh god, awful woman. Also what you showed, and based on that, it did not seem like trust issues was her only problem.
sweet lullaby
sweet lullaby - 17 dager siden
people like her should focus on themselves first. be better before being with a person. the amount of insecurity is too much to bear for anyone!
Thomasina Jefferson
Thomasina Jefferson - 17 dager siden
Emi Cv
Emi Cv - 17 dager siden
He married a karen
Kitty Spalla
Kitty Spalla - 17 dager siden
Okay, I'll give a little TMI here... That's not an "Arabic thing." I've been with someone from Qatar and someone from Saudi Arabia, both very generous in the bedroom.
Ice Fire
Ice Fire - 18 dager siden
Why has the cigar been censored ?
Amy D
Amy D - 18 dager siden
The Prophet Muhammad was married to an older divorcee. As a result being married to an older divorcee is considered to bring you blessings because you are showing that you're willing to take care of people that other people wouldn't. You are also acting like the Prophet Muhammad. So I think in her case being so worried about him leaving her shows that she doesn't understand the Quran at all. I have known many deeply religious Muslim men who have thought that it was a blessing to marry a woman like her because it's something that Muhammad would have approved of. I am not explaining this well. But basically she would have been good if she had just been nice.
LazyBunnyLyn - 19 dager siden
Thats a funny way to spell karen
Forgotten Name
Forgotten Name - 19 dager siden
No no no you see here the Docter is wrong don't boost Laura's Confidence She already got to much and the problem here was the women
dragonoyxd - 19 dager siden
In my humble opinion, I think u should back off as soon as u know u got catfished. U clearly don't know the person.
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - 19 dager siden
He would leave her for literally anyone
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - 19 dager siden
Bruh she's more than 50 none will feel pleasure from her
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - 19 dager siden
Dude she's done where did she get so much ego from like- how is she keep providing space in her body 💀 EXPAND
Susan Kellie
Susan Kellie - 20 dager siden
Do you have to read it out in their accents it’s kind of rude you clearly can speak English so why not read it in a way that makes sense instead of mocking people who may have English as their second tongue
Crazy Gears
Crazy Gears - 20 dager siden
We need those alcohol rules in america 🥴
Perfecto Leo
Perfecto Leo - 21 dag siden
"You know"
Elaine Lat
Elaine Lat - 22 dager siden
Not saying that she deserves to get cheated on, but WHY did she get cheated on anyways?! With the behavior she displayed towards Aladin, who doesn't have any respect towards his religion and culture, and she probably just wants the guy to mend her ego, I can see that it was doomed from the beginning.
LoveYou3000 - 23 dager siden
"Don't pull a Mohammed on me" How disrespectful can you be? SHE literally catfished HIM. If anyone here is performing trickery, let me assure you, it's not the Muslim. So rude.
Reddusk Ironsky
Reddusk Ironsky - 24 dager siden
Zaco PFab
Zaco PFab - 24 dager siden
So obvious, he wants that green card lol. 🙄 that show is trash! That’s the end goal they want, may take some time, because it takes time.
tuxedomat - 24 dager siden
Whose worse her or Ed?
Alessia Croft
Alessia Croft - 24 dager siden
He was so good looking though 🥰
epijax - 24 dager siden
I’ve lived in qatar my whole life so the fact she doesn’t respect the culture makes me mad
Daniyah Hussain
Daniyah Hussain - 25 dager siden
The dresses are amazing in the religion. I am a muslim women but the down size of have the three different dresses is the weight of the dresses the gold and the hair . And all of this on heels (if your choosing to wear heels)
Emma - 25 dager siden
The disrespect from that woman is insane.
S. Dykes
S. Dykes - 25 dager siden
Eustis, Florida. Should have known
김준호 - 25 dager siden
Hahahahaha what a joke
EmPaul Belarmino
EmPaul Belarmino - 26 dager siden
11:51 if this is true, that is prolly not cheating (in islamic view atleast) cause some muslims can marry or have a girl whenever they want to, it's part of the culture
Camila Santos
Camila Santos - 26 dager siden
This is why you think a lot of times before marrying someone. Things can go south with someone from your neighborhood, imagine someone from the other side of the world
Mariana Gonçalves
Mariana Gonçalves - 26 dager siden
some north american people thinking they have the best culture, and that all the others are wrong.... I just can't deal with this level of arrogance and idiocy
 - 27 dager siden
I thought this was a pewdie vid
Nikki O'Shea
Nikki O'Shea - 27 dager siden
She has a hard time trusting men cos of her ex cheating on her yet she thinks its a good idea to get with a guy who is 29 and its online. 🤔 Sounds like shes made sure this is gonna fail from the off.
Eclairia Monarch
Eclairia Monarch - 28 dager siden
Laura, Danielle and Nicole, who is next??
Chrollos stalker thats outside his window.
rufus001 - 28 dager siden
What an awful woman.
najara iacovino
najara iacovino - 29 dager siden
And the full grown up son of her who behaves like a toddler? they were so messed up. And i don't understand why all the americans in this show want to ignore that there is a whole world outside the US and act so entitled and disrespectful towards literally every country and culture. As being american means that everybody else has to adapt to them and their lifestyle and culture, meanwhile they can do whatever they want because you know "i am american".. such a poor portrait
Slyclone - 29 dager siden
I think rose and Aladin would make a good and great couple but that's just my opinion
Rynnie - 29 dager siden
Imagine complaining about “having” to wear TWO amazing wedding dresses, tons of amazing jewelry??? God she’s awful. He sounded really heartbroken and betrayed. He tried so hard and sounds like he really cared. I’m not surprised he left, he realized she never cared or respected him.
Wholesome Person
Wholesome Person - 29 dager siden
Ohh I remember watching this.
Yea that was crazyyy-
Ramen Man
Ramen Man - 29 dager siden
The way Laura talked about how Aladdin didn’t please her is so disrespectful and to do it on Tv... think of the gender switched and he said that about her. They really tried to villianize him and gang up on him.
E_angie - 29 dager siden
mamicci2 - Måned siden
This narcissist said ", let's get jiggy with it"? She delusional, you know.( Alladins voice) 🤣🤣🤣I saw the show and I was embarrassed from how she behaved and the way she treated and humiliated him.
Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning - Måned siden
Wait, her evidence that he cheated on her was that he was engaged 6 months after their last TV interview? That doesn't seem particularly damning to me.
Azadun - Måned siden
Im still mad at pewdiepie for joking about the green card thing through the video, even tho Aladins intentions were obvious especially if you were paying attention.
MeanJean McCormack
MeanJean McCormack - Måned siden
Messy boots!
Elliott —
Elliott — - Måned siden
You mean replace you with someone who is younger, hotter and *respectful*