YouTuber EXPLOITS Tragedy? Alexa Rivera Called Out, Ethan Dolan Gets Involved

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NOburnr Alexa Rivera posted a misleading video-and fans are outraged.
[The Story]
[Loved Ones Going Missing]
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broham 2013
broham 2013 - 11 timer siden
I don't think she's insensitive it's just people trying to find things to whine about because they have no life. Seriously it's video grow tf up you clowns
Annabelle - Dag siden
can u all stop being so dramatic and use your BRAINS? I UNDERSTAND HOW PRETENDING TO GO MISSING IS SERIOUS BUT LEXI'S VIDEO WAS NOT SERIOUS. Re-watch the video idiots.
abby - Dag siden
My heart broke, to those who have lost a family member to going missing, my love goes to you ❤️
Z X F - Dag siden
I das emagen alot of kids is scared das waching vid
Dikshant Pargai
Dikshant Pargai - Dag siden
Oh, come on she is not a God who can create flawless videos with good content every time. To err is human and correcting them is all-important. Moreover, she didn't mean it.
I am not a simp or supporter of hers. I am a regular man who do mistakes.
Edit: My sympathy to every viewer who has experienced the loss of loved ones
• Sunny RH •
• Sunny RH • - Dag siden
She changed it to "I HID FROM MY FRIENDS FOR 24 HRS"
Sacred Banana
Sacred Banana - Dag siden
Actually the problem is, there were many youtubers who did this before Lexi, and yet people point out only Lexi... (IM NOT A FAN OF LEXI AND I AM NOT SUPPORTING HER)
Karla Gamboa
Karla Gamboa - Dag siden
kinda like when those twins made a “prank” about robbing a bank
cantsaycoco - 2 dager siden
If she really was Kidnapped and Found Dead in a Riverbank, I'll just pretend that it's a prank and like the video.
Samprikta Ganguli
Samprikta Ganguli - 2 dager siden
This is what happens when you empower people who do not have hobbies, passions, and/or talent.
There are a million different communities today. There could be a million different ways to create content. You can travel and post a vlog, you can try teaching something and upload a video, you can read a book and talk about how it made you feel, you can declutter your house and upload that, and so much more. YouTubers would not have to scramble for content if their sole purpose was not to remain relevant.
ClinkyWTF - 2 dager siden
It’s not that deep ion even know this girl but I promise it’s not that deep 😐
TheAtomic - 2 dager siden
I’m just gonna say 2 things. 1. She doesn’t edit her own vids. 2. Everyone makes mistakes.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray - 2 dager siden
She changed it to I hid for 24 hours
Zaniya Starks
Zaniya Starks - 2 dager siden
its really not that big of a deal its just a prank
E WILL DOMINATE - 2 dager siden
Sawyer Ayers
Sawyer Ayers - 3 dager siden
Do you just say Caucasity? That is degrading and racist. Take that out.
Tom A
Tom A - 3 dager siden
My friend went missing a few years ago, and it was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. They’re alright now. But, people need to learn from this situation and take notes, clickbaiting serious issues is disgusting.
Chøking_Chalk - 3 dager siden
Naomi Diaz
Naomi Diaz - 3 dager siden
The fact I actually saw that video that Lexi posted
Shimylove - 3 dager siden
I'm disappointed in her. I love her but that went too far.
知恵Seromic - 3 dager siden
i kind think these people are being too much, i mean shes not that mature of age. This may put a lot of pressure on her
detorie5 - 3 dager siden
Even though it was a dream, I had a dream where my sister went missing and we couldn’t find her and her friends. It was very scary and felt very real. Missing people are not a jokes.
Esuna Freij
Esuna Freij - 4 dager siden
Makes me think about the Skylar Neese case, poor parents. 😢
abcdefghijklmnop tea is the best
My cat ran away two years ago. This angers me a lot. When a loved one dies, you know what happened and you can heal about it, knowing that they’re up there watching. But when a loved one goes missing and not found you’re always in a loop waiting for something to come up. Yes, it sometimes does get lighter as the time progresses but this really is very insensitive.
aylin. - 4 dager siden
lexi’s mind: feeling a bit bored...might claim myself as missing or sum🥴
Landon Watson
Landon Watson - 4 dager siden
I don't like how it has no warning it a b¡tchy move, if another word matches better tell me
Mahoro Chan
Mahoro Chan - 4 dager siden
First breaking up pranks, secondly abusive pranks and now this. I ain't surprised..
Lionel B
Lionel B - 4 dager siden
Hoping she weren’t going to be found 🤮🤮
Francisca Kim
Francisca Kim - 4 dager siden
A kid in my area went missing in 2007. His parents are still looking for him, holding onto whatever hope they have left. This bitch's empathy is non-existent.
• aesthetic •
• aesthetic • - 4 dager siden
wait a minute, 13 years?!! Doesnt AleXa "leXi" have sympathy?
kyotami - 4 dager siden
my friend's grandma went missing for 2 days, turns out she left the hotel and went to a friends house-
Rayliyah Mack
Rayliyah Mack - 4 dager siden
I have already found 12 videos that happened way before alexa's
Rayliyah Mack
Rayliyah Mack - 4 dager siden
BRUH really its big when alexa did it but all these other people what happened to them doing it?
ms Lisa gravensly
ms Lisa gravensly - 4 dager siden
So lexi was just ignorant here but she didn't meant any harm cursing on her and etc isnt good too i agree she should apologize but she didn't did on purpose stop it...............peace
Jealous Judas
Jealous Judas - 4 dager siden
Is it just me or does Spill sound so angry in this video.
Lathiifah Nur X
Lathiifah Nur X - 3 dager siden
B Gacha
B Gacha - 4 dager siden
It happens here in the Netherlands too sadly here we think it's just fine
Sophie Koerner
Sophie Koerner - 5 dager siden
Nah yall just sensitive 😭
• aesthetic •
• aesthetic • - 4 dager siden
yeah very sensitive, sensitive cuz we have a brain and common sense
porsha - 5 dager siden
SmooshTheFloof - 5 dager siden
I’ve watched it weeks before this was upload
hamidaabdin83 - 5 dager siden
There is many reaons why i dont like the amp squad and this is one of the reasons.
mayann ting
mayann ting - 5 dager siden
Emi - 6 dager siden
Bosnia and Herzegovina women (from Srebrenica) went through soo much trauma and depression. It’s heartbreaking. I saw an documentary about Srebrenica and i was shocked and so sad. It’s horrible.
Kiilogram - 6 dager siden
its a new year and it hasn't even been a month yet..
androgynous Gamer
androgynous Gamer - 6 dager siden
Oftenly, people become numb when losing someone close to them, however, in my experience, after being numb for a while and acting everything was okay... The pain and grief bites back and drags you on. That's why I worry more about the people who didn't shed a tear at their beloved's funeral.
Catspaw - 6 dager siden
In this situation it doesn’t matter if we think it’s offensive. Others spoke up and said that it is. So that should be respected.
Carolina Mendoza
Carolina Mendoza - 6 dager siden
I feel like every one over reacted over this, it was just a scavenger hunt never made it like she actually went missing and involved more than her friends. I feel like most Americans just get so offended by the smallest things like i know people that have gone missing and it hurt but i never found the video offensive or like it would hurt anyone
••Kean Kaylie••
••Kean Kaylie•• - 7 dager siden
Lexi was my favorite Youtuber but doesnt mean ill defend her after her making a Tragedy and insensitive things a "JOKE" im disgusted
nate joe
nate joe - 7 dager siden
Yeah we wasn't friends but I knew her in school she did go missing but I think her parents found her I think I haven't heard no more about it like a feeling connection on a personal level I don't know nobody who went missing yes I did go to school with the girl but we was never friends but I think she got found and she was okay
*sat!urn* - 7 dager siden
Their so sensitive bye
よう相棒 - 7 dager siden
The only prank I like is pretend to be something like pile of trash, tree, mannequin to scared people for a sec when move, others prank is sometimes too crossing line, but the line itself too blur
Laney Yuh
Laney Yuh - 7 dager siden
I remember when this account use to post relevant stuff. Now it’s just as if they’re trying to mass produce content ASAP to get views so they find any boring,irrelevant,lame,” who cares” kind of stories smh.
Walter Kovari
Walter Kovari - 7 dager siden
I was to;d that my son was going crazy that i have died, my mom was crying, my dad took the blame that i ran off for 2 days,
all you people should think , next time you make a video, don't maki it about being missing
Walter Kovari
Walter Kovari - 7 dager siden
my story is true,
about 4 years ago i had a really bad arguement with my family, i told everyone i was stepping out to cool off, , i was gone for 2 days, , for being angry i stayed in thge near by forest , but when i finally came to my home, i was told that my family filed a missing persons report on me, and the county sherrif was looking for me , as i wan taking my nap , for being gone, the police came to my door, to see if i came home yet, ,
no matter what happends , dont make prank videos about being missing
Ninja_ DEV
Ninja_ DEV - 7 dager siden
??? Am I the only one who doesn't see the problem? She made a video and people were saying she was making fun of missing people even though she said nothing. Also, why are people bringing up missing and their personal life? It's just a video, a freaking video.
Mimoe - 7 dager siden
Tea spill sounds different. Why does she sound so mad? Hahaha
Tyler Mikkelson
Tyler Mikkelson - 7 dager siden
I think people should also think about movies with missing people in it and they don’t seem to care little strange to me but I do agree that it can cause trauma and the video should be taken down because it’s a serious topic
Yes Ma’am
Yes Ma’am - 7 dager siden
Those kids are so cringey. I get second hand embarrassment seeing them act like this.
_kat_ k
_kat_ k - 7 dager siden
My cousin went missing nearly 35 nearly ago and was never found. These videos are not funny. These situations are heart wrenching. My whole family was torn apart from Scotty going missing.
paper airplane
paper airplane - 7 dager siden
Wow it is 2021
Vecellionathan - 7 dager siden
Mental gymnastics lol
꧁fluffy idiot꧂ • 89 years ago
A few days ago I lost my dog we hung up many missing posters and we found my mom found it beaten in the middle of the road that was the best dog I've had since childhood
•Sophie muffin•
•Sophie muffin• - 7 dager siden
I’m so sorry to hear that ❤️🥺
Dania Cruz
Dania Cruz - 7 dager siden
My cousin actually went missing this month and it’s not funny. This happens every single day and it’s not something to joke about.
Dino Alexa
Dino Alexa - 7 dager siden
Her name is lexi but uhmmm ok
Pema Lhamo
Pema Lhamo - 8 dager siden
Wait but free time did this type of video 10 months ago and there was no problem but why now
Justin Ward
Justin Ward - 8 dager siden
I wanna know why tf words like "death" and "war" are censored?
Syaddad Aiman
Syaddad Aiman - 8 dager siden
Well, you know what they say; instead of saying "ignorance is a bliss", I rather say "ignorance is no excuse".
Agrata - 8 dager siden
I remember when I used to watch their vids so much, now this is what they've become, I'm glad I stopped watching their vids
ooo oo
ooo oo - 8 dager siden
Amy _official
Amy _official - 8 dager siden
Okay but did she apologise?
Dynamic DuD
Dynamic DuD - 8 dager siden
I was the 200,000th view :D
Love_Mochi XoX
Love_Mochi XoX - 8 dager siden
Saying it’s a joke won’t change the fact that it was insensitive for ppl who have lost friends and family due to kidnapping.
Oofical Oof
Oofical Oof - 9 dager siden
When I hear everyone makes mistakes I agree because Alexa's mum did giving birth to her ohhhhhhh burn
PippiforTeainTrees - 9 dager siden
I was almost kidnapped at 12 and at 15. The second in a “safer” neighborhood. This is disgusting and not funny. I didn’t even go missing and sometimes I freak out walking alone at night. Even with my dog. My heart goes to anyone affected by this. It’s not funny or cute.
Zarah Ajaz
Zarah Ajaz - 9 dager siden
Chiaki` - 9 dager siden
Honestly, personally considering the way this video looked from the brief clips I saw, it looked very aimed and targeted for children. Which are the people we don't want to see this video, for obvious reason. Now those children have the chance to end up doing this too, just as a joke. This is kinda like spreading misinformation to children if you consider it.
M a r i s s a
M a r i s s a - 9 dager siden
Joshua Fang
Joshua Fang - 9 dager siden
Stokes twins. Lexi Rivera. Who's next.
Jasobanta Brahma
Jasobanta Brahma - 9 dager siden
Where is matcha
emily castro
emily castro - 9 dager siden
Why am I not surprised
chloee - 9 dager siden
i don't believe people realize how problematic this is. another example of people that make videos like this are some of the people from the gacha community. it's a roleplay game(singleplayer, offline) and it's a pretty large community of people making basically stop motion shorts. i've seen countless "i go missing for | PRANK". it's not cool, and mind you, these are videos that are targeted towards CHILDREN. many of them show blood/gore on a mannequin of the person who went "missing" and hangings. please spread awareness on this manner, we need to protect the children from these images. it may only be 2D stop motion figures, but it'll still affect people.
dean lilley
dean lilley - 9 dager siden
The only ones that are defending them are their fans etc! But let’s face it be along time before they get any new fans
Daniel Nascimento
Daniel Nascimento - 9 dager siden
ok yall are too much, it was a game
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - 9 dager siden
Isn't it so much expected from them?
jess b
jess b - 9 dager siden
I remember seeing this in trending but never clicked 😅
Abbeyfa - 9 dager siden
Ok but low key people are hating coz she was trending lol
Pebbles - 9 dager siden
Pranks are meant to be funny
Pia Vanderclausen
Pia Vanderclausen - 9 dager siden
Give the kids a break
Tayna Konate
Tayna Konate - 9 dager siden
apple pear
apple pear - 9 dager siden
i think ppl r being snowflakes abt it
Try and Gamef Girl *basic black girl*
Glad I stopped watching Brent and Lexi
Yoly H
Yoly H - 9 dager siden
My brother in law went missing on 12/24, he was found dead on 12/25. I was shocked when I saw this. These people are solid garbage, things like that are not funny at all.
мεgα σσғ
мεgα σσғ - 9 dager siden
Some people really think that Big YouTubers love their subscribers. Most Youtubers do almost anything for views.
Shelby Powell
Shelby Powell - 9 dager siden
I personally don’t agree with her video. my brother went missing last week, and people that make videos joking about that makes me sick.
ItsLoveleen - 10 dager siden
You guys do know that ‘spill’ is a lair right?
• aesthetic •
• aesthetic • - 4 dager siden
gurl a lair is some sort of room, Spill is a human
Ghaspy - 5 dager siden
WhiskerKat YT
WhiskerKat YT - 10 dager siden
You know I feel like we're evolving.... But backwards....
Kaylen Andrew
Kaylen Andrew - 10 dager siden
I’ve loved the Rivera’s for a long time now I grew up watching Brent but this is horrible. I have no clue what she was thinking. People go missing all the time and some are never found this isn’t right.
asteria :3
asteria :3 - 10 dager siden
Im actually worried abt this because my cousins always watch videos of alexa...
Elissa L
Elissa L - 10 dager siden
MermaidTendencies - 10 dager siden
She needs to take the video down and take (at least some of) the money she earned from the video and donate it to a charity to help with missing persons. This is sickening.
Melissa Moronta
Melissa Moronta - 10 dager siden
Wow she’s so Inconsiderate the video is still up.
amna alneaimi
amna alneaimi - 10 dager siden
btw piper rokel did the same video Before Alexa