YouTuber's Life RUINED After Helping Homeless Man: Magic of Rahat Exposes Everything

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MagicofRahat returns with receipts and viewers are stunned.
National Institute of Mental Health:
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MagicofRahat - Måned siden
Thank you Spill.
Goose God
Goose God - 9 dager siden
This is sad. You tried to help someone out and they turned to a leach. People take kindness for weakness and try to take advantage. This is why you have to teach people to fish, instead of giving people fish.
S1lonz - 12 dager siden
Yo whats up
Hidan Kirito
Hidan Kirito - 14 dager siden
Lessons learned.
OFFSET HOTWHEELS - 15 dager siden
SouHyuck - 17 dager siden
Sending you love!!! You deserve better for your kindness
Amanda Guzman
Amanda Guzman - 5 minutter siden
There was a reason why a grown man is in the position he in
Kev Cleveland
Kev Cleveland - 12 minutter siden
D E P R E S I O N - 13 minutter siden
Thats just.. thats sick..
Michael Rowlands
Michael Rowlands - 22 minutter siden
This is why people don't help others now...everyone it better to look after yourself and loved ones... (if there love ones don't want them. Why.)
Golla Venkat Mahendra Naidu
Golla Venkat Mahendra Naidu - 32 minutter siden
Moral ! Never Help peoples more then they Deserved
Monroe McLeod
Monroe McLeod - 51 minutt siden
This just goes to show you that you can't help BUMS!!
Lungelo Pilson
Lungelo Pilson - 57 minutter siden
This Rahat guy is too passive
Paul Wheelock
Paul Wheelock - 2 timer siden
Limo rides...lololololololololol
Lusi Myer
Lusi Myer - 2 timer siden
I wish someone would do that for me...I'd be going to work everyday!! I'd love to have my own place.
arabatorba - 2 timer siden
Entiti0X3playz Idk
Entiti0X3playz Idk - 3 timer siden
Your like brew tbh xd
Pain - 3 timer siden
Dude $7000 and a house. I'd be so grateful. Some people dont know how to act
Lowend - 3 timer siden
Don’t give tweakers money
Jordan Moody
Jordan Moody - 3 timer siden
I need a house and would actually be grateful for it. Edit: I'm just joking, you've got to laugh at these things in life otherwise you'll just be miserable.
Justin Marks
Justin Marks - 4 timer siden
This guy thinks that giving money to a homeless man is going to solve all of this problems he suffers clearly from alcoholism. This is a serious illness that money cannot solve.
Laksamana Suhendra
Laksamana Suhendra - 4 timer siden
a homeless man can do better than this so called "human" you call Eric.
such cowardly actions, he grew old but he never grew up..
such a waste of life
Uxenve - 4 timer siden
90% of the people who are homeless, put theirselfs in that position, by making bad decisions, having a bad attitude. Just like this lowlife Eric, u gave him everything he needed to get back on top and he threw it all away
Eli - 4 timer siden
The blind enabling is off the charts. All of it should have gone to rehab and if it didn't work he should have been told to go fly a kite. This guy is the definition of a snowflake.
Sean Loeffler
Sean Loeffler - 4 timer siden
I hope that the homeless dude is on the street forever
david torgeman
david torgeman - 4 timer siden
Lesseon dont be nice to peapol !
ThatChickTAy - 4 timer siden
I’m confused on what he did.........
Michael Dee
Michael Dee - 5 timer siden
Well it was donated to him should have had his own account... Took it in ur own hands to get him a house and all this... Should have just handed him the money.. but obviously he's a dirball
Jennifer Regala
Jennifer Regala - 5 timer siden
Eric is unappreciative & disrespectful!
jdlock00 - 5 timer siden
People don't realize that giving money to homeless is rewarding or enabling the behavior of homelessness. Teach a man to eat. Don't just feed him.
BABABOI - 5 timer siden
It's kinda hard to help homeless people I don't know if the person is actually grateful
william richardson
william richardson - 6 timer siden
that Eric is a POS and so is that Razz person ...Rahat you are a genuine good person .....
Williams Sharon
Williams Sharon - 6 timer siden
No good deed goes unpunished! Rahat will be ok. We are all here to learn; look at what happened as one of life's many lessons. Peace.✌
Kiraro The Kitsune
Kiraro The Kitsune - 6 timer siden
Why would you spend so much money and do so much for a single person that you don't even know?
TryMe - 6 timer siden
Don't use his name in a fundraiser if you're not going to give him the money, and don't help people if you not ready for them to not take the help the way you wanted them to. This legit is why I don't help ppl and let them figure it out. You're not his father.
YABA - 6 timer siden
If razz really wanted to get he's side of the story he would have waited before uploading video but he didn't instead he upload a one side story about something he clearly have no idea about and ruin someone else life so he could get some views
Trubledboy - 7 timer siden
I’m sorry Rahhat , May the work you do be meaningful and with the right people..
roy larsen
roy larsen - 7 timer siden
the limousin ride was a clue ..
Fire 100
Fire 100 - 7 timer siden
Guess it's just come to New York New York is the prime example of bad people trying to scam people out of money everyday. I lived on the street for years before I figured out out myself I have to get it myself
jianwei lee
jianwei lee - 7 timer siden
the obvious solution was a third party arbiter for the money
KING AMV Meli Melo
KING AMV Meli Melo - 8 timer siden
But I am not on either side
Nirmal Sidhu
Nirmal Sidhu - 8 timer siden
Rajat seems a bit fishy! I don't trust this guy not that crackhead
KING AMV Meli Melo
KING AMV Meli Melo - 8 timer siden
This is sad because it's making other people miss out just because he didn't behave
fazegamerboy 2.0
fazegamerboy 2.0 - 8 timer siden
MagicofRahat love you man I was and still am a bog fan
fazegamerboy 2.0
fazegamerboy 2.0 - 8 timer siden
@MagicofRahat love you man I was and still am a bog fan
Big Johnson
Big Johnson - 8 timer siden
Dookie love 💩
The Hershey highway 🛣
Jocelyn Williams
Jocelyn Williams - 8 timer siden
Should have bought a cheat 30,000$ house an been threw.if you didn't want him to be homeless. My thought.But I see your receipts and I am behind you. You can't help everyone as you notice now. Was you renting. I'm just asking. But I hope all is well with you Rahat
Manuel Vargas
Manuel Vargas - 9 timer siden
Im sorry make eric look bad hes a pos human
Manuel Vargas
Manuel Vargas - 9 timer siden
Some people dont deserve help
Bubbles81 - 9 timer siden
If you open up a fundraiser for someone you give the money to that person. It was not up to him what and where his money goes. Give him his money, Shut down the fundraiser and keep it moving Period! He grown if he blows it that’s on him. People gave the money to Eric not Ra to manage it! Trying to control a grown Man was where he went wrong. I understand he was trying to be nice. I also feel like he should have asked Eric what he want to do with his fuss that people was giving to him. This could have been an easy fix!
Jayson Douglas
Jayson Douglas - 9 timer siden
Eric got another chance at life, and he botched it in the most glorious way possible, someone who was truly desperate and wanted the chance to turn their life around could have had that money. It’s not Rahat’s fault, he was just trying to help somebody in need, just unknown to him at the time he inadvertently chose poorly. Even then, Rahat, if you see this, don’t let’s this get you down, everybody makes mistakes, you don’t need to change, the people who judged you poorly needs to change.
Patsau - 10 timer siden
This is probably why Eric was homeless in the first place he was probably just wasting money.
Brandy Lagrone
Brandy Lagrone - 10 timer siden
He should've sued Eric for defamation
Casey Toivenon
Casey Toivenon - 10 timer siden
Bums like Eric are bums for a reason. It sucks that Rahat had to hurt like that just for giving a using low life his own oxygen. Hope he never does again.💔😭
Ngapo Gadi
Ngapo Gadi - 10 timer siden
Just cause he looks homeless doesn't mean he's fkng right..
Such a shame
Casey Toivenon
Casey Toivenon - 11 timer siden
Heartbreaking. Poor Rahat. Hope he's doing better now!💔😭
Hensen - 11 timer siden
You can't give money to someone who doesn't know how to function responsibly. I was always told a lot of homeless people are homeless for a reason.
Queen Lady
Queen Lady - 11 timer siden
Homeless persons often suffer from mental illness you have to be careful in dealing with them. Remember Jamie Foxx The Soloist. He should have gotten legal counsel and medical advice with that type of money involved
Nathan ator
Nathan ator - 11 timer siden
razz has got to stop axing people
Jamie Cole
Jamie Cole - 11 timer siden
Eric will never ever say sorry as they don't
Krystal Smith
Krystal Smith - 11 timer siden
He used homeless dude for views and homeless dude used him. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that giving a person with substance abuse and mental issues a substantial amount of money would be trouble. If you truly feel the need to use your platform to help someone, raise the money and give to the local soup kitchen or shelter. It may not help that person directly but it will help many. And you wouldn't have a homeless person calling everyday, rightfully requesting money that was raised for him.
Jamie Cole
Jamie Cole - 11 timer siden
Eric did what he did because they can't help themselves them types of things
loyalty above all lawz co. lil woodie wood
Eric's thumb Is massive compared to the rest of his hand u see his thumbs up
Randroz Guidroz
Randroz Guidroz - 12 timer siden
No good deed goes unpunished
Shane Walker
Shane Walker - 12 timer siden
Glad to see Eric back in the gutter where dog turds go when it rains. Thats where he belongs. Garbage goes to the dumps, you think everyone owes you something... Now youre getting your payment in full. That cold wind, wet rain, and concrete for the bed you made for yourself. God bless you Rahat. Keep your faith, love, strength, and willingness to help people. Just remember there cant be a great day without a bad day to offset it. You cant enjoy the ups without suffering the downs. The experience youve gained from this makes you stronger. Eric just proves how weak he is and getting weaker... Thats the glory of God. Teach a man to fish, he will eat everyday, give a man a fish, he will eat one day. Lead a horse to water, you cant make him drink. Help Eric out, ruin your life. Atleast a horse is worth the time to help. Dont give up on everyone for the bad experience of dealing with that dumpster of a person, thats where His strength shows to people like us. We learn from it and move on to the next deserving person.
Jenette Jackson
Jenette Jackson - 12 timer siden
Eric was blessed and dumped on it! Rahat deserves all of the blessings.
Spiritual Loner
Spiritual Loner - 12 timer siden
Dam I swear this why it's so hard to find a kind hearted people, because their hearts all turning cold because of people like this. I wish god would bless me like this smh
Olga Williams
Olga Williams - 12 timer siden
Where are these inappropriate messages from Eric. Let's hear Eric's version. Rahat may have kept most of the money. It makes no sense that Eric would be mean to Rahat for no reason!!! Rahat probably have Eric a little money and kept the bulk for himself.
NicNacPTac01 - 13 timer siden
I believe Rahat.
Gjjweld - 13 timer siden
As a Jamaican and what most people say to Hype people they forgot where they come from before they were rich or have or money to sustain himself But Eric is just a bum
Mal M.
Mal M. - 13 timer siden
There was a exact same situation with a german youtuber
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 13 timer siden
Hmm your art style looks like the youtuber brew, are you guys connected?
Summer Sun303
Summer Sun303 - 14 timer siden
That's why I don't help people anymore they're all lazy crooks
#MissKingdomVII - 14 timer siden
This is why I only offer food and not money to beggers. Their answer tells you a lot.
allison g
allison g - 14 timer siden
U raised the money ppl donated to him give him his money who are you to think your a financial advisor,?
Angelia Orr
Angelia Orr - 14 timer siden
Rahat is so handsome. I’m so sorry that this happened to him. I wish you the best Rahat
OouZiii - 15 timer siden
Money cant buy class
Mr. S
Mr. S - 15 timer siden
“You can bring a horse to a body of water, but you cannot force the horse to drink.”
JUST SEE MEE RUST - 15 timer siden
Bruh stop your sooking and get back to pranking
Brian Heaton
Brian Heaton - 15 timer siden
After wanting a limo ride, I'd have pulled the plug, and Chuck up the Dueces. Out Biotch
Billy Meadows
Billy Meadows - 15 timer siden
What exactly is the point of your video? Never help the homeless or they should not except help from people exploiting them?
Jose Roman
Jose Roman - 15 timer siden
Should of just have him everything in one shot and left it like that and left receipt all that could of been avoided
Billy Meadows
Billy Meadows - 16 timer siden
Why would you compare all homeless souls just because you can ?
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas - 16 timer siden
DJFear Ross
DJFear Ross - 16 timer siden
The thing that I don't get is that Rahat is a video maker and didn't document any of these so called interactions with Eric. I mean that was the whole point wasn't it?
Traci Miller
Traci Miller - 16 timer siden
I’m confused who is doing the bad rn
Tony Moon
Tony Moon - 16 timer siden
Rahad is way ti sensitive
mike lombardo
mike lombardo - 16 timer siden
Rahat u are a good person dont change but just be more careful with the people u help..
Tony Moon
Tony Moon - 17 timer siden
Who are you to dictate his charity money ? Who made you his handler you think your responsible for his every choice your not you probably are a control freak or want the money for yourself thats not your money you have no right id sue you
Randroz Guidroz
Randroz Guidroz - 12 timer siden
Eric was clearly unable to do that for himself and clearly unable to manage his own money. How is that not clear to you
Soul Axe
Soul Axe - 17 timer siden
Eric is a bum a user rahat you rock bro
C Rinawma
C Rinawma - 17 timer siden
This is why millionaires dont donate most of their money
Daniel Dennis
Daniel Dennis - 17 timer siden
Why bite the hand that is trying to help you?
Arttu Kaljunen
Arttu Kaljunen - 17 timer siden
F eric
Trelise' Avery Moore
Trelise' Avery Moore - 17 timer siden
The entitlement.
Rosetta Williams
Rosetta Williams - 17 timer siden
Sounds like he was on drugs and drinking he wasn't ready to change his life so you trying to help is a good thing but you need to realize there are a lot of people that just want a hand out and don't need help they need rehab.
LandenNation - 17 timer siden
Can’t save them all
M G - 18 timer siden
This is why I mind my own business, people are so vicious and deceitful. Eric's karma is coming.
Unodose Trazy
Unodose Trazy - 18 timer siden
It just does not add up. Even the money and receipts you show do not add up to $70,000. Where did all the money go?! Did you spend any of the money on your self?! $7,500 plus $1875 don't add up to $70,000. Something is fishy, hmmm. Where did the money go.
Donyull Mora
Donyull Mora - 18 timer siden
This is why socialism will not work
ThunderX300 - 18 timer siden
Just know that God will always be with you and that Jesus Christ died for your sins amen 🙏🏾
cam damn
cam damn - 18 timer siden
That's why there's a limit on how much you should help someone
Rainji HBM
Rainji HBM - 19 timer siden
Too much kindness is idiocy.
Really ThisWorldToday
Really ThisWorldToday - 19 timer siden
Thts why u cant help everyone. Some people are homeless for a reason. Sry tht happened to u rahat
Ameerah Newby
Ameerah Newby - 19 timer siden
This is why u just give people what they need, like food, clothes, or new strong shoes
Hassan Jones
Hassan Jones - 19 timer siden
If you help someone and they use that help for something else, it's not your job to regulate or attempt to monitor the person your helping. Do what your heart feels, if it feels like giving, other then that don't expect anything in return, money, thank you, good morals anything. You give without expecting to get nothing out of it.
Madison Green
Madison Green - 19 timer siden
It’s his money u should’ve gave him all his money and account passcodes etc u had no business keeping that money period it wasn’t for u or up to u to decide how this man should spend his funds ... u should’ve gave him all his money it wasn’t due to you period