YouTuber Tries Taking an Uber, Gets Attacked IN FRONT of the Police

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A popular influencer and friends were attacked for being transgender. Eden the Doll is now asking for help.
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cole - 17 dager siden
didn't know this'll trigger me so much 😣
Rand XL
Rand XL - 19 dager siden
Why is no one doing anything, if i was there i’d go all out on these dudes even if i get bruises or if i bleed, this just aint right, really hope no one bails thems out
Vincent Benitez
Vincent Benitez - 21 dag siden
Welcome to the Real World people are just going to walk by you and not care what's happening even the police🌵
Tokyonji - Måned siden
Useless knowledge from me because I’m bored: *if you don’t like America, then move*
Tokyonji - 11 dager siden
@K. Varner yea lol
K. Varner
K. Varner - 12 dager siden
@Tokyonji fair enough. it's so hard to tell intention over text.
Tokyonji - 12 dager siden
@K. Varner I- I was kidding 🤣
K. Varner
K. Varner - 12 dager siden
Haha, yeah, have you ever looked into moving to another country? How much money and jumping through legal hoops it takes to just be allowed to temporarily live there? This is so ignorant it's unbelievable.
- meh -
- meh - - Måned siden
Ur tea is goodie unu
Jade - Måned siden
wth America? Not enough evidence? Their faces are in the videos....
Kaynaan Mohamed
Kaynaan Mohamed - Måned siden
Caroline Guy
Caroline Guy - 2 måneder siden
This makes me sick. I can't imagine treating any human being this way for no reason. How did no one stop? I get that sometimes you don't want to get involved in chaos but jesus christ. She was on the ground. And still being actively attacked.
LynxViolet - 2 måneder siden
I honestly appreciate the 3 woman for this.. they shared the story and got help ❤️
Grade 4 Responsibility LAMPA, Juno G. 拉尊诺
Karens and Darrens- G r e a t
Jessy Chapman
Jessy Chapman - 3 måneder siden
I'm like in shock. That police officer stopped, looked, said nope! And drove off. Like what? IDC what you do or don't support. A human is a human. All bleed the same blood. How could strangers do this to other humans. I just can't wrap my thoughts around it. I'm in total disbelief. Never heard about this story til now.
Amelia Rose
Amelia Rose - 3 måneder siden
That’s disgusting. I hope they’re punished. No matter what you identify as nobody should have to experience this
Chillx_ xxzy
Chillx_ xxzy - 3 måneder siden
This world is cruel 😭🥺
Babi Lx
Babi Lx - 3 måneder siden
Omg im in shock
mylxplays - 3 måneder siden
im not to much of a fan of lgbtq+ but this is unexeptable
HellFire the flaming wolf
HellFire the flaming wolf - 3 måneder siden
If I was god I would smite the men who hurt these women
L E I A L O H A - 3 måneder siden
I started crying.. I’m not a transwoman but this is so sad and heartbreaking... regardless of who they once were in the past. They are WOMEN and have always been women..
Have always mattered and will always matter💖
Jocelyn Trigotenco
Jocelyn Trigotenco - 3 måneder siden
I cried
Saved by Christ
Saved by Christ - 3 måneder siden
I don't. .uhhh😔
This hurt me too watch,I know I'm not alone in that. But I want to say the way they responded was classy. They definitely gained my respect all the way around. Hope & pray these men are held accountable for their actions.
pupper - 3 måneder siden
This is not even tea.
This is actually an illegal thing.
Jaslyn (I forgot how to spell your name..)
Shane - 3 måneder siden
This is a terrifying story. This world is horrifying. It’s scary being lgbtq on this planet.
JustCallMeElle - 3 måneder siden
Blame the DA and not the police for releasing the crooks. The police caught them but the DA had them all released.
CYBER PUNCH - 3 måneder siden
They acting like they in middle school I hope they get severe karma for this
Juicetomato Animations
Juicetomato Animations - 3 måneder siden
Hey I’m half way through the video and I hope the bullies to get exaquited
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan - 3 måneder siden
So sad
Lil_jdy - 3 måneder siden
Why would people even do that their humans omg and they think it’s funny and they even dare to record them while hurting them they should even be hurting them their HUMANS they breath air this world needs to Chang NOW!!!💔
Honey? Where's my super suit?
Honey? Where's my super suit? - 3 måneder siden
And people think that transphobia doesn't exist.
rafli zachery
rafli zachery - 3 måneder siden
i swear if they don’t lock them up-
like there’s literally direct videos
this shouldn’t even happen in the first place like it’s annoying that men like this exist and simply walk the earth
Gia~ - 3 måneder siden
I bet these same guys were one of those people who looted the stores a few months ago and then screamed BLM while attacking the LGBTQ+ community behind the scenes.
Maren Wheeler
Maren Wheeler - 3 måneder siden
the most disturbing part of this to me is the fact that people including the POLICE just passed them like WHAT!???!!!
Bobuttons Jr.
Bobuttons Jr. - 3 måneder siden
How is their "Not Enough Evidence" if they got it on VIDEO!!
Lily Georgia
Lily Georgia - 3 måneder siden
This literally happened right next to where I live it’s so scary....
CloudyOreos- Dead channel :3
CloudyOreos- Dead channel :3 - 3 måneder siden
That’s terrible. I hope they’re okay :”)
The cat hood Im the cat gang
The cat hood Im the cat gang - 3 måneder siden
I mean HE was born with a pp so HE should of keep it
lucarin - 3 måneder siden
Wow we got a big brain here
Chris Lair
Chris Lair - 3 måneder siden
While I might not know a single person from this video it doesn't make it any less disgusting. I feel badd for people I don't even know what a world we live in
Take A Couple Drips
Take A Couple Drips - 3 måneder siden
Its sad people support this
Miss_tree Liv
Miss_tree Liv - 3 måneder siden
I dont think trans people should get hurt, but something about this story doesnt sit right with me. I feel they exaggerated the whole thing just to get a better story in hopes to go viral. It was a right place right time to get a good story kind of thing. If that were me Id rruuuuuunnn amd never look back.
Ukreain Iowen
Ukreain Iowen - 3 måneder siden
Their phone and items got stolen and they were desperate to get it back though. I would hesitated too, considering they're influencer, I'm not surprise if they have a decent amount of data and valuable items on them.
Kōshi Sugawara
Kōshi Sugawara - 4 måneder siden
I am D I S G U S T E D. "not enough evidence" were the videos not enough evidence to you?
Rain Eunoia
Rain Eunoia - 4 måneder siden
Thats just disgusting how could they just let them go?!?
xXLollyCannon14 - 4 måneder siden
the cops should get charged too ngl
FiM Drawings
FiM Drawings - 4 måneder siden
airbearbabiii xoxo
airbearbabiii xoxo - 4 måneder siden
Leave lgbtq out of this they are fighting for freedom and for rights and have been just as long stop discriminating.
Galaxy II
Galaxy II - 4 måneder siden
The police are supposed to be here to protect us.
Emma Emma
Emma Emma - 4 måneder siden
LORI B - 4 måneder siden
This is absolutely heartbreaking. If you can treat another human like this, you are a MONSTER. My heart hurts for these ladies and what they were put through. The fact that the legal system then revictimized them makes me ashamed of this country.
rustypg3d noob
rustypg3d noob - 4 måneder siden
Lieng Andriod
Lieng Andriod - 4 måneder siden
I think that court said that because there is just one video. They probably did it for fun and didn't realize that they hurt other. Or did but thought it was funny.
good bye
good bye - 4 måneder siden
how are we meant to show people that black people are good people when there people like these men.
Yin Black
Yin Black - 4 måneder siden
Shouldn't we just except who they are ? And those men have no right to use violence!Every life matters and we should except it no matter what their sexuality is .
I hope the people who were hurt are safe
Yeet Dicks
Yeet Dicks - 4 måneder siden
Yeet Dicks
Yeet Dicks - 4 måneder siden
I don’t joke🤣😂😀😛😝😜😋😩😫
Y E L L O W S U N Y E E T S - 4 måneder siden
Bruh u fine?
Local Miu Simp
Local Miu Simp - 4 måneder siden
Jesus christ, I hope you're joking.
Y E L L O W S U N Y E E T S - 4 måneder siden
MochaBlossom - 4 måneder siden
this is horrible but I don't blame the people for not stopping cuz we don't f with that kinda stuff it's too dangerous but cops like fr that's your job
ImFromWhoVille - 4 måneder siden
OLUWATENIOLA DAWODU - 4 måneder siden
If Nikita Dragun was there you would already know she would be beating dem boys one by one👀👀
AkuYam__ X
AkuYam__ X - 4 måneder siden
Who the heck does that?!?! Are they insane?!?! I'm really disappointed with the legal system right now.
cookiehh - 4 måneder siden
so messy if u support blm and you don’t like Trans people they don’t really care!🏳️‍🌈✊🏼
Ana Bella
Ana Bella - 4 måneder siden
Remember all the rants about F the police? Well.... don’t expect the police to help you.
Zastro - 4 måneder siden
This is so messed up
Cookie Z ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Cookie Z ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 4 måneder siden
The way the police drove away while someones LITERALLY PASSED OUT WITH THE HEAD GUSHING OUT BLOOD LIKE WTH!? That just broke my heart I wish Police officers and Men and boys can See and treat woman Better then this. Robbing and hurting them and doing worst stuff to woman is HORRIBLE ik not all men and boys and police officers Are bad but the bad ones really need learn how to treat woman and people better. I am Happy they have a go fund me and there ok and they have lawyers I feel so bad for these girls 😞
Naomi Prince
Naomi Prince - 4 måneder siden
What's is so wrong about being transgender? It's disgusting to see people being mocked like this, and it breaks my heart
sb g
sb g - 4 måneder siden
No one deserves this
tootifrooti - 4 måneder siden
i'm going to cry.
Lopa Hollandeze
Lopa Hollandeze - 4 måneder siden
i mean ACAB right? than u want cops to help lol :p
Yakult 910
Yakult 910 - 4 måneder siden
Los Ángeles it’s The worst place where u can call a cops and Have lawsuits cases there Why? I’m a victim of domestic violence And got arrested with many bruises around me And got my Newborn taken away I’m a good mother to my child who always wanted to protect from danger And Cops don’t care if my child With a dangerous person or DCFS Are Doing the Worst Most Horrible trama to me taking my child away my care when their Enough proofs I take care of myself Well And they Monitor visits seeing how I do well To prove those Fuckers Wrong Now LA courts Due of the COVID Are making Progress longer or Just dropping it off And now I have to fight 2 years so I know this isn’t the same topic But LAPD LA court stuff anything about them Sucks This is our America be like Now Mothers sufferings for being victims Child’s being trafficking Now this and BLM this is So Disappointment
ava - 4 måneder siden
bro... if yall want cash, go get a fricking JOB. im really hoping karma will get them soon
Blood Child
Blood Child - 4 måneder siden
Sky High Skyler
Sky High Skyler - 4 måneder siden
Or no one could carry guns and we could just teach people or be good human beings
Y E L L O W S U N Y E E T S - 4 måneder siden
It would be worse tho
BJ Guz
BJ Guz - 4 måneder siden
Hmm, so blm doesn't mean all to them I guess? and secondly I guess defunding the police isn't such a great idea huh? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 if I were a cop in L.A. right I wouldn't have stopped either 🤷‍♀️ so sorry for the girls that this happened too, we live in a lawless shifty time right now.
Ixed Tea
Ixed Tea - 4 måneder siden
And people say that America is the best place this place is trash you can’t be what you want without this happening here the police are garbage
iris the werewolf
iris the werewolf - 4 måneder siden
I'm not rlly up to date with celebs or popular person as a gen z,but wats going in this world we all r.this is just heart breaking to see how r world is and how it's changing to smth bad in 2020.seeing this video just made me give her and her friends respect and shall call them an influencer bc they want to help and change this world into a better place.
sunny_days_ rblx
sunny_days_ rblx - 4 måneder siden
5:19 i am now a living goosebump
Kaleb - 4 måneder siden
This is so wrong. How can anyone people do something to them?
MB - 07FV 754141 Fallingbrook MS
WHAT THE HECK AMERICA what is wrong with your legal system
Freedom Comets
Freedom Comets - 4 måneder siden
This really is our America. The next generation can change things though, like me and several other kids growing up. I have hope and faith in America and that we can change.
Alyssa Perrine
Alyssa Perrine - 4 måneder siden
did anyone else just get the notif for this
ashley chivaaree
ashley chivaaree - 4 måneder siden
they messed with the wrong people 😭 good thing they have a platform that can spread awareness
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller - 4 måneder siden
I think the police officers that drove by and then kept on driving need to be identified as well and also arrested for not doing their jobs they took an oath to do their jobs this is so disgusting no human being needs to be treated the way these ladies were treated
Levaniel Midoriya
Levaniel Midoriya - 4 måneder siden
😡😡😡😡😡😡 That cop car had an ID number, anyone with better eyesight wanna lmk what it was??? I'm ready for those cops to be fired
Symphicat Jackson
Symphicat Jackson - 4 måneder siden
Wow how could a person be that evil? I hope karma strikes those who hurt trans women real hard.
Ãiĸø Błue
Ãiĸø Błue - 4 måneder siden
I'm Speechless... How can someone Be This Heartless!?!?!?! I'm scared for My life because I'm A Black Person..
Artixell Animations
Artixell Animations - 4 måneder siden
I'm disgusted. The fact that people can actually act like this horrifies me.
Jennifer coffman
Jennifer coffman - 4 måneder siden
Looks staged
Apple - 3 måneder siden
If you truly believe that go onto their Twitter to see the police reoptt. Stop being transphobic 🙄
Cindy Gacha
Cindy Gacha - 4 måneder siden
What are they doing? Did they rob her this is Horrible
Rizzi Almea
Rizzi Almea - 4 måneder siden
eden's story shows the true america, homophobic men, homophobic passer-bys and the police just kept driving..this is why we protest..
Blue Moon
Blue Moon - 4 måneder siden
Isn't it gender and not sexuality?
Akuma - 4 måneder siden
Okay but how did they know they where transgender?
xxLulu_ Bearxx
xxLulu_ Bearxx - 4 måneder siden
They probably knew them from Instagram and tracked them down
frogman jr
frogman jr - 4 måneder siden
They just record and do nothing, those ppl who recorded them when she passed out, they did nothing. Videoing while mocking them are just ugh. I hope those dudes gets put in jailed
coco - 4 måneder siden
Let's not forget the cops who just ignored them! Not only the men, THE COPS! I hope that they caught they drivers license in the video while they were recording
Tidy Catastrohpe
Tidy Catastrohpe - 4 måneder siden
I hope they rot in jail
sorry i'm dizzy
sorry i'm dizzy - 4 måneder siden
What was the reason!?!
Rebecca Kessler
Rebecca Kessler - 4 måneder siden
This is disgusting! NO ONE deserves this!
Rebecca - 4 måneder siden
I hope those scumbags gets what is coming to them.
Audrey - 4 måneder siden
So not a black trans woman?? Don’t refer to them as just YouTubers
Zannathewarrior - 4 måneder siden
I feel so bad these are normal people yes they are trans but thats who they I may not be a lesbian but I support all lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 but I hope they are all ok I’ll pray for all of them and hope they get justice once and for all no matter what
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! - 4 måneder siden
They are as separated as all the countries in Africa
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! - 4 måneder siden
They dont stand together
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! - 4 måneder siden
This was Evil
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! - 4 måneder siden
Black lives i dont give a dang
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! - 4 måneder siden
No Lives Matter
UndefinedError - 4 måneder siden
Also people who "support" BLM: Tortures black transgenders in front of police as they are lol
Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon - 4 måneder siden
Those cops that slowed down and took off should be fired. Dropped the case cuz "not enough evidence"? Then we all may as well stop filming crimes.
Salema West
Salema West - 4 måneder siden